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Black Spirit Strike Ranger
Gender: Male
Season(s): Power Rangers Spirit Strike
Colors: Black
Homeworld: unknown
First Appearance: Throughout the Universe Part 1
Last Appearance: Three's a Crowd
Number of Episode
Black Spirit Strike Ranger


Ajax is the Black Ranger and the muscle of the Spirit Strike Rangers. Ajax was a poor and homeless, living on the streets with his sisters and brother, acting like a father figure to them. One day, while searching for food, Ajax was consulted about becoming a gladiator and serve to entertain the king, in his arena, being promised wealth and safety for his family. Ajax soon became the top champion of the arena, not realizing the entire thing was a charade to become allies with Shirax. When Ajax found out, the king had him and his family executed. Right before his execution, Ajax escaped his prison cell and broke out a panther being stored .ogether, they defeated the prison guards, escaping the planet and Ajax found out he had just bonded with an animal spirit. Ajax is hot-headed and mysterious, barely ever talking about his past. He respects Cassidy's position as the leader and opposes anyone who is going to put themselves in jeopardy.


Ajax wears gold bracelets, a bone necklace, leather pants and a jacket made out of calhodte,  a rare material. He barely ever wears shoes. He has black eyes, black hair and he has an Asian appearance. 

Black Spirit Ranger Ranger



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