This article is about the version of the character in the Power Rangers Revisited franchise. For the prime universe version of the character, see Alpha 5 (Prime Reality). For the movie version of the character, see Alpha 5 (MMPR the Movie: Revisited).

Alpha 5
Alpha 8
Gold Ranger
Zeo Ranger 6, Silver
Dark Alpha
Gender: Male
Season(s): Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Revisited
Power Rangers Zeo: Revisited
Power Rangers: Aero
Power Rangers in Space: Revisited
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: Revisited
Colors: Gold (MMPR Revisited)
Silver (Zeo Revisited onwards)
Homeworld: Edenoi (lives on Earth, then Mirinoi, then Earth again)
First Appearance: Day of the Dumpster
Last Appearance: Welcome Home, Alpha!
Number of Episode
Actor: Richard Horvitz
Ben Burtt (as a baby bot)
Romy J. Sharf (suit performer: MMPR Revisited season 1)
Sandi Sellner (suit performer: MMPR Revisited season 2)
Donene Kistler (suit performer: MMPR Revisited Season 3, Zeo: Revisited, Aero, In Space: Revisited, Lost Galaxy: Revisited)
Kōki Miyata (Japanese, as a teenager)
Noriko Matsui (Japanese, as a younger robot - equivalent to 5-6 years old)
Katsumi Suzuki (Japanese, MMPR Revisited to Aero)
Gold Ranger
Zeo Ranger 6, Silver
Dark Alpha
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Silver (Zeo Revisited onwards) Ranger]]

"My mission is to protect the Power Rangers. And their quest: To protect the universe from the forces of evil. One goal, one team, known as the Power Rangers." - Alpha 5 stating his mission


How Alpha 5 appears in the Revisited Series comics.


Alpha punches one of Zedd's worm monsters to prove Brainiac wrong—he can fight.

Alpha 5 (Alpha for short, formal Edenite title: His Royal Highness Prince Alpha of Edenoi) was the robotic assistant to the rangers during Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Revisited and Power Rangers Zeo: Revisited, all the way up to Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: Revisited. Alpha was an extremely important factor in the Power Rangers' battle against evil and acted as a secondary mentor to them, under his friend and father-figure, the wise sage Zordon of Eltar. Alpha would use the exclamation "Ai yi yi" in moments which invoked emotions of any kind, from panic to elation (most commonly panic); in more extreme situations, the exclamation could contain four "yi"'s, five "yi"'s or, in rare cases, six or seven "yi"'s; this has become a well-known catchphrase for him. He worked in the Command Center most of the time, only getting out on a few occasions, and almost always obeyed every command and order that Zordon issued. In the early days of the series he often acted like a younger brother to the Rangers, always wanting to spend time with them and learn things (such as learning "hip-hop-kido" from Zack and martial arts from the others). But as the Rangers grew up, they began to shut him out and ignore him, much to his sadness.

In the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Revisited, Alpha had three encounters with Lord Zedd's forces. In The Wannabe Ranger, he attempted to assist a little boy lost in Angel Grove Park, whom he befriended, but was attacked by the Primator, a shapeshifting gorilla monster who disguised himself as Billy and tried to trick Alpha into taking him to the Command Center. Alpha activated his self-destruct sequence to protect the Command Center, but seemed unable to deactivate it once the Primator left, and it was necessary for the Rangers do so. Later in the season, he would leave the Command Center to rescue the now-regressed Rangers, who had been trapped within a photograph by the Photomare monster after being regressed into children (only the high school was affected by the regression spell thankfully, and a now-young Jason, Zack and Trini came to assist). In his attempt to capture the photo with his friends and their classmates inside, Alpha was confronted by both Photomare and Goldar, but he was able to freeze both villains with a device of his and escape, but not before telling a now-young Bulk and Skull to head back to the school and inform Ted about the attack. He then teleported to the school and freed the kids, later restoring everyone to their proper age while in the Command Center (although not without great reservation, sadness and hesitation).

Next, in The Wedding, he was ambushed by Finster and the Putties as he took a hike outside the Command Center, to calm his circuits over his worrying about the Rangers (who were on a representative vacation to the continent of Australia). Alpha was captured and reprogrammed by Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, the latter having returned to enact revenge on Zedd for banishing her, into believing the Power Rangers hated and mistreated him, and assisted Zedd and Rita by luring the Rangers into a trap in an abandoned theater (which Finster proceeded to fill with monsters). Alpha also cut the Rangers off from Zordon and the Thunderzords thanks to some clever thinking. When Zordon's pleas for him to stop annoyed and infuriated him, Alpha comically altered Zordon's image (giving him hair and glasses) before shutting Zordon off and up completely, un-anchoring him from our dimension and growing angry and irritated over Zordon's blather. He also encased his love Delta 4 in a force field and made her his prisoner, preventing her from escaping the Command Center and warning the Rangers of Alpha's reprogramming and energy infusion; they were forced to come to the realization of it on their own. The Rangers eventually escaped the theater and purified Alpha, instantly returning him to normal and restoring his true memories of the good times he shared with Zordon and the Rangers. Thanks to their efforts at showing Alpha that Rita and Zedd had filled him with false truths and they still loved him very much, the little robot became himself again. The emperor and empress of evil, disappointed at losing their servant in the young robot, sent their monsters to attack Angel Grove, and the Rangers entered a power struggle with them in the Thunder Megazord before finally destroying them. When they returned to the Center, however, the evil duo gave the Rangers a dire warning: "Mistreat him for real in any way, and he's returning to us!".


Alpha about to repair the Morphin Grid.

In the 15th anniversary special, "Once a Ranger", Alpha 5 and Delta 4 appear stored in a box inside a warehouse in Angel Grove, and are reconnected and woken up from 7 years of dreamful sleep by Andrew Hartford and Theodore "Ted" Swanson on the veteran Rangers' suggestion to help restore the Operation Overdrive Power Rangers' link to the Morphin Grid. After Sareena is defeated, Adam recruits him and Delta as employees at his new dojo in Angel Grove. Exactly how Alpha 5 and Delta 4, last seen on Mirinoi with the Galaxy Rangers, wound up asleep in a crate in Angel Grove, is never adequately explained to any degree by any of the Rangers or even by Ted, though Alpha gives an explanation.

A few years after that, Alpha temporarily relocates himself to a beachside cave in Harwood County to be the mentor of the Mega Rangers. He serves this position, along with his regular Ranger duties, for two years before teleporting back to Angel Grove to continue his peaceful life there.

In-between this and moving to the Astro Megaship, Alpha travels to the year 2025 to visit Newtech City and the SPD Rangers. There, he forms a friendship with Anubis Cruger and Kat Manx. He returns home to the present time, only to return finding out that nearly everyone was killed in a Troobian attack on the Delta Base. He reads a letter from Cmdr. Cruger and Manx detailing these events before returning to the present time.

After that, Andros requested that Alpha come aboard the Astro Megaship, mark II, to live. Alpha accepted but under one condition: that his friends and Delta join him. He now lives on the Megaship, but longs to one day return home to Edenoi.

He's tender, compassionate, easily terrified, sweet, curious, and charmingly childlike. Who knows how many thousands of years he's been in the service of Zordon, but he still maintains a sort of wonder while looking out at the world. It is possible that in his electronic, mechanical body, there lurks a real, living soul buried deep within him.

He is voiced by Richard Horvitz; his suit actor alternates between Romy J. Sharf and Sandi Sellner for the first 85 episodes, then Donene Kistler after episode 86, A Friend in Need.

Character History

"I choose to believe that I am a person, that I have the potential to become more than a collection of circuits and sub-processors." - Alpha stating that he accepts himself as a sentient entity and not just simply a machine

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How Alpha looks when he's asleep in bed, as seen in Aero, In Space: Revisited and Lost Galaxy: Revisited.


