A New Plan Unfolds
1, Episode 11
War Of The Wizards
Zeark Seems Awfully calm
Air date May 1st 2015
Written by HollowOmega
Directed by HollowOmega
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Green With Evil Part 1: Zerak's New Weapon

A New Plan Unfolds is the 11th Episode of The First Arc Of Power Rangers: War Of The Wizards


Luke's Grandparents are acting weird and its up to him and Zeran to figure out why.


Another day in angel grove had arrived as Luke had just gotten off school heading into the park and blinked before he turned around out of pure instinct before he spotted two familiar figures to them. Both looked around in their sixties and had similar traits of his mother on their hair. "Grandma? Grandpa? What are you two doing here in Angel Grove?" Luke asked in confusion walking forward as one of them chuckled. "What a couple of grandparents cant come to see their only grandson?" The Grandmother asked as Luke chuckled to himself shaking his head. "Nothing wrong with that I guess..." He said but in his head was thinking something else. 'Something is not right here...they haven't wanted anything to do with me until now...' Luke pondered to himself.

"Listen Lucas we we're thinking..." The grandmother started before suddenly out of orange energy a familiar golden monkey appeared along side some grey looking foot soldiers and wolf like creatures as Luke turned around in fighting stance as the golden monkey laughed. "Going somewhere Elis boy?!" He laughed as Luke growled.

"Goldar...worst...fucking...timing...ever.." He growled to himself looking back at his grandparents before starting to speak towards them. "Get to hiding I'll handle this!" Luke shouted as the grandfather blinked. "But Luke-" he started. "GO!" He shouted as they nodded racing out of there as Luke looked around bringing up his communicator. "Jason do you read me its Luke! We got trouble down in the park!" Luke shouted as a few seconds past before Jason's voice was heard from the communicator. "We're on our way Luke!" Jason shouted as suddenly 5 other colored streams teleported in next to Luke as his friends got in fighting stance. "lets take care of the Putties and bad doggies and than we can deal with Goldar!" Jason shouted as the team nodded charging in at the creatures.


Jason as Luke got back to back and nodded as Luke flipped forward a few times before giving one of the putties a quick four hit combo in the chest before roundhouse kicking one of them in the head sending them flying. Meanwhile Jason was dealing with the wolf creatures. "Lets go dog breath HIYA!" Jason shouted giving the wolf a one two three kick combo before spinning around and dropping his leg onto the wolf making it yelp before Jason roundhouse kicked the wolf away from him.


Zack flipped forward a few times before kicking one of the wolf foot soldiers across the face before back handing one of the putties right in the face with a smirk as Billy ducked one of the kicks from the putties before punching one in the stomach as one of the wolves came from behind and tried to push him into a tree. Billy luckily used his feet to flipped upwards using his feet to run up the tree slamming the wolf down onto the ground and getting back in fighting stance looking around before racing towards Jason and Luke to give them a hand.


Trini and Kimberly got back to back and nodded before Trini blocked a few of the putties strikes before striking one a few times in the stomach before roundhouse kicking the puttie down to the ground as Kimberly dodged a few strikes from the wolf creatures before round house kicking them in a spinning circle as it whimpered fleeing.


"Zack!" Jason yelled as Zack nodded as the two of them switch sides before Luke and Zack, back to back nodded before Luke landed a few kicks to the stomach on the puttie before roundhouse kicking one into a tree. Zack wasted little time as he dropped down in his break down style spinning his feet around knocking down the foot soldiers before kicking back up and round house kicked one of the wolf soldiers.

The Rangers all got side by side as the foot soldiers disappeared. "USELESS!" Goldar shouted in anger stomping his foot. Suddenly however, a creature that looked like the grim reaper only had energy swarming though him and formed the skull appeared as the rangers got in fighting stance before the creature began to speak. "I'm the Energy Reaper! By orders of Lord Zerak you rangers are to be destroyed and this world's energy is to be perged!" He shouted as Goldar and The Repear laughed. "Not on your life! Lets do this guys!" Jason said followed by a "Right" from the other rangers. "ITS MORPHIN TIME!" Luke shouted following the leaders lead as Jason grinned nodding as the others pulled the morpher out from behind them. "Don't tell me.." Luke's grandfather muttered in fear at what was about to happen.







Delilah gasped in horor and said, "Oh God, not Luke, not our grandson!"

Gene hampton's face darkened as she said, "No you don't old scratch you're not taking our grandson!" he growled.

"Orange Power Sword!" Luke shouted bringing out a claymore before it transformed into his Power Weapon.

"Power Sword!" Jason shouted bringing out your every day sword before it transformed into the key to all the rangers powers.

