Alina Denise Campbell
Alina Campbell
Prism Yellow Ranger
Gender: Female
Season(s): Power Rangers: Prism
Colors: Yellow
Homeworld: Earth
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Prism Yellow Ranger

Alina Denise Campbell is the Prism Yellow Ranger of the Prism Rangers. Alina is the daughter of the second Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger Aisha Campbell.


Alina was living with her mom in Africa when Aisha learned a school has accepted Alina as one of its new students meaning Alina must pack her bags and head for the United States to begin the enrollment process. Alina was given equipped tools to help her along the way and also nice meals as well.

New Life In A Ranger

Alina makes new friends in her new school including Mina. But little did she knew that one of the tools she has is the yellow prism. Alina soon learned that she was chosen as the new Yellow Ranger.


Alina is the tomboy of the group as she has strong proficiency in Martial Arts taught to her by her mom Aisha. She's super tough and defends those will honor. Becoming the Yellow Ranger is something special for Alina.

Prism Yellow Ranger


Prism Yellow Ranger

Arsenal + Gear

  • Prism Morpher
  • Prism Blaster/Sword
  • Prism Shield
  • Yellow Prism Vector Blaster
  • Prism Lightning Batons
  • Yellow Prism Cycle


  • Prism Jet Zord (With The Green Ranger)
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