Kimberly and a slightly-younger Alpha 5 meet anew in the year 1880.

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"Go to sleep, go to sleep/Go to sleep, little Alpha..."

Alpha was a fully-sentient multifunctional automaton robot built by King Lexian on the planet Edenoi, and is the crown prince of that planet. He was built with systems that are considered very delicate to tamper with; however, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa once infused said systems with dark energy, bypassing this fact and giving him incredible power. He was built in the city of Karratesh when his mother, Queen Thalassia, was found to be infertile and thus incapable of producing an heir for her husband Lexian. His memory banks contain many fond memories of that planet. During his "childhood", he met and befriended a fellow robot named LR-167; Alpha nicknamed him Lerigot. One day, however, Lerigot mysteriously vanished, never to be heard from Alpha again until the year 1997, when the space witch Telissa was tracking him down for his golden dimensional key.

After living on Edenoi for a few thousand years, Zordon later befriended him and took him in as his assistant and surrogate son, serving as a father figure in place of his creator and "father", King Lexian of Edenoi. During one instance while they were living on Earth (before they met the Rangers), Zordon calmed Alpha and put him to sleep when he became frightened over his first thunderstorm. Along with Zordon, Alpha was the primary architect of the Center.

Despite living in the Center, Alpha became aware of what was going on outside of it; he even witnessed the Black Plague, the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard's executions and even President Nixon's resignation due to the Watergate scandal.

Alpha helped Kimberly write a song called "Down the Road".The Song of Guitardo (Revisited Series)

Alpha matures slightly as the series progresses, but always remains a naive, innocent, childlike assistant and close friend to the Rangers. He is the first Alpha automaton to be in the service of Zordon. Alpha 5 assisted Zordon in the creation of the original Power Rangers as well as the Command Center. Alpha was an advisor, mechanic, tech-wizard, and overall friend to the Power Rangers from Mighty Morphin Revisited leading up to Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: Revisited. Alpha was dearly loved by the Rangers and Zordon, but sometimes they shut him out and occasionally teased him (as he misunderstands jokes, in the typical manner of a young child), and in one episode they scream at him while under a hatred spell which makes him very upset and forces the Rangers to apologize to him later in his bedroom; Kimberly promises that they will never yell at Alpha like that ever again, regardless of whether they're under a spell or not.Stop the Hatred Master His despair and need for the love of Zordon and the Rangers only came up to the surface when he was turned evil by Zedd and Rita brainwashing him with the power of the Dark Crystal.

Lexian also installed the ability for Alpha to feel physical pain, as he once was wrapped in computer readout paper which caused him to lose his balance and fall. This made him groan in pain. Another time was in Ninja Quest, where Alpha is repeatedly electrocuted by the control consoles when he is trying to redirect energy back into the Megazords. Additionally, Lexian and Thalassia implanted a subroutine into Alpha's base programming, enabling Alpha to dream when he had achieved a certain level of development. While Alpha could expereience dreams before Zeo: Revisited and after, the dream circuit was activated prematurely when Alpha was placed under Somnibot's sleeping spell. Alpha's dreams included exploring a forest before getting crushed to death by a compactor and exploring a beautiful, fertile and lush planet which was later revealed to be Mirinoi. On his 4th "assembly day", his parents gave him his most prized possession - a teddy bear with a robotic head. In keeping with his childlike nature, Alpha can often be seen cuddling and holding his teddy bear. Sometimes he comes out of a room in the Power Chamber (a bedroom for him, apparently) wearing pajamas and a nightcap while also holding this teddy bear.

During Christmas of 1994, Alpha received a very special present from the Rangers and Zordon; his very own Power Morpher and Power Coin. With these finally in his possession, the young robot was finally able to morph into a Power Ranger and would finally be able to fight alongside his friends. Alpha thus tapped into the Morphin Grid and gained a vast amount of power. Consequently he felt a satisfying power infuse within him like never before. Ultimately he obtained access to so much Morphin Energy that his powers could sustain themselves forever.

When Master Vile attempted to reverse time with the evil Orb of Doom, Alpha released a surge of pure, divine energy from the Zeo Crystal, instantly shattering the Orb and killing Master Vile. Earlier, Alpha had absorbed the Crystal's power into himself in order to ensure that time remained stable on Earth. In the process, he begins to have a new point of view where he now viewed the Rangers and some of their allies in younger forms, and his voice began to take on an ethereal echo. During the Zeo Quest, he travelled to Edenoi in the distant past before he was built, and went into a dark cave to retrieve the Silver Zeo Subcrystal; however, he was forced to fight Goldar's ancestor Aurus before he could retrieve it. The pink orb that contained the subcrystal then opened, revealing three more Zeo Crystals. He then heard his father Lexian and Zordon's voices, telling him to get out of the cave with his subcrystal and the other three more Zeo Crystals before the cave collapsed on him. He was then swept up through the portal after exiting the cave, returning to the Command Center unharmed and with what he was searching for.A Not-So-Different Shade of Pink

Alpha also encountered Niterra, a beautiful vampiress who made a deal with Alpha after destroying his arm console that allowed him interplanetary travel; with his cybernetic body, he would help her find an orb that bound her planet to Zedd's empire in exchange for returning home to Earth. Alpha had little choice and agreed to her terms. He helped retrieve the orb and she sent him home. Upon his return, Zordon congratulated him on assisting someone who needed help.

When the opportunity presented itself, Alpha 5 left with Zordon to the planet Eltar and was temporarily succeeded by his girlfriend Delta 4. He and Zordon later returned to witness the veteran rangers passing on their powers.Passing the Torch He is in his shinier new body during this. He later keeps contact with the former Rangers, via videophone, on the Astro Megaship. He moved there after the Power Chamber exploded, and continued to live there after Zordon's passing. He, Delta and the many veteran Rangers attended his funeral; Alpha gave a eulogy as well. During the second-to-final episode of Lost Galaxy: Revisited, Alpha and Delta are forced to leave the Megaship when it is placed on self-destruct, but they manage to create a backup copy of DECA and create a robotic body for her.

Alpha was nearly captured by the Alliance of Evil when Eltar fell to Dark Specter's power, but managed to elude capture and escape with the help of some reformed monsters: Guitardo, Octoplant, Diskbot, and Somnibot among others. He even fought against Minotaur, a previously-defeated monster that the original Rangers encountered, during a battle on Eltar. Before the battle began, he was fitted with cybernetic strength enhancers, a pair of bionic armor-plating that covers and protects both of his arms, while also increasing his strength a billionfold as well ("Cybernetic strength enhancers. Takes what you got, and multiplies the muscle capacity, if you will. A billionfold."). He managed to meet up with the depowered Aero Rangers and his beloved Delta 4 and boarded the MegaShuttle with them. Alpha managed to keep the strength enhancers after his battle. Before he fought in the war himself, he built the Robot Rangers and helped create several weapons for himself and Eltar's armies, knowing a great deal about Eltarian technology. Around this time as well, the Edenites restored their need for armies, and assisted their prince in the war as well, along with the armies and battalions of the planets Irk and Vort.

