Akio Inukai
Wild Gold
Gender: Male
Season(s): Rescue Sentai Wildranger
Colors: Gold
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Rescue 2~Team Building(cameo), Rescue 3~New Friendship(debut), Rescue 13~Brother Wolves(full debut)
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode
Actor: Kenshin Endo
Wild Gold
Wild Gold.jpeg

Roll Call

Powers of the Glistening Sun! Wild Gold!


Akio is Shinjiro’s younger brother and has more of a friendly personality than his brother’s cold personality, him and his brother have a brains and brawn thing between them, he’s the brawns while Shinjiro is the brains. Akio follows his brother and listens to him the most, he thinks that the Wildranger are interesting and he admires Taiga, finding her to be cool and cute. On his ranger suit he has a bright yellow circle to represent the sun and it emits a bright light when it’s a clear day. Akio trains almost every single day and he’s stubborn when he tries to come up with a plan but it doesn’t work. Because of their young ages he easily becomes best friends with Hayato. Even though he’s a happy guy he loves the holiday Halloween due to the spookiness of the holiday. Aside from protecting her, he has a sibling relationship with Riri


  • Ryuu Inukai-father
  • Mahiro Inukai-mother
  • Shinjiro Inukai-older bother


Akio is 18 years old

Ranger suit

Full suit


  • Akio is the first Gold Ranger to have fire as his element, due to his Sun motif and that the sun is a ball of fire when the fire element is mostly reserved for Red Rangers.
  • He is the only Wildranger who is a different gender than his predecessor given that his predecessor was his mother
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