Ankylo KnightZord
Number: 3
Pilot: Dino Knight Pink
Season: Dino Knights
First Appearance:
Length: 28.5 m
Width: 8.5 m
Height: 8.5 m
Weight: 100 tons
Speed: 150 km/h
Power: 500,000

The Ankylo KnightZord is Dino Knight Pink's partner in Power Rangers Dino Knights. It is modeled after an Ankylosaurus.  


The Ankylo KnightZord is a giant Dino KnightZord built based on an Ankylosaurus. In combat, it wields the Dino Knight Hammer club mounted on its tail.


Dino Knight Megazord: Ankylo Armor

KSR-KishiRyuOh Ankyloze
Dino Knight Megazord: Ankylo Armor
Zords: Ankylo KnightZord
Tyranno KnightZord
Tricera KnightZord
Pink Ankylo Armor
Season: Dino Knights
Width: 46.6 m
Height: 50.0 m
Weight: 2350 t
Speed: 200 km/h
Power: 11,750,000

The Dino Knight Megazord: Ankylo Armor is an alternate formation consisting of the Ankylo KnightZord's Dino Armor serving as the head while the Ankylo KnightZord's front half mounts on the chest, a drill mounts on the Dino Knight Megazord's right shoulder, & the Tricera KnightZord's lower half mounts on the left shoulder. Ankylo Armor is armed with the Dino Knight Hammer on its left arm, formed from the Ankylo KnightZord's rear half & tail with one of the Tyranno KnightZord's drills placed on the rear bludgeon & the left turret on the front as well as the Tail Whip on the right arm.

In this form, the Dino Knight Megazord focuses more on its strength like Stego Armor, but not in a combat style. Its finisher is the Ankylo Bomber, where Ankylo Armor amplifies the Dino Knight Hammer's size & smashes the Mysticron, destroying it instantly.

Dino Armor

KSR-Pink RyuSoul

Pink Ankylo Armor

KSR-Pink RyuSoul (Knight Mode)

Pink Ankylo Armor (Knight Mode)

The Pink Ankylo Armor is the personal Dino Armor of the Ankylo KnightZord, used by Dino Knight Pink.


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