One of Alpha's fun moments when he was on Earth was when he became the object of affection for several human women at a Halloween party, but Delta didn't seem to care as she was also flirting with Alpha with the girls.Life's a Masquerade (Revisited Series) Alpha's beloved teddy bear, Ursatron, was made into a monster in a dream Alpha has one night.The Bear Lurks The Rangers went to go check on the well being of the people of Edenoi on Alpha's behalf; he was revealed to be the Crown Prince of Edenoi.A Friend in Need

Because of Icibot's attack Alpha has an intense fear of cold, called cryophobia.An Icy Problem It first developed when his circuitry began to freeze due to an unwanted effect from Somnibot's sleeping spell.Rock-a-Bye, Alpha 5 He also saved Kimberly from aging into oblivion, using his martial arts skills several times to defeat two warriors and several Cogs.Immortal Combat While under the influence of the Crystal of Nightmares, Alpha had a bad dream in which he was pulverized by a metal crusher after enjoying a walk in a lush, thriving forest; this made him so upset that he burst into tears when he tried to explain his bad dream.Crystal of Nightmares (Revisited Series) While under a love spell cast by Robocupid and Cupitron, Alpha proposed marriage to Delta 4, and while also under the same spell she gladly accepted. They got married and have stayed together ever since then.The Love Robots He was once turned evil and vengeful by Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa. The Wedding (Revisited Series) Alpha became friends with a boy named Dylan, who was 6 years old at the time.The Wanna-Be Ranger (Revisited Series) Somehow, a year passes and Dylan becomes a ten-year-old through accelerated aging.Machine King for a Day Alpha had a strange dream one night in the Power Chamber that had all his friends and loved ones as characters from a fantasy movie that he was watching. It Came from Angel Grove (Revisited Series) He had a very bad day once, which got worse when he was captured by Samurai Fan Man.Accidental Alpha He saved the now-young Rangers and their friend Theodore "Ted" Swanson from being imprisoned in a photograph, and they hung out for a while and get another (albeit proper) photograph taken before the Rangers were restored to their proper age via the use of a molecular descrambling device that Zordon advised Alpha to construct, even though Alpha was initially scared to do so.Small But Mighty

Once, Alpha thought the Rangers and Zordon forgot about his assembly day, but was surprised and happy to know that they did not. Happy Birthday, Alpha!

The Power Rangers serve as Alpha's personal protectors, tasked with keeping the prince safe at all times. They are also his best friends. Theodore "Ted" Swanson is also a close friend of the prince, and sometimes he acts as a second father to him.

Alpha is also the creator of the Aero powers in Power Rangers: Aero.

Machine King for a Day

Always being the target for the forces of evil, Alpha was abducted by the Machine Empire and brainwashed into working for them. Prince Gasket introduced himself and told Alpha that he was the King of the Machine Empire and that the Power Rangers were evil and needed to be destroyed. Alpha was reluctant to believe him, as if awakening from sleep, but after viewing images of the Rangers' destruction, Alpha knew that the Rangers had to be terminated.

Billy and Kim found out that Alpha was being brainwashed again, and transported themselves to the arena where Alpha was. The Zeo Rangers fought Alpha, but realized that the only way to remove him from Prince Gasket's grasp was to show him who his friends were. They all De-Morphed in front of him. Seeing the familiar faces, Alpha began having old memories and knew that the Rangers were good after all.

The Birth of Dark Alpha

"I'm stronger, faster -- and thirsty. So thirsty for the energy of the Morphin Grid."
—Dark Alpha after becoming Rita and Zedd's servant

Dark Alpha, who has also been referred to by the unofficial nicknames of Evil Alpha, Corrupted Alpha 5 or Zedd Alpha outside of the series, was the evil form of Alpha 5 who appeared only in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Revisited. He first appeared in The Wedding part 1, after Alpha was captured, infused with the power of Lord Zedd (appearing as black-purple energy and black lightning), and brainwashed by Zedd and Rita into thinking that the Rangers and Zordon ignored and abused him for years. In an early script draft and filmed-but-deleted scene, he was to be given the Strobe of Dark Power, a wand that would increase his power a trillion-fold and eventually keep him evil permanently. Alpha thus became the perfect automaton to use the Dark Crystal, and the crystal's power is very contagious to him when touched due to his insecurity and vulnerability. His powers of sorcery, taught to him by his mother Thalassia, are now infused with Rita's powerful dark magic. Due to the infusion of Zedd and Rita's malevolent energies, the little robot has now adopted a much more darker appearance, resembling a combination of his season 1 appearance (legs and feet) with his season 3 appearance (torso, arms without elbow caps, and head). The flashing symbol on his chest armor is no longer the MMPR lightning bolt, but now a Z, and his chest armor is now jet-black.

Surprisingly, Dark Alpha symbolizes both definitions of the word "minion" ("a loyal servant of another, usually a more powerful being" and "a loved one; one highly esteemed and favored").

In The Wedding, Alpha begins to feel quite lonely, as most of his friends are on a representative vacation to the continent of Australia and seem too busy with other pursuits to pay attention to him. As a result, he begins to feel unnoticed and left out. While on a walk outside the Command Center, Alpha was ambushed by Finster and captured. Subsequently, he was brainwashed by Zedd and Rita, in a dark and crystalline chamber within the Moon Palace, to serve the forces of evil by having his memories of the Rangers warped and twisted. Having been imbued with the power of evil, Alpha 5 declared himself Rita and Zedd's most loyal and faithful servant and knelt before them. He was then ordered to return to the Command Center and begin the first phase of Rita's plans. He bowed and disappeared in a cloud of dark electricity and smoke. When he returned, anger, wrath and rage consumed his programming, feeling the effects of his newfound brainwashing along with the Dark Crystal's power. Infuriated and heartbroken, out of anger and grief Alpha raged about his circumstances, accusing the Rangers and Zordon of abandoning him and treating him as if he was invisible. When Zordon asks Dark Alpha why he would put his friends in danger, Dark Alpha laughs off the idea, proclaiming that the Rangers were never his friends for mistreating and ignoring him; he proclaimed madly that for many years he lived in the Rangers' shadows and was deprived of the Power, but now he will be famous and adored by the people of Earth for taking it away from them and destroying them. He also frequently gloated over the predicament of his "ex-best friends". During this time, he attempts to lure the Power Rangers into a deadly trap, and nearly succeeds until the Rangers escape and restore him to normal.

Dark Alpha is an armored, evil incarnation of Alpha 5. Lord Zedd fills young Alpha's head with exaggerations of memories, warping them and twisting them to make him think that Zordon and the Rangers do not love him. He then combines his powers along with the powers of Zedd's energy source the Dark Crystal, whose power has been swirling around Alpha. He sighs and moans in pure euphoria as Zedd's energy takes over Alpha's circuitry, and he revels at the surges of this energy flowing within him. Due to being given the powers of the Crystal, Dark Alpha can now manipulate and control dark energy and display it as blasts of black energy. He was about to contaminate the Command Center with the Dark Crystal's power, but was prevented from doing so when the Rangers arrived. Originally, Alpha's new voice was going to have a slight change, becoming more demonic due to the power of the Dark Crystal in addition to his warped memories. In the final version, it is less demonic, but still sounds quite evil. In the final version, he is also constantly surrounded in a dark aura with crackling black electricity.

Dark Alpha is an opportunist and will serve Zedd and Rita with complete fealty, since they can help him further his own goals.

Dark Alpha hates Zordon and the Rangers, and tries to kill them because he believes he is unloved. He takes his girlfriend Delta and holds her hostage, encasing her in a force field and holding her as his prisoner. In the end, before he could defeat the Rangers once and for all, the Rangers combine their powers. They release the Power and then restore Alpha's memories of the good times that he had with Zordon and the Rangers, making him remember that he was loved by everyone even if they weren't around as much, which reverts Alpha back to normal. (In another deleted scene, he even went so far as to attack his former friends with the Strobe and directly accuse them of running off to play the big heroes while he [Alpha] was left behind in the Command Center. This accusation would occur in the final version, but it would occur in the Command Center instead after Zordon asked him why he would put the Rangers in danger.) Dark Alpha seems to relish the prospects of destroying those that he feels ignored and mistreated him, as shown by his demonic "grin" and mad cackle.

At first, he appeared like a normal, but cooler Alpha. But shortly thereafter he showed his true colors and imprisoned the Rangers in the Spectre Theater, much to their horror.

He was often disrespectful toward the Rangers and even to Zordon. He could, however, show kindness, such as when he kissed Delta and offered her the chance to become his queen after the Rangers were killed.

