The Lass in Scarlet
Power Rangers GSA, Episode 31
Bridge, Eliza, Eustus, Ageolis, and Charlie
Air date March 14, 2020
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Ally 30-The Light in us All
Ally 32-Your Son's and Daughter's

The Lass in Scarlet is the 31st episode of Power Rangers GSA. It features the debut of ASD Red and the Mettaliers.


After the opening, we fade into Charlie's dreams where Eliza hands her the Red ASD Power Ring. They are facing Indavers, but Ageolis shakes her awake, telling her she slept through her alarm.

At school, the GSA is having a breakfast for Rosa, with Eustus and Gwen joining them. Meanwhile, Magnator has devised a plan to destroy Eustus and the GSA Rangers, to send down a hunk of wood who's a good shot with an ax, Splinter. The core team is sent so Eustus can finish a package and the Starner's can finish their Ceramics project.

However, more trouble stirs as a new bread of Indaver, the Machine Guard, start to spawn, leading to the others getting called. However, instead of Charlie getting the Red Power Ring, Bridge (who ended up following them), sees it fall out of Eliza's pocket and hears "ASD Ranger Power" and sees Eustus and Eliza morph. He soon does the same and destroys the immediate threat.

In the woods, The GSA use the Rainbow Shurikin on Splinter, before taking him down again in the GSA Megazord. That night, Eliza and Ashton talk about their adventures and learn about their target, as well as small block of wood left by the monster. They call Eustus and ask if he could put his would be murderer to good use, he obliges.



Denshi Powers

GSA Red: Power Coin (morph, Akela Zord), Rainbow Shurikin

GSA Orange: Power Coin (Morph, Scorpion Zord)

GSA Yellow: Power Coin (morph, Panther Zord)

GSA Green: Power Coin (morph, Dragon Zord)

GSA Pink: Power Coin (morph, Raven Zord)

ASD/Gemini Rangers: Morph only


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  • This episode aired alongside the Henry Danger episode An Alliance of Evil
  • The reason why the team was split in two was to introduce the Metalieres
  • All core characters, except Austin, appear in this episode
  • This is the first time Bridge and Charlie work together, which is ironic as he ends up bring her and Kora to justice 5 years later

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