A.1.A.N 23 "Alan Harrison"
Orange Scorpion Space Warrior
Gender: Male
Season(s): Power Rangers Space Warriors
Colors: Orange
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: New Reinforcements(cameo), The orange sting(debut)
Last Appearance: Power Rangers: The War
Number of Episode
Actor: Jonathan Bailey
Orange Scorpion Space Warrior

Roll Call

Orange Scorpion! Space Warrior 2!


He's made by the past Scorpion Warrior and was built to be like an ordinary human but frozen until being awaken a few months ago so he forgot what he was made to be, he prefers the loner type and tries to keep the fact that he's an android a secret, however he takes a brother role for Tonio since they're both somehow related to the past scorpion space warrior. It’s possible that he had feelings for Olivia because he rejected her when he’s worried that he can’t grow old with her. He’s shown to care deeply about Leo who he thinks of as a young brother.


An androidic human who cares for those who are close to him, Alan is calm and collected but does get angry when those he loves are in danger or got hurt. He has a rivalry with Jan for Olivia.

Ranger Suit



Poison He's an android made 100,000 years ago but got frozen and now awaken, after gaining the powers from the constellation Scorpius, he can channel poison in and out of battles.

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