Dark Alpha had full intention of being Lord Zedd's follower, but was always trying to pursue his own agenda, which is to kill his former friends and become as strong as possible; in fact, he states that he wishes to become "the strongest robot in the universe". He shows blatant disrespect towards Zordon and even to the Rangers, perhaps because he had been directly exposed to Zedd's power during his conversion, as opposed to having Rita Repulsa or someone else filtering it. While in the Command Center, Dark Alpha demonstrated kindness towards a very saddened Delta 4. He seemed to have retained his love for her, despite his occasional jab at her. He even passionately kissed her. He stated that once the Power Rangers were defeated and Earth was conquered by Zedd and Rita, Delta could sit beside him in power as his consort.

In a deleted scene, Dark Alpha tried to attack Kimberly, but Tommy protected her and took the blast instead, nearly killing him. Dark Alpha was stunned by this selfless act, and the Rangers tried to convince him of their love for him. In the final cut, the Rangers together overcame Zedd and Rita's power and convinced Dark Alpha to transform back to Alpha 5.

Dark Alpha spent much of his time attempting to destroy the Rangers. They were reluctant to attack their friend, as dark as his powers and "heart" had grown. Rocky believed it was their duty to fight Dark Alpha, but they were still reluctant. Delta frequently attempted to heal her boyfriend with just conversation alone. This allowed "normal" Alpha to emerge temporarily. It takes the pooled power of all the Rangers and Zordon to save Alpha and restore his true memories. Thus, with the Rangers' and Zordon's help Alpha finally broke free of the evil energy controlling him and expelled the resentment, hatred, sadness and loneliness from his mind and body. The Wedding (Revisited Series) Dark Alpha later reappeared, the darkness creating him having materialized into a fresh, stronger body, to battle his "goody-two-clunkers" self, but was defeated for good after a prolonged fight.Facing the Past (Revisited Series)

During In Space: Revisited, despite being long restored to goodness and having realigned himself with the Force of Light, Alpha occasionally suffers the side effects of having been brainwashed for evil, such as shooting dark crystal out of his hands whenever he is angered or under extreme stress.

Here are the tropes that are associated with Dark Alpha.

  • Brainwashed and Crazy
  • Fake Memories: One of the keys to morph Alpha 5 into Dark Alpha is having his mind warped through this. The other is forcibly infusing him with Dark Energy.
  • Broken Bird: In the three-parter, he claims that the Rangers abandoned him, never truly regarded him as a friend and never gave him Morphin Energy to become a Power Ranger. This is also because he has been brainwashed into believing he had no friends and that he was abused by the Rangers and Zordon. Once he's released, he returns to his non-broken and much more cheerful self.
  • Dark Robot
  • A Darker Me
  • Evil Counterpart: To Alpha 5.

Reveal of the Prince

In Alpha's Regal Problem, Alpha appeared before the other Rangers. He removed his red mask and transformed into Prince Alpha of Edenoi, at which point Zeo Ranger 7 Teal presented him as the heir to the throne of Edenoi and inheritor to the Zeo Crystal. In this guise he appeared in his royal armor, a chain around his waist.

Off to war and comin' home

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Alpha waves a see-you-later as Lerigot teleports him and Zordon through the dimensional portal.


Alpha in the Power Chamber prior to leaving through the portal.


Alpha continues to help the Rangers thanks to holographic projection of his consciousness.

In Power Rangers: Aero, Zordon and Alpha 5 left Earth for the planet Eltar, but only for a little while in Alpha's case. Delta took her beloved's place as adviser while Fera took Zordon's place as mentor. Between the events of Aero: A Power Rangers Adventure and the conclusion of Zeo: Revisited, Alpha created two bodies (that were more reflective and streamlined) for himself and his girlfriend, and downloaded their consciousnesses, souls, powers and memories into them (in a similar manner to the Venjix Virus in the Prime Reality), allowing the two to gain more powerful non-Ranger forms. However, despite his physical non-presence, Alpha occasionally continued to assist the Rangers and Delta via videophone calls and projecting his consciousness by holographic projection. His Zeo powers are still working as well, so he can still fight. Like her boyfriend, Delta was knowledgeable, and able to help the Rangers through various problems and adventures and even helped to save Visceron's life. She welcomed her beloved back to Earth and together they left for space with the rangers after Fera and Queen Pterania left to assist Zordon in the war on Eltar. However, the Power Chamber was blown up by Telissa soon after Rygog discovered it.Chase into Space (Revisited Series)

A new home amid the stars


Alpha seated at a control console on the Megaship's bridge.


Alpha on the bridge of the Astro Megaship.

During the explosion of the Power Chamber in the finale of Aero, Alpha's voice chip and speechboard were badly damaged, making him speak gibberish and have reversed words, but with the occasional random word spoken as well. After going with the Rangers into space to save Zordon (where he also somehow got a cold when his speechboard was damaged), the Power Team docked the Astro Megaship, and Alpha 5 got a new voice circuit board from Andros, an alien from KO-35 and the Red Space Ranger. The new voice was an exact copy of his original voice. During the installation of the new voice circuitry, Alpha was asked to describe his mission in life as a test. Cycling through different voices, including one that sounded similar to Circuit's, Alpha recited his mission as follows: "My mission is to protect the Power Rangers. And their quest: To protect the universe from the forces of evil. One goal, one team, known as the Power Rangers." After the new voice unit was installed, Alpha acted a lot more like himself again.

In Power Rangers in Space: Revisited, Alpha retained his position as advisor to the rangers while in space aboard the Megaship. He frequently calls his old friends (Kimberly, Billy, Katherine, Tommy, Aisha, Tanya, etc.) on a boothlike videophone in his bedroom on the Megaship, which seems to never lose reception no matter how far the Megaship drifts into space. At the beginning of the season, Alpha was instrumental in decrypting the Power Decoder which allowed the Space Shuttle to combine with the Megaship to form the Astro Megazord. He also eventually located the Mega Vehicles on Ganymede and piloted the Astro Megazord with the help of the ship's sentinent computer, DECA.

After the adventures of Power Rangers in Space: Revisited, Alpha 5 stayed on the Megaship, which became a Power Ranger museum. Alpha, Delta and the Megaship became recommissioned when Scorpius began attacking the planet Mirinoi. Alpha became an ally and friend to the latest teams of rangers, even trying to fight one-on-one against Ecliptor when the rangers are away on a mission (though thanks to Ecliptor learning about the prince's martial arts knowledge beforehand he easily beats Alpha, leaving Delta 4 to come to her boyfriend's aid). At the end of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: Revisited, Alpha 5 ended up leaving the Astro Megaship after it had started its self-destruct mechanism. He was rescued from the engine room by Ted. After the Galaxy Rangers defeated Trakeena, Alpha and his girlfriend Delta settled on planet Mirinoi with the Lost Galaxy rangers and the citizens of Terra Venture.

Terra Venture

Tumblr mc7lweJYf61r62kzfo6 1280

Alpha 5 reunites with Andros while Leo looks on (Ted is out of shot).


Alpha once again on the Megaship bridge.

