Omega Blue Ranger
Mighty Morphin Omega Blue Ranger I
Gender: Female
Season(s): Power Rangers OmegaForce Mighty Morphin Powers Rangers Omega
Colors: Blue
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Rise of Omega
Last Appearance: The Transition of Power Pt. 2
Number of Episode
Mighty Morphin Omega Blue Ranger I

Its Morphin Time! Omega Water Power!

-Amaya's Morph Call

Amaya is the first Mighty Morphin Omega Blue Ranger she was the Guardian of Water.  


Amaya is a native of Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, California. Amaya is a powerful martial arts master of Okinawan Karate. Amaya is an heir to the Dojo owned by her father. The tomboy of the group Amaya is a go-getter


Amaya is the Tomboy of the foursome. Very strict and discipline and stiff at times. Amaya stated she was so into training that she had no time to be a kid something Joash found unacceptable. Amaya was taught that having fun can be relaxing experience.

Mighty Morphin Omega Blue Ranger I


Morphing Device

  • Omega Morpher


  • Omega Trident


  • Amaya's family hails from Tokyo, Japan
  • Amaya's father is the dojo master
  • Her mother passed away when she was young
  • Amaya has a younger brother.
  • Her best friend is Avani the Yellow Ranger
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