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MMPR aquitar

Aquitar is a planet relatively near Earth, and one inhabited by humanoids who have produced teams of Rangers.


Aquitar is almost completely covered by water, however there are mountains and/or volcanoes poking up from underneath the surface, possibly with the intent of creating new land. This water is especially pure, as evidenced from the fact that Aquitians can thrive on the planet, while Earth's waters leave them dehydrated due to pollution.  The primary inhabitants, Aquitians, seem to be air-breathers, and they have various abilities, mostly telepathic.


Aquitar was attacked by Hydro Hog some time around 1995, whereupon it produced the Rangers of Aquitar, known colloquially as the Alien Rangers when they visited Earth that year.  Hydro Hog was defeated by them with the aid of the Mighty Morphin' Rangers' Zords, and it seems that Aquitar was left in peace for a time.

Then, in 1998, the United Alliance of Evil attacked the entire galaxy.  The Aquitian Rangers were shown fighting (and being defeated) on the jungle planet Gratha, leaving the fate of Aquitar itself unsure, other than that if it was being attacked, the subsequent Z-Wave emancipated it.

Significant Residents

  • Delphine, White Aquitar Ranger
  • Aurico, Red Aquitar Ranger
  • Cestro, Blue Aquitar Ranger
  • Corcus, Black Aquitar Ranger
  • Tideus, Yellow Aquitar Ranger