A year later, the Astro Megaship was taken aboard Terra Venture. Terra Venture was a space colony that was in the process of looking for a new world to colonize for the people of Earth. The Astro Megaship was now a museum for the history of the Power Rangers. Alpha 5 and Delta 4 were still there and they served as the curators and tour guides. DECA was there as well, making announcements to the visitors. Alpha 5 was conducting another tour when a young man entered and started ushering everyone out. The young man, Kai, told Alpha 5 that the Astro Megaship had been recommission for a mission. Alpha 5 was surprised as he had not heard of any mission. Kai flashed him his GSA badge. Alpha 5 is still not convinced and neither are Delta 4 and the ship's mechanic, Damon Henderson, whom Alpha and Delta had met previously. Damon tells Kai that the Astro Megaship won't fly anymore, and it's now a museum. Kai tries to explain that his friends had gone through a portal and if he doesn't help them before the portal closes, they are lost forever. Damon is not convinced and starts to leave. Kai enlists Alpha 5's help in getting the Astro Megaship to take off, neither of them are doing a good job. Damon, reluctantly, comes to their aid, giving DECA and Alpha 5 commands and they get the Astro Megaship back into the air. Later, as they travel along, Kai spots the portal. Kai asks Alpha 5 if he thinks the Astro Megaship can survive the energy flux of the portal. Alpha 5 becomes alarmed and Damon can't believe Kai gets them all the way out to the portal before asking that question. Alpha 5 and the rest managed to get the Astro Megaship through the portal and they land on Mirinoi. Alpha 5 waits aboard as Damon and Kai leave. Later, Damon and Kai entered in Ranger suits. Alpha 5 is stunned and is amazed as more Rangers (Melissa, Julette, and Alpha's old friend Ted) board the Astro Megaship. Alpha 5 is happy to see that the Rangers are back. They return to Terra Venture with no problems.

Delta 4, Alpha 5 and DECA worked on the jet jammers to get them ready for the Rangers. During a battle, Alpha 5 contacted the Rangers and told them he had something that would help them. Alpha 5 then revealed the jet jammers to the excited Rangers. Alpha 5 told the Rangers to be careful as they took off in the jet jammers.

The Rangers brought an injured Ted to the Megaship infirmary. Alpha 5 tended to Ted as he recovered. He eventually awoke and started to get out of bed. Alpha 5 asked Ted what he was doing and Ted replied that he needed him. Alpha 5 told Ted that the was not ready yet, but Ted walked out anyways.

Chillyfish attacked Terra Venture. Chillyfish emitted an icy mist from his mouth that caused people and robots to freeze and then fall asleep. Alpha 5 on the Astro Megaship was affected as well. He was forced to make a deal with the monster: he would be put to sleep, but only if he helped the rangers get warm first. He grabbed warm blankets for the freezing Rangers, except Ted was unaffected. Alpha 5 even had icicles hanging from his visor. Alpha 5 made sure that the Rangers were comfortable before he shut down as well, the ice having disabled his circuits like before. He was then put to bed by the monster. Once Magna Defender defeated Chillyfish, Alpha 5 woke up and the rest of the colony returned to normal.

Alpha 5 and the rest of the Power Rangers were concerned about Ted. Ted had been badly injured in a battle. DECA informed the Rangers that the Shark Brothers had made an appearance. Ted wanted to help them, but they insisted that Ted rest. Melissa gave stern instructions to Alpha 5 to keep a close eye on Ted. Later, Alpha 5 left the infirmary and returned to find that Ted had left.

Alpha 5 alerted the Rangers to the fact that Magna Defender was attacking the mountain dome, in hopes of destroying Scorpius who had his Scorpion Stinger attached to Terra Venture and was draining it of its energy. Alpha 5 told the Rangers if Magna Defender kept it up, Terra Venture would be destroyed. Later, after Terra Venture was saved. Alpha 5 congratulated the Rangers, but they told him it wasn't them. It had been Magna Defender's sacrifice that had saved the colony.

Alpha 5 was looking over Melissa's jammer when Ted came in. Alpha 5 told Ted that he hadn't known that Melissa had been in a fight. Ted told him that she hadn't. Ted realized that Melissa's nightmare had been real. Alpha later went to bed himself, and was trapped in Hexuba's dream of a nightmarish version of Edenoi. Luckily the Rangers broke the dream spell and defeated Hexuba, waking both themselves and Alpha as well.

Trakeena had launched an attack on Terra Venture. The Rangers tried to protect Terra Venture by using the Astro Megaship and attacking Trakeena in her Scorpion Stinger. Trakeena, in return, began crushing the Astro Megaship. Alpha 5 went to the engine room to fix the damage. The Astro Megaship shocked him and Delta, knocking over a few boxes, and burying the two robots underneath. Alpha 5 was unable to contact the Rangers to let them know of his and Delta's problem. The Rangers had set the Astro Megaship to self-destruct. The Rangers had gone to the Jet Jammer Bay when Melissa noticed Alpha 5 and Delta 4 were missing. Ted went back and searched for them. He found the two under the boxes and hurried them to the Jet Jammer Bay. Alpha and Delta got beside Ted in the Jet Jammer's sidecar and the Rangers exited the Astro Megaship. The Astro Megaship exploded, causing Alpha and Delta to fly off Ted's Jet Jammer. Alpha 5 and Delta 4 landed upside down in some bushes on the new planet. Julette, Melissa, Damon, and Kai found Alpha 5. Melissa and Julette helped pulled Alpha 5 and Delta 4 out of the bush and asked them how they were doing. Alpha 5 told them that he had a vine stuck in his circuits but otherwise he was okay. Melissa tweezed the vine out of her friend.

Back in service

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The sleeping automaton has awakened.

1492281 orig

Alpha with Dax and Adam.

Several years later, Alpha 5 was reactivated in a control center, below the Swanson mansion in San Angeles, having been put to sleep in a crate sometime after living on Mirinoi for a few years. Now the equivalent to teenagers like their friends once were, Alpha 5 and Delta 4 felt great to be active again and thrilled to see Adam and Ted. Adam told Alpha and Delta they had a lot to catch up on. Adam asked Alpha if he remembers Ted and told him that he had been the one to activate and awaken him. Ted told Alpha 5 that the Rangers were in trouble. Alpha 5 told him that he and Delta were the best robots for the job. Adam explained to Alpha 5 that Sareena, daughter of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, had damaged the morphing grid and the Operation Overdrive Power Rangers had lost their Ranger powers. Sentinel Knight had recruited many former Rangers: Adam, Kimberly, Tanya, Aisha, Alpha's other friends, and Ted. Ted had been limited in fixing the grid, although he had managed to make it so Sareena could not take away the current Rangers' powers. Adam and Ted wanted to see Alpha 5 and Delta 4 inside the morphing grid to fix it. Alpha 5 told them he had never been inside the morphing grid before, but he would give it a try. Ted then teleported Alpha 5 inside the morphing grid. Alpha 5 was bewildered and overwhelmed once he was inside the morphing grid. Alpha 5 wondered what Zordon would do and that he wished Billy was there. But Alpha 5 and Delta 4 did great and eventually they teleported back to the control center. Everyone was there, including Adam and Ted. Dax wondered who Alpha 5 was. Adam explained he had Alpha 5 help on the morphing grid. Ted checked and the morphing grid was fixed. Everyone cheered and thanked Alpha 5 and Delta 4. Delta 4 told them it felt great to be useful again. Dax agreed. Later, after the Rangers purified Sareena and ended the evil alliance, everyone was in the mansion. Dax told Adam, Kim and the others that at first he was glad to see them, then mad when they stayed, and now sad that they were leaving. Tori gave Ted her card and told them to remember they were only a phone call away. Adam asked Alpha 5 and Delta 4 to come and help him out at the dojo. The two were more than happy to stay out of a crate and agreed. Ted gathered everyone, even Alpha and Delta, into a circle. They placed their hands on top of each other and then jumped into the air, cheering for Power Rangers.


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Alpha 5.

Alpha is a young robot that is only about four feet high, and has a red-and-gold casing over a black body. His head is flying saucer-shaped, and his "eyes" are a red bar that flashes across its front. He has a gold lighting bolt on his chest that flashes. On Alpha's arms are two golden "elbow caps" that limit the movement of his arms. He also has big and clunky feet. On Alpha's back is a golden badge-shaped CD compartment.

