Number 3
Number of episodes: 44
First episode: Desert of Despair
Last episode: The Peace
Intro: Aquitar Rangers (PRREVISITED UNIVERSE)/Theme Song
Adapted from: MMPR Season 3, MMAR, Liveman, Jetman, Kakuranger
Original airing: 1992
Rangers of Outlands
Production Order
Thunder Rangers (PR Revisited Universe)


The series begin in Flashback. Ninjor was meditating in his Temple of Power, in the middle of Dessert of Despair the only place on Aquitar where there is no water in there. He later ecountered Five Aquitian Teenager, Who led by Delphine. Ninjor Congratulates them for their feat to Crossing The Dessert and even avoiding the Trap Ninjor Set, a feat that Hydrophilian Aquitian nearly impossible to do so. They came to The Temple for Retrieving the Secret of Aquitar, They said that their parts of Aquitar was Attacked by Hydro Hog and Rito Revolto. Ninjor later Said That if they Took the Power, they will Face Greatest Threat in Universe. They Willingly Accepted Ended With Aurico Quotating 'Once a Ranger, Always a Ranger'. Ninjor Then Giving them The Morpher, and Transport them to the Battlefield Where The Hydro Hog's Monster Attacking The City. After they Defeat Them. They was Recalled by Ninjor, He Christened them as the Aquitar Rangers.

Later of the Series Run, an Avian Alien From Planet Tamurfran Crashed his Wing Jet into the Aquitar Atmosphere and Drowning into the Home of Aurico, They later Took Him to The Temple,, he tended by Ninjor before he showed them a Frame of a carrierzord. Ninjor sent The Rangers away in the Aquitar moon, Phaedos to Retrieve Falconzord. There They Confronted By a monster who sent by Hydro Hog to Destroy The Falconzord. The Race is began and Both of them using mind Games and Tactics. Back In Aquitar The Avian tell his Origin and how he ended in the Aquitar, He is Space Archeologist that he search the second piece of coin he found back in his planet. ninjor states that it's the coin he cracked before. he restore the Coins and told him to Catch up with another rangers and His Zord is Waiting him. He Strikes all Goon and Claiming The Zord and Joining Rangers as He Eager to become Heroes of Universe.

In Mid-Series, A new Monster Called Bladeran Began to Attacking many cities of Aquitar, an act Which propmted Ninjor To unleash the Biggest Secret and Greatest Weapon Yet, By Turning the Temple of Power into Shogun Megazord to help rangers.

near the very end of the Series Titantor The Haulerzord is Finally built. The Rangers and Ninjor forming Ultrazords and Ramming Enemy Hideout. They defeated The Hydro Hog, but Rito Escaped.. fortunately the rangers found the Masterplan of Earth Conquer by Master Ville's. Ninjor Decided to Heads to Earth Along With all Aquitar Rangers.

The Last Arc of the series are the Finale of the Trilogy in a day before Battle of Angel Groove ensued, Ninjor & Co. appeared before Earthen Rangers. Where he Told Them before To Deepening their link to Morphing Grid, making them True Rangers and they will ready to Battling The Master VIlle's Familia.

The Battle Ensued Three Days. Rangers Battling The Master VIlle's Vigoriously yet still able to save the Innocents, Finally Master Ville Defeated by Combined Might of Power Blaster, Power Cannon And Kaku Ball. Make The other Famillia Fled and into the Farthest Planet from Earth. The Rangers throws a Party for the Victory Against the Familia of Space Alien.

Later in a mysterious place a shadowy Figures observe Earth and proclaim That planet would Become Ours 

List of Episode

Secret Origin Of Aquitar Rangers

1.Desert Of Despair

2.Deep Breath

3.Storming Ball


5.Hidden Act


7.Attack before Sunset

8.The Bird

Ninja Quest

9.Ninja Quest part 1

10.Ninja Quest part 2

11.Ninja Quest part 3

The Day After:

12.Falcon Search

13.The Day Falcon Arrives

14.Falcon Ranger,Fly away


16.Friendly Asked


18.A Letter From Home

19.Other Ninjor's Secret

20.Making Resist

21.Street Wailer


Last Plant on Desert of Despair:

23.Gargolyes of Pandoric

24.Crane Vs Falcon

25.Shogunzords: Risings


27.Fail Sane Button

28.Monster of Reek

29.Grand Eucliptus

30.Borgs Unleash


32.Surround the TIme

33.Ninjetti,Adventurer and the Sage

Hogday Afternoon:

34.Hogday Afternoon

35.Titantor The Haulerzord

36.Peak of The Hog

37.Finish the Line

38.Way Back In

39.Final Trip

40.End invasion

Aquitar's Battle of Angel Groove

41.Assignment Earth

42.Battle of Angel Groove:Restart

43.Fight Against All Evil

44.The Peace


Color Role Leitmotif
Red Aquitar Ranger Aurico S/Ape
Yellow Aquitar Ranger Tideus Mountain/Bear
Blue Aquitar Ranger Cestro Square/Wolf
White Aquitar Ranger Delphine Arrow/Crane
Black Aquitar Ranger Corcus Pentagon/Frog
Falcon Ranger Kakure Hidden/Falcon

Thunder Rangers

Color Role Leitmotif
Red Thunder Ranger Rocky DeSantos Red Dragon
Black Thunder Ranger Adam Park Lion
Pink Thunder Ranger Katherine "Kat" Hillard Firebird
Blue Thunder Ranger Daniel "Danny" Jefferson Cranston Unicorn
Yellow Thunder Ranger Aisha Campbell Griffin
White Tiger Ranger James Shiba White Tigerzord
Torque Ranger Ryan Steele Tor The Shuttlezord

Power Rangers

Color Role Leitmotif
Red Ranger Jason Lee Scott Tyranosaurus
Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan Sabertooth Tiger
Blue Ranger William "Billy" Anthony Cranston Triceratops
Pink Ranger Kimberly "Kim" Ann Hart Pterodactyl
Black Ranger Zachary "Zack" Taylor Mastodon
Green Ranger Thomas "Tommy" Oliver Dragonzord
White Ranger Ian Jonathan Hart Titanus


Ninjor Ninjor Ranger-like also Mentor
  • Cestria: Aquitarian Princess
  • Zordon: Power Rangers Mentor
  • Dulcea: Thunder Rangers Mentor


  • Aquitar Morpher
  • Aquitar Coins ► Aquitar Scroll
  • Falcon Morpher
  • Aquitar Saber
  • Aquitar Laser
  • Aquitian Fist
    • Red Shield
    • White Claw
    • Blue Squirt
    • Yellow Fork
    • Black Gun
  • Legend Sword
  • Kaku Ball
  • Shark Cycles


 Ninjazords,Shogunzord and Holyzords Battle System

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