Your Son's and Daughter's
Power Rangers GSA, Episode 32
All 10 Rangers together
Air date March 21, 2020
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Your Son's and Daughter's is the 32nd episode of Power Rangers GSA. This is the first episode where all 10 rangers are working together.


Jark Matter himself sends a capsule with a new monster to Earth. It soon awakens, and the rangers make their way on their transports. The GSA Rangers handle the mixed invasion of Indavers and Metal Guard wile Eustus uses the JAKQ Deck to release the Solar Sphere and make short work of it.

However, it grows giant, and the GSA plan to use their Megazord, but three of them can't find their Zord coins. The ASD Rangers call their Megazord weaken Steel Septopod with the Scorpion Ball. They find their coins, with Ageolis with Ashton and Charlie with Cornith to try a new combination that Ava and Elizabeth have been Working: GSA Ultrazord, but all that happens is an increased power field around the ASD Megazord that blows up the Steel Septopod.

They talk to Ava on why it didn't work, she missed that one of the pieces of the Bull Zord was not properly calibrated and says it will be ready for the next time.



Denshi Powers

GSA Red: Power Coin (morph, Akela Zord)

ASD Red: Morph, Manta Zord

GSA Orange: Power Coin (Morph, Scorpion Zord)

ASD Blue: Morph, JAKQ Deck (Solar Sphere)

GSA Yellow: Power Coin (morph, Panther Zord)

ASD Yellow: Morph, Bull Zord

GSA Green: Power Coin (morph, Dragon Zord)

GSA Pink: Power Coin (morph, Raven Zord)

Gemini (Ageolis): Morph, Dragon Zord

Gemini (Charlie): Morph, Panther Zord


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  • This episode aired at 7pm before a presentation of Sing
  • First time someone other than Tycho uses the JAKQ Deck
  • This is the only attempt to create the GSA Ultrazord as the team will be apart for two episodes, they will face two monsters, then Bridge and Eliza would leave the team

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