In Aero: A Power Rangers Adventure, he was upgraded with a shinier, more advanced version of his body, this one being much "beefier". His arms are bigger, his flashing lightning bolt now points straight down and is arrow-shaped, and the small dome on top of his head is gone. His body is now a brilliant blue color instead of black. He is also now much shinier and more reflective. Gone also are the gold elbow caps as well, allowing for more greater movement of the arms. His legs can also move much more freely too.

After he was awakened, he was now five feet high.

When turned evil by Zedd and Rita's brainwashing and infusion of Dark Power, his red-and-gold casing turns jet black, the stylized lightning bolt is replaced by a Z that flashes in the same manner, and his "eyes" (the same red bar that flashes when he is speaking) are a more demonic red. His body also occasionally emanates Dark Power, in the form of crackling black electricity and black smoke.


In addition to his mechanical, medical and culinary knowledge, Alpha is a very talented martial artist, having been trained in varying styles since he and the Rangers were children. He has developed his own style of martial arts that focuses on his flexibility.

As an artificial intelligence, Alpha 5 is not susceptible to old age or death.

His martial arts skills are so great that he has even taken down Goldar and Ecliptor in various fights (the latter with his girlfriend's help). He does not like to fight or hurt anyone, but after he gains his Ranger powers and undergoes training to hone his powers, he became a formidable fighter after months of training. Though he at first is afraid to use hand-to-hand combat, he is not afraid to fight when the situation demands it. He wishes, through the Rangers training him of course, to become the most powerful combat robot in the universe. Broken down, Alpha's fighting style seems to be an amalgam of various martial arts, including Ba Ji Quan, Pi Gua Quan, Tai Chi Quan, Karate, Capoeira, Taekwondo, Mizongquan, Fujian White Crane (which he practices with Kimberly), Shaolin Kung Fu (for the twisting kicks), and Kempo (so far). Alpha's fighting style is sometimes referred to as Edenoi-ryu Martial Arts, but its official name is Special Edenite Arts. The sum of all his accomplishments in the field of martial arts is equivalent to 70 dan and 6 kyu (the Japanese ranking system for martial arts, among other things).

As revealed in Power Ranger Punks, Alpha is adept at creating potions and tinctures (his skills rivaling that of Baboo and Rita Repulsa themselves), with an example being the creating of the anti-punk antidote made from the Singing Squash.

In regards to natural abilities, he has the power to create organic life by tapping into the powerful energy of the Morphin Grid. His primary organic objects to create are plants. Like Poison Ivy, he has the ability to encourage and direct the growth of plant life on a molecular level. This plant growth can occur in an instant, allowing him to use plants in the environment to his advantage during combat. He once demonstrated this ability by creating a flower in The Wedding. He also can create clothing in this same fashion. Using the power of the mythical Zeo Crystal and the Essence of Edenoi, he can restore a dead planet (such as Edenoi) back to prominence and beauty. He even used the energy of the Crystal to prevent the evil Orb of Doom from reverting time on Earth back to the 1980s. He can also use both the Zeo Crystal and Morphin Grid's power to magically heal the sick and wounded, return the dead to life, and even return an entire world and its population that have been completely obliterated to life.

He is completely immune to Poison Ivy's toxins and thus can resist the effects of her poison-laced kisses, but not her enhanced pheromones.Everything's Super Her kisses have been described by him as "sweet and spicy". Thanks to upgrades given to him by Billy and Kimberly that allow him to regenerate himself, Alpha is constantly repairing himself, allowing him to quickly recover from mild to moderate injuries at an amazing rate, even when contained in a stasis capsule. When out on the battlefield, his normal regenerative abilities allow him to recover from injury within seconds to minutes. As aforementioned with Poison Ivy's kisses, being an automaton Alpha possesses an incredible immunity from poisons, toxins, as well as disease.

He can also utilize the Grid's power to create decorations, toys and Christmas gifts, as demonstrated in his Christmas special. In the same special, he also can rearrange the lights in the Command Center to form various shapes. Some say that he used his powers to create weapons for himself and the Eltarians during the war on Eltar before he returned to the Power Chamber.

During Power Rangers Zeo: Revisited, Alpha was now equipped with a portable device that would allow him to freely traverse across planets without the need of stationary portals.

Alpha's cybernetic body can also withstand extreme heat, as he descended into a lava pit in order to locate an orb that was binding Niterra's home planet to Lord Zedd's control for eons, withstanding the heat and pressure from the lava. However, the warmth he did receive from the heat was very soothing to his circuits. As his body and armor are heat-resistant, he was able to completely submerge himself in molten rock without severely damaging himself in the process. He withstood extreme heat again when he and Delta fell to Mirinoi at the near-end of Journey's End, part 2.

Done through a mystical Edenite ritual, Alpha also possesses the ability to give Power Rangers even greater ways to morph into more powerful evolutions of their Ranger forms as well as bestow new weapons and Morphers that possess even more power than before.Aero: A Power Rangers Adventure

As shown in a filmed-but-deleted scene in Countdown to Destruction, Alpha wields great power over the sun; he is able to fire strong bursts of concentrated sunlight that can incinerate enemies. These powers were not completely scrapped; they will appear in Universal Hexagon, part 2.

His immense power over the Earth's sun allows Alpha 5 to possess immensely strong sunlight-based attacks to severely blind and visually impair his enemies. He can create massive solar flares and even mold the sunlight into various shapes and forms; such as a snake or phoenix that are capable of causing blindness in enemies, extensive damage and fiery destruction. As such, he is immune to sunburns in most cases, but he does sweat silicone.

Additionally, he can create an exceptionally strong, transparent force field for protection; capable of protecting him from explosions and attacks.A Zeo Beginning (Revisited Series) Chase into Space (Revisited Series)

He can also use his solar attacks in conjunction with his own incredibly strong Zeo Crystal and Essence of Edenoi to purify and pacify evil forces from others and perform more effective exorcisms and purification techniques.

When he became Dark Alpha, he intended to use the Dark Crystal in a similar fashion to the Zeo Crystal, but to create death and destruction instead; his intention was to contaminate the Command Center with the Dark Power that emanated from the crystal. However, he was prevented from doing so when the Power Rangers restored his true memories.

Dark Alpha can also render his victims immobile with a gesture. He did this to Delta 4 when she attempted to escape the Command Center.

When Alpha is brainwashed by Zedd and Rita, Alpha is gifted with incredible supernatural abilities.

  • Superhuman strength: In a deleted scene, Alpha fights the Rangers in giant form, and even throws the Thunder Megazord into a building with enough force to crush it.
  • Dark energy control: Alpha can fire blasts of dark energy from his hands, or focus the dark energy into huge orbs and spheres of dark power.

Alpha also has an affinity for baking and cooking, especially during the holidays: in Alpha's Best Christmas Ever, he makes Christmas cookies for the Rangers and later cooks a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner.


  • It's Morphin Time! - Used his Power Morpher to transform into the Gold MMPR Ranger
  • Zeo Power! Zeo Ranger VI, Silver! - Used his Zeonizer to transform into Zeo Ranger VI, Silver.
  • Dark Power, Morph - A deleted transformation. Used the Strobe of Dark Power to transform into Dark Alpha. As Alpha calls out the command, the Strobe of Dark Power begins to glow. A cloud of black lightning rushes by and forms his chest armor. Translucent black ribbons appeared and wrapped around Alpha's legs to create his leg armor. He stamps his foot, splashing water and stirring up a cloud of petals that formed armor that cover his feet. He slowly crosses his hands in front of his forehead as his "Z" ensignia on his chest materializes. Dark Alpha then assumes his final pose as black energy swirls about his feet.

The Sword of Sealing

The Sword of Sealing was the form Alpha 5 took in the 25th eisode of Universal Hexagon part 2 after reviving the Rangers. This form was a large golden-hilted sword, with a wide blade and two red gems set into the hilt.

