Alexander Hamilton
Gender: Male
Season(s): Power Rangers Literary Morphers
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Homeworld: Earth (Hamilton)
First Appearance: Chapter 9-Destination: New York
Last Appearance: Chapter 12-The World is Not Wide Enough
Number of Episode
4 (LM)
Actor: Lin-Manuel Miranda

Alexander Hamilton was one of the founding fathers of the United States of America. However, the story changed slightly in the musical named after him to make the characters more diverse.

Just like in early performances of the musical, the title character is portrayed by the musical's creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Character History

Like how the Literary Morphers were thrown through time and space chasing after The Privateers, the 9th episode focuses on the transition into his story as it begins.

Hamilton had a rough start growing up poor, but eventually got a job for his (by then) late mother's landlord in trading luxuries before arriving in New York.

As the revolution kicked up, and even after, he became a strong force, ending up becoming a lawyer and writing 51 of the 85 Federalist Papers.

However, old friend turned enemy Aaron Burr who challenge him to a duel he would loose.

Unknown to anyone else, he was set up by The Privateers to do it.


Hamilton enjoyed writing and became a very hardworking man due to his misfortunes.


  • Eliza Hamilton-Wife


  • He is the only Legendary Lead to die
    • The Drood Musical, which the arc is based off, didn't have Drood die
    • Aleq would change the story to have Montag live, but be believed to be dead
  • He is the only Legendary Lead to be married during the arc
    • Montag is single in the 2018 movie, which is the source for the arc instead of the book
    • Drood's wedding is not until the end of the (now changed) storyline
  • He's the only lead the Literary Morphers never met

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