Alexis Ashra
Future Samurai Pink Ranger
Gender: Female
Season(s): Power Rangers: Samurai 20 Years Later
Colors: Pink
Homeworld: Earth
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Future Samurai Pink Ranger

Alexis Ashra is the one of the two future daughters of Jayden Ashra and Mia Watanabe. Her grandparents are Master Xandred and Kumiko Ishihara(Jayden's side) and Akihito and Mei Ling Watanabe(Mia's side)


Though a bit more feminine than the tough as nails Mia, Alexis still has her mother's passion in cooking. She wears a silver and pink samurai gi, with long black hair in a ponytail and pink streaks at the tips.

Character History

Alexis and her sister, Krystal has been training at the new Samurai Academy run by both Xandred and Lauren. When the future Rangers got called into action, everyone else except for Alexis, Iris and Krystal were out of sync with their powers that leads to the four rangers needing to find their way. Eventually, Lauren discovered that the four rangers were accidentally given the wrong Samuraizer morphers by Ji's clumsy grandson, Chan. Once the Rangers got the correct Samuraizers, they are able to defeat the first wave of the Neo Dark Samurai Corps.

Outside the school, Alexis is close friends with Iris(Kevin's daughter and the first female Samurai Blue). Though, part demon like her sister, Alexis doesn't have those qualities that Krystal has.


Alexis' immediate family

  • Grandfathers: Master Xandred(biological paternal grandfather), Kentaro Shiba(adopted), Akihito Watanabe(maternal grandfather)
  • Grandmothers: Kumiko Ishihara(biological paternal grandmother) Anya Stepanova(adopted), Mei Ling Han-Watanabe
  • Father: Jayden Ashra
  • Mother: Mia Ashra
  • Sibling: Krystal Ashra(sister)
  • Relatives: Mariko Ishihara(biological aunt), Lauren Shiba(adopted aunt), Sakura Watanabe(maternal aunt)

Samurai Pink

Like her mother and ancestors before her, Alexis holds the powers of Samurai Pink with the War Fan as her main weapon and wields the Turtle Zord.

  • Kei Nishikawa(Ancestor)
  • Botan Morimoto
  • Kasumi Hasegawa
  • Ayame Takeda
  • Michiyo Raimon
  • Kiyoko Yashida
  • Narumi Ishihara
  • Kana Sakamoto
  • Mitsuko Sakamoto
  • Chiyo Fujiwara
  • Ami Watanabe
  • Sayuri Watanabe
  • Chiaki Watanabe
  • Mio Watanabe
  • Sachiko Watanabe(Mia's grandmother)
  • Mia Watanabe
  • Alexis Ashra
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