When asked to use the sword to bring peace back to the galaxy, Serephea attacked the Rangers but they hesitated. They grabbed the sword and donned golden armor.

Serephea attacked again but Kimberly dodged, causing the former to fall to the ground. Believing that she was to be sealed with the sword's power, Serephea became Chaos Serephea.

When Alpha urged the Rangers to use the sword and fight back, they again hesitated, not wanting to hurt Serephea, but out of defense, stabs her. Serephea then shatters the sword when striking it with her own, reverting it back to Alpha 5 before disappearing. However, Alpha was revived later with no memory of this sudden death.

Basic fighting moves

During his Ranger training, Alpha 5 developed attacks that he uses in ffights against Putty Patrollers, Z-Putties, Tengas, Cogs and Tellissa's footsoldiers.

  • Alpha Windmill Kick: Alpha starts with a corkscrew kick but before the first kick can connect he finishes with a circular windmill kick, striking his enemy on impact three times.
  • Alpha Beam: Alpha crosses his arms and then quickly extends his left arm behind himself while pointing his right arm forward. Immediately a powerful blast of pure energy fires from his fingertips. As he stops the attack, the beam fades away as shiny golden particles linger in the air.

Alpha uses a special execution move on Count Dregon when he finally defeats him, as punishment for all the evil he did to the planet Edenoi.

  • Heart Rip: Drawing his knife, Alpha carves open his opponent's chest before jamming his hand through their rib cage, rips out his enemy's heart and holds it high over his head as they collapse, and crushes it, pouring the blood all over his visor and into his "mouth".

Special monster/footsoldier finishers

During his Ranger training, Alpha 5 developed special finishing moves that he uses to beat difficult and powerful monsters and foot soldiers in battle.

  • Internal Grinder: Alpha opens up his chest cavity to reveal a large mechanical arm made of Morphin Energy. Using it, he grabs a hold of the victim by the head and slams them onto the ground three times before pulling them into his own body. During the time inside of his body, Alphsa grinds the body into sludge before turning around and spewing out the remains.
  • Buzz Destroyer: Alpha's favorite finisher. He turns his hand into a sawblade and slices his opponent with it. Alpha finishes the job by kicking the opponent, making it fall down in pieces.

Dark Alpha's special moves

As Dark Alpha, Alpha 5 has the following special moves, imbued within him after his conversion by Rita.

  • Dark Hellfire Beam: Dark Alpha shoots a concentrated beam of jet-black fire from his hand to burn his opponent. Sometimes, he shoots two of them in quick succession. The enhanced version has Dark Alpha fire a first Beam and then a second one to knock the opponent away. The second Beam is unblockable.
  • Dark Hellfire Choke: Dark Alpha grabs his opponent by the throat to burn them and then delivers a burst of flames that sends them flying. During this, he will occasionally say "Taste your destruction!" in a slightly demonic version of his normal voice.
  • Destroy the Power Rangers!: Dark Alpha lifts his opponent, stabs their abdomen with his sharp spike-like hand and cuts them up to the chest with it. He then swipes his hand at the opponent's waist, bisecting his victim and making blood flood out of the torso's bottom. Once the blood stops, Alpha flings the bisected corpse of his victim away from him and "smiles" wickedly.
  • Mind Control: Dark Alpha summons a sword floating freely in the air. Using his enhanced sorcery imbued into him by Rita and Zedd, he hypnotizes the victim to walk towards the sword, stopping before they get too close to the blade. He then walks up, grabs the sword and quickly cuts his victim in half.
  • Death from the Depths: First, Dark Alpha uses sorcery-enhanced telekinesis to lift up his opponent and fires a Dark Hellfire Beam from his hands, breaking his opponent's ribcage, then he summons two rocks whilst his victim's still in the air and crushes the sides of his or her skull, breaking it. Lastly, he throws his opponent back down to the ground, breaking the front of their skull.
  • Dark Power Feeds Me: A swirl of Dark Power enters Dark Alpha's body through his visor and feeds him. His moves are then strengthened 20 times as much as they were before.
  • Blood Stomp: Dark Alpha kicks the opponent on the ground and pins their hands down with blades made from Dark Crystal. He walks up to them and delivers a powerful stomp right through their stomach, crushing it. Then, with the other foot, he creates another crater through the opponent's head, crushing the brain. He then removes his blood-covered feet from the corpse and walks away.
  • Blood Shower: Dark Alpha grabs his opponent and throws them into a portal. Another portal appears above Dark Alpha, and a rain of blood gushes down from it on him, followed by the opponent's head shortly after.
  • Edenite Drill: Dark Alpha mounts the opponent's back by holding onto their shoulders and snapping their spine with his feet. He then launches his entire body through the opponent's chest, leaving a gaping hole. He brushes off a few tracts of intestines that cover his body as he lands and gives a satisfied look at the opponent's still-beating heart (or processor, if his opponent is a robot) in his hands, as the opponent's eviscerated body falls to the ground behind him. He then holds the heart high over his head as his opponent collapses, and crushes it, pouring the blood all over his head.


Ursatron is Alpha's teddy bear. He is a brown stuffed bear with a robotic head resembling Alpha's own, who was given to Alpha as a special birthday gift from his parents. Much like Ernie's Rubber Duckie and Big Bird's Radar, Ursatron is Alpha 5's most treasured possession.

When Alpha got a new body in Aero: A Power Rangers Adventure, Ursatron was upgraded as well.


Alpha's personality throughout most of his appearances was like that of a sweet, innocent, endearing and loving child, albeit one that is neglected and abused on occasion. He is also quite panicky, quoting his iconic 'ai yi yi yi yi yi yi!' when in a panicked state (but as mentioned above, he uses the phrase for any emotion). In large part because of some leftover pieces of earlier programming from Lexian prior to his activation as a "baby robot", he has shown some instances of ingenuity and even deviance at times. In The Wedding, however, thanks to Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa's brainwashing and Alpha's subsequent reprogramming for evil, Alpha was transformed into an egotistical, evil, arrogant and megalomaniacal killing machine bent on destroying his former friends and becoming famous for their deaths as a result. He also, while he is in his brainwashed state and having complete fealty to Zedd and Rita, seems to act like an abused and neglected child that has been bestowed with too much power, as he declares that the Command Center would be all his and Delta's when the Rangers become Zedd's prisoners in The Wedding ("With the Rangers prisoners of Lord Zedd and Empress Rita, and no Zordon to blather over us, the Command Center will be ours, Delta! ALL OURS!"). He also seems to have a thirst for power and an enormous ego as a result of his newfound brainwashing and twisted memories, having come to the realization that because of the Rangers abusing him that he wanted the Rangers dead and that he wanted to rule over Angel Grove when they were killed. Dark Alpha seems to enjoy being evil, and derisively and cruelly views his true, pure self as a "goody two-clunkers" and "a weakling".

When engaged in combat against foot soldiers or main villains, Alpha shows great confidence towards his opponents, and an interest in new and unique fighting styles to add to his memory subsystems.

It's clear that he resents the Rangers leaving him alone and not having him involved in their regular lives, and it is this secret resentment that the Emperor and Empress of Evil use to turn Alpha against his friends for the brief moments that he was their loyal servant. He even goes as far to claim in his delirium that this time, he will be famous for once—for overseeing the Power Rangers' deaths.

During the whole time that he is brainwashed, Alpha also has a very wicked, dark edge to him: for example, he declares that he will become famous as the one that eliminated the Rangers for shutting him out and mistreating him; Alpha also repeatedly gave a megalomaniacal, wicked laugh, sounding almost mad and evil.