"Power Ax!" Zack shouted as he brought out an ax before it flashed its color transforming into the weapon he was chosen by Zordon to bring into the Frey of things.

"Power Bow!" Kimberly shouted drawing a bow before it shined and transformed into her Power weapon as she was ready to strike.

"Power Lance!" Billy shouted drawing his lances as they shined brightly blue before transforming into his Power Weapons as he got ready to strike.

"Power Daggers!" Trini shouted pulling out some daggers before they shined yellow and transformed into her power weapons.

"Power Rangers!" The group shouted as they readied their weapons. "Alright guys lets take this guy out!" Jason shouted charging in. "Right behind you! Power Rangers Move In!" Luke, the second in command shouted charging in towards the energy reaper followed by the remaining four rangers wielding their power weapons. Luke and Jason both colided their swords with the reapers scythe as the creature smirked. "To Slow Rangers!" He shouted knocking them away as Luke and Jason landed on their feet got their weapons ready again as Kimberly launched a few arrows towards the creature only for the reaper to spin his scythe around blocking the arrows. "Nice try Pinky!" He said as Kimberly sweat dropped. "Pinky? Really?" She asked shaking her head.

"Try this you bastard!" Zack shouted turning his Ax into its canon modes blasting the creature with a few blasts only for it to swat the blasts away like they were nothing. "Damn this guys tough.." Zack cursed. "Try these reaper!" Trini shouted launching her power daggers only for him to knock them right back hitting her in the chest knocking her down. "Trini!" Billy shouted and readied his lance charging him trying to slice down a couple of times only for the reaper to spin his scythe around blocking the lance before slicing across Billy knocking him back away from him. "Ugh this guy's tough..." Luke muttered in anger as Jason readied his power sword. "Alright guys lets put the new power blaster together!" Jason shouted as everyone nodded.

"Power Ax!" Zack shouted pulling the gun part of the Ax out throwing it up into the air. "Power Bow!" Kimberly shouted throwing the bow up in the air before it combined with the ax. "Power Lance!" Billy shouted throwing the lances as it combined two parts of the blaster. "Power Daggers!" Trini shouted throwing the daggers creating another part of the blasters. "Orange Power Sword!" Luke shouted as the sword's hilt went into the blaster part as Jason jumped in the air. "POWER SWORD!" He shouted as the he landed along side the other rangers. "POWER RANGERS!" They shouted as the Reaper gulped in a uh-oh like fashion. "FIRE!" They shouted launching the blasters as multiple blasts fire from the daggers and lance before the Orange Power Sword launched from the main blaster part spearing right though the creature as the weapons came back to the rangers. "Powering...Down..." It muttered collapsing before exploding as the rangers turned around with a grin.

"Alright guys Power Down!" Jason shouted as they all brought up their hands. "Power Down!" They shouted de morphing as it seemed everything was okay...for now. "LUCAS ANTHONY ELLIS!" Boomed a familliar male voice from the right of the rangers. "LUCAS, HOW COULD YOU, HOW COULD YOU!?" Aan elderly female voice screamed.

'I was afraid of this. Mom warned me if they learned the truth they might not be accepting..' Luke muttered to himself turning around and crossed his arm before speaking. "How could I what? Join the battle to protect free will?" Luke asked obviously not to happy that his grandparents upon learning the truth were acting like this as Jason put a hand on his shoulder. "You want us to explain?" He asked as Luke shook his head. "Nah I got this Jase.." Luke stated while from the Command Center Zeran squinted. "Great...just we go again..." He muttered.

Gene hampton snapped, "How could you join these...these...DEVIL WORSHIPPERS!?" Delilah Hampton added, "Don't you realize the kind of monsters these PEOPLE really are." Luke tightened his fist in anger before looking at them in anger. "Don't you two EVER talk about my friends like that again do you hear me?! we aren't Devil Worshipers!" Luke shouted in anger growling if there was one thing that had happened over the years is that him and his grandparents didn't get along before Zack spoke up. "Yeah seriously Mr and Mrs. Elis besides how can you call a Christan like I have been for years a Devil Worshiper you've got some nerve!" Zack stated standing up with his friend. 'Thanks Zack..' He said to himself with a smile.

Gene snapped, "It's Hampton, young man, and your lies I can see through from a mile away. Your grandmother and I are aware of the truth. The only reason the Power Rangers fight these monsters is they perform secret sacrifical rites with homeless people they steal from the streets to summon these monsterous beings. And YOU Luke Ellis are colluding with these heatherns."Delilah hampton added, "These people are EVIL, Luke, they are champions of sin and vice who corrupt innocents. You need to get away from them as quickly as you can."

