An Icy Problem
4, Episode 10
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An Icy Problem is the tenth episode of Power Rangers Zeo: Revisited.


Episode opens at the Machine Empire where a strange ceremonial initiation is taking place. The Grand Masters of this cadre of robots are training a fierce new warrior in their ancient arts. As is the case with most things diabolical, King Mondo has a hand in this evil.

Meanwhile, Alpha and the Zeo Rangers are playing Cyber Command, a new video game, when Zordon tells them to teleport to the Power Chamber. They are informed that King Mondo has created a new robot soldier that has the ability of cryokinesis, with Alpha revealing he has cryophobia; he also mentions that this new robot is attacking a heater-producing plant. When they get there, Alpha heads straight to the warehouse to scout the area. Upon his arrival he discovers that the place has been ransacked and, even worse, the cryokinetic robot is still on the premises and proceeds to attack him, but Alpha holds her off with attacks of his own before getting knocked down. The Rangers arrive momentarily and stop the attack, only to discover that the ‘burglar’ is actually the cryokinetic robot. Alpha tells the Rangers that he managed to hold him off, but the robot only kicked him in the stomach area.

It turns out that the Zeo Crystal is not only the source of the future Edenoi king's power, but is a crystal that can absorb vast quantities of energy. King Mondo will stop at nothing to get his hands on this crystal to power his new Eternal Winter Beam.

After the first attempt at retrieval failed, Mondo has Klank and Orbus dispatch three more Cogs to the Power Chamber–where they are eventually defeated by the Rangers and Alpha. As the defeated Cogs retreat from the chamber, Alpha secretly follows them back to the Machine Palace and witnesses the unveiling of Icibot, a female robot who, in addition to being a fierce martial artist, is able to fire deadly blasts of ice and cold from her palms.

Realizing there must be something extremely valuable hidden in the power chamber, the Rangers begin searching every nook and cranny. Kimberly and Tanya find the crystal just as Alpha comes bounding in to tell them what he’s seen at the palace. Unfortunately, Icibot comes bounding in right behind him and a heated battle over the crystal begins. In the end, the gang are able to defend the crystal and send Icibot on her way, but the battle is far from over.

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