An Evil Red Ranger Part 1
3, Episode 50
Air date 21 March 2018
Written by Johnathan Rosenthal
Directed by Ernief0000
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After The Reunion Passes Off
An Evil Red Ranger Part 2


Jayden's sister returns but Dayu brainwashes her into attacking Jayden.


(at The Shiba House)

Antino Behold The StoleZord

Jayden Nice

Kevin No

(at A Site)

Lauren I Must See Jayden Hun Moggers

Dayu You Will Not See Jayden Laughs

(at The Shiba House)

Jayden Kevin You Must Help Antino

Kevin No

Lauren Jaydens A Fool I Will Destroy Him

Jayden Hun A Attack Oh No Guys Lets Go

Ji Ugh

Dayu Now Deker

Deker Who Cares

Dayu Foolish Warrior

Deker Fool

Lauren Moggers Come

Xandrend Ugh No Fools Josh Is A Fool I Need More Power Yes Bal Down To My Power

Jayden Now Hun Lauren Look Out Moggers

Lauren There With Me Laughs (shoots Jayden)

Jayden Owl Guys

Mia Go Go Samurai Ya (slashes lauren but she mophes and slashes mia Mike Jumps Up And Slashes Lauren But Lauren Trows Mike Into The Bush)

Lauren This Is Too Pathetic

Mike Shes Too Strong We Must- Dayu

Dayu Fools Shes Under My Spell And Now She'll Destroy You Now The Next Thing Is Too Get The 2 Grils The Pink And Yellow Ranger I've Had It With You Fools You've Gave Deker Eongh Time But Lauren Will Destroy You

Jayden Super Mode (slashes Lauren)

Lauren This Is Too Pathetic Super Mode (slashes Jayden And Uses The ERO Attack Witch Hits Jayden Really Hard He Unmophes)

Lauren Fools This Is A Waste Of Time Now I- Hun No

Mike Charge (slashes Lauren And Then Slashes Her Again)

Lauren Boring (slashes Mike And Uses A 230 Attack Witch Hits Mike Hard)

Mike (unmophes)

Lauren Your So Boring Pathetic And Stupid Hahahaha Now Goodbye

Jayden No Ugh We Must Save Ugh Her

To Be Contied....






Josh (only created)






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