Back at the command center Zeran said, "Oh THAT'S IT, I'm insulted by that because one of my best friends is actually an archangel in Heaven!" Zeran shouted. Meanwhile back with the others Luke snarled. "In the words of a friend of mine I think not NO! I'm fighting for the safety of free will and I will NOT be deserting my friends! We are fighting against Zerak The Butcher who threatens free will as we know it." Luke shouted as Gene growled. "STUPID BOY! THERE IS NO ZERAK ONLY THE DEVIL!" He shouted aiming to slap him only before Luke growled grabbing his wrist. "WHAT?! YOU LITTLE BRAT!" He shouted as Luke tightened his grip on the wrist.

Zeran teleported in then mentally noted, 'What in the...he's not flinching as he would've considering how strong Luke is...I have a bad feeling about this.'
Zeran stormed over as he said, "I see you haven't changed much since the 60's Delilah and Gene, still as stubborn and arrogant as I remember!" "YOU!" Gene growled in anger as Delilah chimed in. "We should've known. Alternative teaching..and I see thanks to your Satanic Magic you've kept your youth!" He growled. "WATCH WHAT YOU SAY TO MY TEACHER!" Luke shouted as his grip tightened and finally Gene began going down to the ground in pain.

Zeran thought to himself, 'Geez Francine, your boy really has a lot of you in him. I wonder how much of Quincy is in there. that for another time." Zeran snapped, "For your information you soapbox preaching twit, I'll have you know I won't have anything to DO with hellspawn!" Deliliah turned and rushed towards Zeran. However Zeran dodged her blow as she fel to the ground, but not before Luke deftly took strand of her hair. Zeran said, "Now you see here, there IS a Zerak..." A haunted look crossed Zeran's face as he continued speaking. "I should know, I've fought him and seen more of what he can do and has done then a self-righteous couple such as yourselves could possibly comprehend in those miniscule, space the final frontier for brains heads of yours!"

"THERE IS NO ZERAK YOU IDIOTS!" Gene snapped as both their eyes glowed green as Luke blinked turning to Zeran. "Did you see that?" He asked his teacher. Zeran mentally sent to the Orange Ranger, 'I saw, boy, forget the fishy I smell a Zerak!'. Zeran said, "Let me make this abundantly clear we are fighting to protect free will in the universe and one would THINK that someone who helped storm the beaches of Normandy, helped fight the Nazis and even saw Auschwitz after the war would comprehnd what exactly is on the line here!"

"I don't know what the hell you're talking about!" Gene shouted as Luke blinked. "Wait a moment mom said they always talked about that" Luke said to himself and growled before taking his spare hand and plucking a hair out of his grandpa's hair. "OW! YOU BRAT!" he snapped as Luke growled "Enough!" he shouted pushing his grandpa away. "You two can get out of here now." He said before his eyes glared. "Before I do something I'll regret..." He growled. Gene snapped, "Like hell we will. Now you listen here, BOY. You have 24 hours, that's all 24 hours to pack your things and move with us to Arizona, and away from these devil worshippers and that ungratful WHORE, understand!?" Delilah snapped, "And you will get on it right away, child!" Zeran's eyes widened as he whispered to the other rangers, "Oh, Gene and Delilah really shouldn't have said that."

Luke's fists now tightened even harder than before before he spoke. "I'm not going to repeat myself I'm NOT leaving Angel Grove! Now GET OUT BEFORE I DO SOMETHING I'M GOING TO REGRET YOUR LUCKY I DON'T HURT YOU HERE AND NOW FOR TALKING ABOUT MY MOTHER LIKE THAT!" Luke snapped in anger. Jason sweat dropped. "Oh boy..." Jason muttered. Gene put a hand on the holster of the gun the rangers and Zeran noticed. Gene said, "BOY, THIS ISN'T OVER BY ANY MEANS!"
Delilah snapped, "You WILL COME WITH US we promise that!" the two elderly Hamptons stormed off. Zeran uncharacteristically growled as they left a look of bitter anger crossing his face.

Luke took a few breaths before Kimberly came up and hugged her friend. "I'm sorry you had to go though that Luke.." Kimberly said as Luke sighed. "Its okay thanks though Kimberly.." He said with a smile before looking to Zeran. "Did you get a piece of my grandma's hair?" Luke asked with a smile. Zeran nodded and said, "I got it when i dodged your grandma's attempt to assault me." He said. "Alright Zeran teleport us to the Command Center we have some investigating on this to do. The rest of you head to the Juice Bar until we find out the deal behind my grandparents attitude." Luke said as Trini nodded. "You got it Luke." Trini said with a smile.

