Alan Francis
Gender: Male
Colors: Blue
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Invasion of the Cyberians
Last Appearance: Rangers Together, Cyberforce forever
Number of Episode

Douglas Alan Francis is the Blue Cyber Ranger in Power Rangers: Cyberforce.

Character History

Born in Smallville, Kansas Alan regularly worked on his Dad's farm until moving with his Grandparents in California. On the day the Cyberian's attacked Alan was simply having Ice Cream with Cody and the others.

When Morzek landed he gave the rangers the morphers and Alan became the Blue Ranger. Invasion of The Cyberians. Due to being a tech wiz Alan is able to upgrade all their weapons and tech. Also Alan is shown to be afraid of spiders, which he in turn conquered after defeated Tarantulor, overcoming his Arachnophobia.



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