Alex Foster
Elephant Craft Ranger
Gender: Male
Season(s): Power Rangers Beast Craft (PurpleRanger Version)
Colors: Green
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Beast Power
Last Appearance: Animals Unite
Number of Episode
Actor: Noah Crawford
Elephant Craft Ranger

"Guardian Of The Forest, Elephant Craft Ranger!"

Alex Foster is the Elephant Craft Ranger of the Beast Craft Rangers. He is also the second-in-command to the Eagle Craft Ranger.


Alex Foster is outgoing, optimistic, fun-loving, proud, and fearless when it comes to both the battlefield and social situations. Alex's wisecracking and playful nature can be deceiving. Although he is always ready with a quick comeback or witty remark, he takes his job as the Green Ranger very seriously. 

Ranger Powers


Elephant Craft Ranger




  • Beast Slash: After pressing the trigger on the Beast Laser to charge up its energy, Elephant Craft Ranger and the other Rangers transform into a giant claw that slashes the opponent.
  • Beast Blast: After pressing the trigger on the Beast Laser to charge up its energy, Elephant Craft Ranger shoots a spinning cube shaped energy blast, similar to the Royal Beast Slasher's normal projectile but larger and more solid.

His strength in this form is also enhanced to the point where his bare strikes forms small shockwaves.

Beast Mode

04. Zuoh Elephant

Beast Mode

In his Beast mode, Elephant Craft Ranger's boots transform into elephant hooves that can create earthquakes by stomping the ground or shockwaves that send stone debris flying at the enemy.Elephant Craft Ranger, along with the other Rangers in their Wild Release forms, are able to channel their powers along with Gorilla Craft Ranger power into a gigantic fist that Gorilla Craft Ranger can use to pound an enemy.



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