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Ankylo Dinoric Zord
Number: 3
Pilot: Pink Dinoric Ranger
Length 28.5 m
Width 8.5 m
Height 8.5 m
Weight 100 t
Speed 150 km/h
Power 500,000
Season Power Rangers Dinoric Knights
First Appearance Duo of Knights
Last Appearance TBA
Number of Episode Appearances TBA (Dinoric Knights)
"Ankylo Dinoric Zord!"
—The Pink Dinoric Ranger summoning the Ankylo Dinoric Zord[src]

The Ankylo Dinoric Zord, also called Anky, is the Pink Dinoric Ranger's partner in Power Rangers Dinoric Knights. It is modeled after a Ankylosaurus.


The Ankylo Dinoric Zord, nicknamed Anky, is a giant Dinoric Zord built on the basis of a Ankylosaurus. In combat, it wields the Knight Hammer club mounted on its tail.


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Ankylo Knight Megazord

Ankylo Knight Megazord
KSR-KishiRyuOh Ankyloze
Combined From: Ankylo Dinoric Zord
T-Rex Dinoric Zord
Tricera Dinoric Zord
Pink Dino Key
Width 46.6 m
Height 50.0 m
Weight 2350 t
Speed 200 km/h
Power 11,750,000
First Appearance Strength of the Ankylo
Last Appearance Strength of the Ankylo
Number of Episode Appearances 1 (Dinoric Knights)
"Ankylo Knight Megazord, Ready!"
—Announcement after completing transformation[src]

Ankylo Knight Megazord is an alternate form consisting of the Ankylo Dinoric Zord's Dino Key as the head of the Megazord while Anky's front half mounts on the chest, a drill mounts on the Megazord's right shoulder, and Cera's lower half mounts on the left shoulder. The Ankylo Knight Megazord is armed with the Knight Hammer on its left arm, formed from Anky's rear half and tail with one of the T-Rex Dinoric Zord's drills placed on the rear bludgeon and the left turret on the front as well as the Tail Whipper on the right arm.

In this form, the Knight Megazord focuses more on its strength like the Stego Knight Megazord, but not in a combat style. Its finisher is the Ankylo Smash, where the Ankylo Knight Megazord amplifies the Knight Hammer's size and smashes the Beastmate, destroying it instantly.

Dino Key

KSR-Pink RyuSoul

Pink Dino Key

KSR-Pink RyuSoul (Knight Mode)

Pink Dino Key (Knight Mode)

"The Champion of Demolition! Anky!"
—Insertion announcement in the Max Paleo Blade[src]

The Pink Dino Key is the personal Dino Key of the Ankylo Dinoric Zord, used by the Pink Dinoric Ranger. 


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