Castiel wings
Species: Celestial Beings

Status: Extant

Affiliation: God

Ruler of Heaven

Other Angels



Relatives: God/Zordon (father/creator)

Archangels (older siblings)

Nephilims (offsprings)

Angels are a race of celestial beings in the series: Power Rangers: Omniverse.


Angels are post-primordial beings created by God, after the creation of Archangels, to serve as his attendants and messengers of Heaven, but also as his soldiers in the war against Lucifer and his demons. They are native to Heaven and are imbued with considerable power.


 Angels featured in PR: Omniverse

  • The Scribe of God
    • Metatron [mentioned in Chpt7]
  • Seraphim Angels
  • Protector of the Garden of Eden
  • Normal Angels
    • Castiel
    • Balthazar
    • Joshua
    • Uriel 
    • Hannah Milton
    • Virgil
    • Rachel
    • Hester
    • Samandriel 
    • Bartholomew 
    • Ingrid 
    • Anna 
    • other angel grunts
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