2, Episode 23/3
Air date 28 may 2016
Written by Eddie Guzelian
Directed by James Barr
Episode Guide
When earth seems lost
A New Zord to tame


sick and tried of all the fails Prince Vekar Plans to send A turtle guy with a upgraded shell To earth to finsh the rangers 


Troy Ugh Damm Waiting

Gia Too Bad Troy

Turtlelini Fools This Planet's Pathetic

Troy Hun It's Lets Go

Turtlelini Rangers Laughs Vekar Wants This Planet

Troy No Super Mega Mode Cool A Ultimate Super Mega Mode Yeah Lets Go Ultimate Super Mega Mode

Turtlelini Rubbish (shoots troy)

Troy Ugh Gosei We....Need.....

Gosei Troy Your A Idiot So.....Dont Be A Baby

Troy Ugh Damm Gosei Saber Strike

Turtlelini More Like Saber Lossers (shoots Troy)

Orion Power Of Six Unite Wait Guys We-

Turtlelini No Waits This Is FUN (shoots the rangers who unmophe)

Jake Nooooooo

Turtlelini Bye (leaves)

Orion We Got Ultimate Powers of one up to six Lets Use Em

Troy Yes

Vekar You Fool Damaras GGGGGGGGG

Damaras Idiot Go Rip The Earth Upart

Gia Hun It's Him

Turtlelini This Time Il Rip You Apart

Gia Good Luck With That One (goes ultimate super mega mode)

Turtlelini Weak (shoots gia but gia slashes turtlelini) Nooooooooo

Orion Ultimate Power Of Six

Troy Ultimate Power Of One

Jake Ultimate Power Of Three

Noah Ultimate Power Of Two

Gia Ultimate Power Of Five

Emma Ultimate Power Of Four

Turtlelini Hurry Up And Fight Me (all the ultimate legendary rangers attack turtlelini) Noooooooooooooo (falls on the ground)

Vekar GGGGGGGGGGGG Il End This (maxized Turtlelini)

Turtlelini Now I Have Got Power Take This Rangers

Gosei Rangers Use The Ultimate Skyship

Troy Yes Summon Ultimate Skyship

Turtlelini Ultimate Take This Ultimate Lossers

Troy Ultimate Slash (slashes turtlelini)

Turtlelini What......No.......

Orion Ultimate QERX MEGAZORD REDDY (slashes turtlelini)

Turtlelini No.....Fools..... (falls on the ground)

Troy Ugh I Hate Waiting

Gia Troy Stop It

The End







Prince Vekar 

Tutlelini  Damaras 

legendary ranger modes Blue Space Ranger 

Red Space Ranger

ultimate legendary ranger modes

Ultimate Blue Space Ranger

Ultimate Red Space Ranger

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