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Alexis Marie Gallows
Blue Mythic Knight Ranger
Gender: Female
Season(s): Power Rangers Mythic Knights
Colors: Blue
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: The Knights Calling
Last Appearance: TBA
Number of Episode
Actor: Tara Strong
Blue Mythic Knight Ranger
—Roll call

Alexis Marie Gallows is the Blue Mythic Knight Ranger, and has the power of cryokinesis.


Alexis was born in the sixth century, A.D. She became the last of the original knights of Querravale to fall before the onslaught of King Grieger III's forces. Alongside Alister Terretto, she faced off against the demons to protect the five artifacts, dueling Triano while her master fought the others. After he managed to send the artifacts to the future Yuranzo managed to drain most of his powers, and the demons followed the artifacts. Alexis collected their weapons and the remaining four gems, and followed Terretto fifteen centuries into the future.

Two weeks apparently passed after their arrival. Alexis was passing through a hall in the West Meadowborough High School when she bumped into a couple of boys, JT and Vance. A little while later, in the guise of the Blue Knight, Alexis drove off a gang of Demonites, who just happened to be attacking the same two teens from before. Alexis brought them back to the cave she and Terretto had set up camp in.

After the boys woke up, JT was instantly smitten, though Alexis was quick to rebuff him. She helped Terretto explain their situation, and offered the two positions on the team. Alexis was doubtful, particularly about JT, but Terretto disagreed. Demonites attacked the downtown area, and Alexis headed out to fight them. When JT followed she initially didn't want him anywhere near her, but reluctantly accepted his help--he wanted to repay the rescue from earlier and have a chance at heroism.

Triano was leading the Demonites, and he and Alexis continued their old fight. Unfortunately the demon managed to overpower both Rangers, but Vance rejoined them just in time. The trio morphed and took down the demon with their combined weapons. She was surprised when the demon took his mega form, but Terretto produced a set of Zords. Though her books hadn't told her about them, Alexis adjusted to the new weapons well, and the trio cut Triano back down to size. After the battle, Alexis witnessed the two new Rangers swear the Knight's Oath, and JT introduced her to the concept of pizza.The Knights Calling


Alexis is bookish and something of a loner. As the most experienced of the Rangers she's very confident in her abilities, but she's willing to give her teammates a chance to prove themselves.


  • Merlin's Master Wand
  • Ice Bow
  • Ice Blades
  • Shark Blades
  • Blue Scorpion Zord
  • Sapphira Shark Zord


Alexis has brown skin and curly black hair.

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