Jetman, No Gou
Power Rangers GSA, Episode 10
Mamba-Jay Megazord
Air date July 6, 2019
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Jetman, No Gou is the 10th episode of Power Rangers GSA. It features the debut of the Mamba-Jay Megazord and the first episode to feature no Sentai Counterpart from Gorenger-Sun Vulcan.


Over the past few weeks, Ava has been scanning the zords to see what happened when the Black Mamba zord "bit" it. She can't find it out in time for Shogun Black to appear again. When the rangers arrive, they meet a horde of foot soldiers, who their adversary introduces as the indavers, the royal guards of the Indaver Clan and Jark Matter. He warns the rangers that their about to enter a new game.

Ava still can't figure it out until its too late when Eustus captures the Blue Jay zord and proceeds to attack the GSA Megazord. He beats them up pretty good, leading Tycho to think of a plan only a mad scientist would, but keeps it secret, saying it could take all summer. Rosa keeps telling them that the shogun can strike at any time, and any plan has to be executed on the spot.

Elizabeth proposes more zords, but Ava says that it would require a lot of value to make more than the 6 already created (technically 7 including the Black Mamba zord, but Ava didn't create it).





Denshi Powers

  • GSA Red: Akela Zord
  • GSA Green:Dragon Zord
  • GSA Pink: Raven Zord
  • GSA Yellow: Panther Zord
  • GSA Orange: Scorpion Zord
  • Shogun Black: Dark Stone, Black Mamba Zord, Blue Jay Zord


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  • First episode with Jark Matter since Ally 3
  • This episode's title is a reference to the 15 and 38 sentai, Jetman and TOQger
  • Debut of the Indavers and the Mamba-Jay Megazord
  • Ava breaks the 4th wall in this episode as the zords seen so far were made just for GSA, and this episode has no sentai footage
  • This episode has no sentai counterpart, however Dino Thunder/Abaranger have an episode with a similar story: Ep. 20: KillerOh, Abre Beginning! (White Thunder)