The Power Rangers Chivalry Force Arsenal
Power Rangers Chivalry Force
Used by: Chivalry Force
Special System: Dino Souls
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Arsenal (Shining Spirits)

This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Chivalry Force. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Power Rangers Chivalry Force series page as well as the team page of the Chivalry Force.

Transformation Devices

  • Rex Com: Used by Manticore Red, Manticore Blue, and Manticore Pink to become Power Rangers. Green and Black convert in ep. 15.

Multi-Use Devices

Side Arms

  • Knight Saber: Allows Stegoranger and Garganoranger to transform initially. Allows the core 5 to use Dino Soul-based attacks and armors

Individual Weapons

  • Mosa Striker: The combined form of Mosa Blaster and Mosa Dagger. Preforms final attacks with the Dino Armors.
    • Mosa Blaster: Allows Manticore gold to transform into Power Rangers. It was gifted by the last Mosasaurus, which became the Mosa Spirit.
    • Mosa Dagger: A saw/dagger themed weapon that was also gifted by the Mosa Spirit. Can form a combo attack with Mosa Blaster
  • Iryxcalibur and Barryx Shield: Iryxcalibur allows Barryx and Mario (one occasion) to use the Barryx Armor. The sword was recolored Brown and used for Mario as Chivalrous Knight as both a morpher and use Dino Souls.
  • Ustoria Calliber: a more powerful sword created by Nolan to fight Waryn. Summons Majestic Ranger mode. Was ultimately used to destroy Maliga's essence.
  • Tyrano Claw: Created from the Darkness of the Barryx Armor, allows Samuel to become Max Manticore Red.

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