Aaron Matthew Fitzgerald
Red Jungle Ranger
Gender: Male
Season(s): Power Rangers Jungle Machines
Colors: Red
Homeworld: Earth
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Number of Episode
Red Jungle Ranger
"Soaring Engine! Red Jungle Ranger!"
—Roll Call

Aaron Matthew Fitzgerald is a Zoologist and Red Jungle Ranger, leader of the Jungle Machine Rangers


Early Life

Aaron started to love animals at age 5, when his parents got a fish and a dog that he always played with. When he visited the Zoo he was interested in all the animals there and wanted to become a zoologist. When he was 7 he was traumatized when a race track explosion gave his dad 3rd degree burns on 25% his body, making him dislike most machines except regular vehicles on the road.

Jungle Machines

The Beginning

In the beginning of the Season, Aaron was a Zoologist studying Hawks and became their friend. He, Sunny, and Felicia were working at the Zoo when Abagail Uki called them into the Jungle Machine Base, of the JMB for short. It is here that they met Walter and Dave, 2 race car drivers who immediately got on Aaron's bad side because of their personalitys and Profession.


Aaron is cool-headed, smart, and brave. He has a special dislike for NASCAR and things like that because of what happened to his dad. At first his doesn't get along with Dave or Walter because of their conflicting views of racing. He and Sunny have a romantic attraction to eachother.


Aaron is a Caucasian American Male with brown hair and blue eyes. He used to wear a white shirt with a design outlined in red, khaki pants, black dress shoes, and a Crimson coat. He now wears a black shirt, blue jeans, Red converse, and a red jacket with a hawk design on the back.

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