Zeran nodded and said, "Yes, based on recent events I'd like to have a closer look at your grandparents' behavior." Zeran then summoned his staff and called out, "Sharandra nahevia teleportus!" Zeran shouted. Suddenly the two of them were teleported out of the park and into the Command Center. "Alright lets get to work Zeran." Luke stated with a smile. Zeran looked around and said, "Alpha, we need the mana scanner, here." "Aiyiyiyi Right Away Zeran." Alpha said as he went into the back before pushing in a tray with multiple items. "Luke, Apprentice whats going on?" Zordon asked in confusion. Zeran explained, "Okay, Sensei, it's like this..." Zeran summarized what had happened. "And to sum it all up ,Sensei, if the hypothesis Luke and I have pans out...then we think Zerak has Luke's grandparents under some kind of mind control."

"I see..." Zordon stated as Luke placed his grandparents hair into one of the tubes. "Alright Zeran put your magic into the other one. If yours and Zerak's magic match than if our hunch is right than we should be able to confirm what we are thinking." Luke stated towards his teacher. Zeran placed his finger against the other tube. Zeran hummed as he channeled his magic. Blue liquid which was the opurest form of mana poured into the vial. AS soonas it was full enough Zeran pulled his finger away and said, "There we are."

"Alpha Activate it." Luke stated as Alpha nodded activating the machine as the scanning began as Luke looked towards the Viewing globe before two words popped up on the globe. "Match Confirmed." causing Luke to tighten his fists in anger. Zeran's face darkened as he said, "I should've known! Zerak you spiteful piece of..." "Apprentice!" Zordon chided., Zeran said, "Sorry, Sensei, butIi can't help it. You know how I feel about mind control." Zordon nodded. "A very valid point, my apprentice."

"Zeran...Punching Bag NOW!" Luke stated not taking his eyes off of the Viewing globe. Zeran summoned a punching bag. "There you gop, Luke." Zeran responded. Luke quickly revved up his fist before punching the bag dead on as he removed his hand it showed that the young Elis boys anger had left a big hole right in the center of the bag. Zeran gaped, "Okaaay you're stronger then Francine. It usually took her two and a half blow to go through a punching bag. "'re ticvked. Not that i blame you, boy."

"Something doesn't add up if your grandparents are like this..." Zordon started before his eyes widened putting two and two together. "Oh for the love of all that's good in the universe please no.." Zordon muttered. Zeran looked at his teacher in Morphing magic and asked, "Um, sensei, I don't like it when you say that. it usually is right before you disclose a rather disturbing hypothesis."

" on the viewing globe the day when Luke's father was caught in a so called Afair...I've got a bad feeling about this..." Zordon stated sweat dropping. Zeran said, "I'm glad you want to view that I've been wanting to look at that myself. And i learned long ago that your wild guesses have a habit of being right on the ball." The wizard went over to the viewing globe and weaved his hands over it as he muttered arcane words. Finally he said "RIght I'll just get the chronological tuner to tune to the Java club coffee shop in Seattle around...1975."

As the scene opened up a black haired women was seen walking towards the Java Club coffee shop while Luke didn't recognize her...something seemed VERY familiar about her to Zeran. "Wait a minute.." the wizard said, "Viewing globe pause there." Luke blinked as the viewing globe paused before Zordon's eyes widened. "Thats not who I think it is is it Apprentices?" Zordon asked hoping to everything good in the world it wasn't. Zeran examined the picture closer. "So...Luke THIS is the woman who was responsible for destroying Quincy and Francine's marriage, eh?" he asked. Luke pulled out a picture his father gave him about the women who ruined his life out of his pocket before he growled in anger. "Yep the picture dad gave me is spot on that...WOMEN is responsible for destroying my family!" Luke snarled in anger.

Zeran looked at the picture then the one in the viewing globe. Zeran then did an adjustment of the viewing globe. "Does THIS woman look like the one who destroyed your family?" Luke blinked in confusion before his eyes widened. "That's her alright but GROSS what the hell IS she?!" Luke asked in shock. Zeran's face darkened, "Then it's just as Zordon and i feared. Luke, that is no human woman who was with your father all those years ago. THAT is an old enemy of Zordon and myself from the war against Rita. We thought her sealed away near the end of the war. Her name is Scorpina, she comes from a race of shapeshifting humanoid scorpion people. Her race are ruthless cutthroat mercenaries who sell their skills to the highest bidder. Scorpina is one of the deadliest. Her swordsmanship is leathal. And the toxins that occurr naturally in her body are highly poisonous. Just a small amount would be anough to incapcitate a man for severakl hours at least."
Zeran's face darkened. "Based on what your Mom told me in ou conversations and what I saw here...I think i can put two and two together. But let's confirm it just to be safe." Zeran turned his attention back to the viewing globe. "Show me the meeting between Quincy Ellis and the woman."