Unlike most robots, Alpha possesses emotions. He is a very kind-hearted individual. He speaks in a polite manner and is sensitive to others' feelings. As a robot, he is very intelligent and often speaks in technical terms, similar to Billy and (later) Kimberly. As mentioned before, Alpha, though he is programmed for good (and evil, if only for a short while), is fully sentient and autonomous and can think independently. Alpha was rather polite and quirky towards his companions, especially Kimberly and Delta, although he could be sarcastic and indignant when mistreated by individuals like the Rangers (or so he believed when under Rita and Zedd's control) and Ecliptor. Alpha also had some knowledge on taunts, as evidenced by one of his earlier misadventures during Power Rangers in Space: Revisited, where he alongside Delta taunted Ecliptor by saying "nyah nyah!" and shaking his hips teasingly.

Alpha, unlike most of his kind, has more personality than average robots; he is very loyal and courageous.

At times, Alpha can also act very paternalistic, making him sort of the "mother hen" to the Rangers and some others.

Character Relationships

King Lexian

Alpha has a fondness for Lexian as he was his creator and even considers him his "father." Since the Edenite king is the one who designed and built Alpha due to his wife being incapable of producing a male heir naturally, he comes to view him as his father. He also seems protective of him, and was saddened when he discovered that the galactic scanner picked up no trace of him when checking Edenoi's distress signal, but was relieved when he learned that Lexian was okay and safe there.


Niterra is a wingless vampiress from a forgotten planet, one that Lord Zedd conquered ages ago. Niterra enlisted Alpha 5's help in retrieving the Orb that bound her home planet to Zedd's conquered space for eons. She promised to send him home to Angel Grove if he could get the Orb for her. He did so and she sent him home to Angel Grove.


Kimberly and Alpha are very close friends. At first their relationship was like younger brother and big sister, but as she grew up their relationship became more like mother and son. Alpha even calls Kimberly "Mother" and "Sister" on occasion. They first met when when Kimberly and her best friends were elementary schoolers.

Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa

When Alpha was captured by Finster and brainwashed/reprogrammed to serve Zedd and Rita, they treated Alpha with the same respect, love and care that the little robot now believed the Rangers refused to give him. Even when their hold over Alpha was broken, they still show great care and respect for him.

Prince of Edenoi

In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Revisited, Alpha is revealed to be the first-built crown prince of the planet Edenoi, the son of King Lexian and his queen, Thalassia. The Power Rangers are his royal bodyguards and are tasked with serving and protecting the young prince at all costs.

Alpha is also the carrier and wielder of the Zeo Crystal, which is a crystal wielded by the Royal Family of Edenoi. It holds an ancient power over purification and can cover Alpha in a beam of divine light.

His Morphin Grid powers come from the stegosaurus and hexagon Zeo Sub-Crystal and his Ranger identities are Alpha Ranger (or MMPR Gold) and Zeo Ranger VI, Silver (or Silver Zeo Ranger).

Love Interests


One of the robots created by the Machine Empire, Somnibot (voiced by Barbara Goodson) fell in love with Alpha the very day she was assembled. Tasked with putting little Alpha to sleep with her beautiful singing voice so the prince can get some rest, the sleep-inducing robot became lovestruck with the young prince at first sight. He has feelings for her in return, but they are not quite as strong as his feelings for Delta 4. She later helps Alpha escape the war on Eltar and head to the launch bay of the Astro Megaship, before escaping to Earth to live a better life.

Delta 4

Delta 4 is a robot created by Alpha's mother Thalassia to serve as her son's helpmate and companion. On her chest is a triangle instead of a lightning bolt, and she has a more feminine-looking chest. Her head, however, is exactly the same as Alpha's (a golden flying disc with a visor that flashes when she is talking), but hers is pinkish instead of red. She dearly loves Alpha very much and like him she wants to fight like the Rangers. They eventually get married while under a love spell, but the spell is eventually broken leading to the two calling themselves boyfriend and girlfriend again. They will legitimately wed in an episode of Lost Galaxy: Revisited.

She is voiced by Kristen Lazarian.


A woman of great beauty and power, Telandra is a sorceress whom Alpha visited in Immortal Combat. She was more eager to seduce him and take him to bed than fulfill his wish, but gave him the antidote to Mondo's aging sorcery in exchange for seeing him fight.

She is played by Melissa Fahn.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy (real name: Pamela Isley) is a plant controlling super-villainess who frequently battles with the Dark Knight, Batman. She is also a longtime friend of Harley Quinn, and is/was a villainess with the power to control plant life. Ivy used her trademark pheromones on Alpha 5—laced with pheromones collected from the planet Edenoi after time travelling to Edenoi's past—thereby temporarily placing him under her control. After the spell wears off, Alpha recruits her to help him and the Rangers stop Brainiac's latest plan. Afterwards, she reforms from bad to good and becomes a member of the Justice League, and later the Justice Rangers. She maintains her affections for Alpha throughout.

She is voiced by Tasia Valenza.

Character-specific episodes

Alpha 5 is a central character in the following episodes of the prime universe show.

  • Life's A Masquerade
  • The Wanna-Be Ranger
  • The Wedding
  • A Friend in Need
  • Alpha's Magical Christmas

However, many seasons of Power Rangers: Revisited have story arcs and episodes that center on Alpha 5, such as Rock-a-Bye, Alpha 5 and Machine King for a Day.


  • Since Alpha and Zordon have lived on Earth for nearly 9992 years, he was presumably built by King Lexian and Queen Thalassia in the early 7000s BC.
  • Alpha 5 is named after a letter in the Greek alphabet. "Alpha" (Greek: άλφα) is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, represented by Α (uppercase), and α (lowercase). In the system of Greek numerals, it has a value of 1. It was derived from the Phoenician letter "Aleph", meaning "ox." Alpha, both as a symbol and term, is used to refer to or describe a variety of things, mostly for the first or most significant occurrence of something. Like the meaning of the Phoenician letter, Alpha 5 is as strong (and strong-willed) as an ox and can fight.
  • Alpha is very fond of Japanese culture, traditions and language. He has taken up Japanese fan dancing and certain martial arts, and his birthday party in 1994 had Japanese decorations and the Rangers all dressed in Tenrikyo-inspired costumes. Before leaving for Eltar in 1997, he traveled to Tokyo and Kyoto, and trained for battle in the mountains of Hokkaido, in a snow covered woodland with a hill and a rushing stream.
  • Alpha 5 is, so far, the only supporting/extra Ranger character to be turned evil by the power of an enemy, in this case Lord Zedd and his "wife" Rita Repulsa. Although it is largely due to suffering from loneliness, abandonment and neglect; he was corrupted and reprogrammed into believing that he was neglected by his protectors and friends often and seen merely as the "tool" of the forces of good and not a sentient being, living in the shadows of the Rangers and developing an intense psychological desire for attention and vengeance so as to "prove" himself and implore to his family that they never cared about him.
    • Alpha may be secretly envious and resentful of the Power Rangers. In the episode The Wedding, when Zordon referred to the Rangers as Alpha's friends, while consumed with his inner jealousy evil Alpha laughed at the idea, saying that for years he has lived in the Rangers' shadows, but now he would be famous for destroying the Rangers as revenge for shutting him out and not being there when he needed them the most. He even says he would go down in history as the one that terminated them once and for all.
    • While he is turned evil, Alpha appears to be rather arrogant as well, smirking wickedly but lovingly as he is revealing his dark plans to Delta. Not only that, it is clear Alpha's goal to terminate the Power Rangers and become famous was likely to gain the love and admiration he never had but apparently believed he deserved.
  • Alpha 5 has 3,004,700,903 (three billion, 4 million, 7 hundred thousand, 9 hundred and 3) individual circuit terminals inside him while in his stronger, more advanced body. From Out of Nowhere (Revisited Series)
  • Before he became a Power Ranger full-time, Alpha proclaimed himself to be the "Alpha Ranger" when he teleports down to save Dylan. This stems from his secret wish to be just like his best friends and to be able to fight.
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