PROC, Episode 19
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Air date N/A
Written by Talix
Directed by Talix
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A Ranger's Tail is the nineteenth episode of Power Rangers: Ocean Charge. It continues the Destiny saga.


Gemini suspects that a impostor is hiding amongst a group of traveling mermaids and mermen, so he sends Rachel and Tyler to investigate. Gemini casts a spell that temporary transforms Rachel into a mermaid to go undercover while Tyler stays in close contact. However, Rachel is lure to the world of mermaids and the temptation starts clouding her mind. Gemini and Tyler fears the spell could backfire and make Rachel loose her humanity and be a mermaid forever.


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Oceanic Rangers

Color Role
Shark David Simmons
Whale Tyler Peterson
Sea Turtle Nathan Ross
Manta Ray Rachel Simpson
Dolphin Allison "Ali" Moore

6th Ranger

Color Role
Serpent Tsunami Ranger


  • Gemini
  • Alpha 8
  • Zoey (doesn't appear)
  • Max (doesn't appear)
  • Jake Hampton (doesn't appear)
  • Sonya - A mermaid that befriends Rachel
  • Vale - A merman that doubts about their new mermaid friend Rachel



  • Talia - A sea hag creature that disguised herself as a mermaid to steal the life essences of the other mermaids and mermen until Rachel and Tyler got in her way. defeated by the Oceanic Megazord and Tsunami Megazord"


  • First time both Oceanic and Tsunami Megazords are seen together.
  • First time a ranger has been turned into a mermaid.
  • This episode marks the first instance of a romance blossoming between the Blue and Yellow Rangers.
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