A Red Romance is the 29th episode of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. In this episode Leo and Kendrix FINALLY show their feelings for each other. 

A Red Romance
7, Episode 29
Air date November 2, 1999
Written by Judd Lynn
Directed by Koichi Sakamoto
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On a sunny morning, Leo goes to a jewelry store called the Galaxy Gem where Skull and Professor Phenomenus work part-time. He says he wants to buy a engagement ring with a pink star diamond so he can propose to Kendrix (as she is the Pink GALAXY Ranger). An hour later he asks Kendrix to go on a date with him to a new restaurant called The Shining Star later at night, she says she would like to. Once they met there, they complimented to each other about how they dressed, Kendrix wearing a short pink dress and Leo wearing his nicest pair of pants and a polo shirt. Then Leo proposed to Kendrix, she says yes with tears of happiness spilling down hers eyes. They then danced on the restaurant's dance floor and kissed each other on the lips. Once they finished dancing, they went back to they go back to their living quarters. In there Leo talks about his parents Carol and Jake never being there for him and Mike. Kendrix talks about how her parents doted her, and tells her that their dead. Soon after that, they made love and fell asleep. Kendrix and Leo are woken up by their alarm clock, to which Kendrix knocks it of the nightstand it with her bare foot. They got dressed and Leo and Kendrix wanted to keep their romantic escapade a secret. Trakeena sends the Maronda monster, who attacks both Leo and Kendrix. Now the rangers must defeat Maronda. 

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