The Biological Manifestation
Power Rangers GSA, Episode Ally 16
Jet Blade and a Terraknight
Air date October 12, 2019
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Ally 15-Ageolis and the Magic Flute
Ally 18-A Halloween Homecoming

The Biological Manifestation is the 16th episode of Power Rangers GSA.


General Magnator thinks he's found the GSAHQ, the Cabanot Caverns. He plans to choke the Forge Bend system with a Terraknight plant, than use a new monster to create waves to try and break the ground to easily capture the HQ and destroy (meaning kill off) the rangers.

After Eustus returns from lunch, some indavers get the terraknight to Principal Gregory's office as a gift from a secret admirer (as everybody knows she's a 40 year-old virgin). When she starts watering it, she gets captured and it calls Rosa's classroom, capturing her too. The rangers go into action, but hear earthquake sounds and find Jet Blade, a monster plated in steel. Jet Blade is easily destroyed. Ava calls them telling that she and Elizabeth freed Rosa and Valarie (Principal Gregory). However, the Terraknight got away. seconds later, Jet Blade and the Terraknight are giants and they call the zords. The rangers successfully stop the quakes.



Denshi Powers

  • GSA Red: Akela Zord 1
  • GSA Green: Dragon Zord 2
  • GSA Yellow: Panther Zord 3
  • GSA Orange: Scoprion Zord 4
  • GSA Pink: Raven Zord 5


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  • This episode aired alongside the Henry Danger episode Story Tank
  • The Starner's are absent in this episode
  • Eustus does not morph in this episode
  • First time the GSA Megazord uses the twin blade attack
  • First attempt to hack into the base, the next will not be until the next season.

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