Act 14: The Revival of The Yamiryu Part 1
1, Episode 14
Air date April 29, 2011
Written by Kamenrider2011
Directed by Kamenrider2011
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Act 14: The Revival of The Yamiryu is the fourteenth episode of Power Rangers Blade Splash. It is the formal debut of Prince Nero and the Super Blade Splash Megazord


Blenie watches the battle between the Zords, Moyasu, Jageuar. She hopes Jageuar can defeat the Megazord and that she can find a way to return him to normal. The Alchemist tells Kaler that its time to free the rest of the Yamiryu. He then forces him against his will to go to the seal and free Nero. Kaler tries to fight it but he is powerless.

Meanwhile, the rangers are having a hard time defeating Jageuar and Moyasu. Kaku informs Ryu of Jageuar's new powers. Blake's Skarkzord is captured by Moyasu, but Kyle's Bearzord is able to free it. Mae's Marezord attacks Jageuar and Cassidy's Eaglezord fires its missiles. Ryu's Dragonzord has alittle skirmish with the two rivals, but is subsequently defeated. The Rangers form the Megazord and fight.

They summon the armor zords and go through those formations, but Jageuar is too strong for them. Ryu summons the Golden Falconzord to assist them, but it is pushed back. Jageuar, Moyasu and Blenie start to celebrate their near victory against the rangers. Blenie becomes eased when she sees that Jageuar won't die at this junction at least.

The rangers are sevearly hurt, but Ryu rallies his teammates together. All of a sudden, they come together and go for one all out attack. Before Jageuar and Moyasu can retaliate, The rangers unlock a brand new power. The zords start to glow, and the Apple Dragonzord informs Ryu of the new combination they have achieved because of their courage. The rangers combine the Blade Splash Megazord and the Golden Falcon Battlezord to form the Super Blade Splash Megazord. This combination makes quick work of Moyasu, destroying him with a few attacks. He goes down exclaiming the residents will stay alive.

Jageuar is still up to par with the new Megazord, so Ryu combines the Rasin Sawsharkzord, the Appricot Lepardzord and the Blackberry Beetlezord into the Armored Super Saber. With this new power, they defeat Jageuar for good. "It's not my place to be the ruler of the forest. The one who will succeds me is much more powerful. You WILL be defeated, rangers." Kaler is suprised that he is aware of this but remembers Blenie told him. 

Meanwhile, at the seal, Kaler is forced to release Prince Nero, and he breaks the seal. Upon releasement, he makes his grand statement. Nero is quite the strange ninja. He is happy of sorts, and quite crazy. His catchphrase is "Are you happy now?" Blenie is surprised to see Nero so un-king like. What is he really like? Is he really a fool? Or is he as dangerous as told?


-Super Blade Splash Megazord

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