On the Globe it showed one Quincy Ellis getting up to go to the bathroom as the women placed something in his water as Luke's anger was getting bigger by the minute. "Um Apprentice another punching bag?" Zordon suggested nudging his head towards Luke the best he could being a floating head. Zeran waved a punching bag into being not really paying attention. He had the viewing globe zoom in. "Just as I suspected, a caplet, probably containing a concentrated amount of her poison. Not enough to kill but enough to incapacitate. Schmuck move, brother, REALLY schmuck move."

"Schmuck doesn't BEGIN TO DESCRIBE IT!" Luke shouted punching the bag as hard as he could before the bag exploded into the feathers it was made out of inside panting in anger. Zeran gaped and his eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head. 'Oh boy,' the wizard thought. 'Brother you have no idea who you've just antagonized.' " long have my grandparents been effected by Zerak's magic? think you can find out?" Luke asked. Zeran nodded and said, "good, good i know this is hard boy. But we have to remain calm. I'll just to reattune the viwiing globe to San Fransisco around 1968." Zeran made the necessary adjustments...and voila!"

The scene opened up at a familiar house at least it would be to Luke's mother to show a door to door salesman as Luke blinked. "That hair..." Luke muttered shaking his head. "It couldn't be could it?" Luke asked. Zeran said, "Only one way to find out, let's go a little further in time." Further in time suddenly the scene opened up in a church of some kinda as one man was introducing himself to the people in the church as "Reverend Zakariah" Luke pondered for a moment. "Zakariah..." He muttered before putting two and two together. "Zerak...Zakariah...that little!" Luke growled.

Zeran explained, "Sometimes the best palce to hide, boy, is in plain sight yet not be seen. And this explains why things went so badly for Francine after the end of the Grrovy rangers. Why am I not surprised, my brother was always a spiteful one." "Zeran...can you patch me though to your brother...I want a few words with him!" Luke growled. "Um...yeah okay. Wow, boy, you're really preturbed. All right one communication line with Zerak the Butcher coming up."

Meanwhile up in space Baboo and Squat were talking before suddenly. "Incoming hollo call incoming Hollo call!" As the two awnsered. "Um hello?" Baboo asked in confusion. A very angry Luke and Zeran stared at the two imbecilic monsters. Zeran said, "Baboo, Squat get my brother on the line and get him NOW! Luke and I are in a VERY foul mood!" "Oh! Right Um Lord Zerak your brother and one of the rangers are calling and wish to speak with you!" Squat called out from where they were throughout the castle.

Zerak raised an eyebrow and said in surprise, "My brother...and young Luke want to speak with MEEE. Oh my baboo and Squat give me a moment to...freshen up." Luke growled in anger tightening his fists as the two began waiting for Zerak to so called freshen up though needless to say Luke was not in the best of moods right now. Zerak in the arrogant fashion of a nobleman entered and looked at the screen as he held a coffee cup and a sandwich cookie. "Why brother, Mr. Ellis, this is quite the surprise. Though I'm delighted to hear from you. Would you care to come up and join me for Cartavian slime algae tea and some sandwich cookies made with milk from a Shangrok?" Zeran whispered to Luke, "A shangrock is a half praying mantis/ half buffalo and a very foul tempered carnivore." He explained.

Luke simply growled in anger. "Cut the shit Zerak.." Luke growled causing the good wizard's eyes to widen as he knew Luke was one to try and avoid profanity's as much as possible but this just showed how pissed Luke was. Zeran glared at his brother and said, "Brother if I were you I'd shut your mouth while the getting is good. My apprentice Luke is angry and since he takes a lot after his mum, you can imagine how he gets." Zerak chuckled and casually took a bite of his cookie and drank some tea as he said, "really Mr. Ellis there's no need for such animosity, please speajk your mind and I will listen."

"You know danm well why I'm here Zerak. I'm here to put you on notice. You've officially made this PERSONAL! Don't even try and act like you don't know what the hell I'm talking about! You brain washed my grandparents they would've NEVER called my mother what they did normally! I'm going to set them free with Zeran's help but be warned Zerak You've made this VERY PERSONAL!" Luke snarled looking at Zeran. "End transmission!" Luke stated. AS the transmission ended Zerak said, "Bring it on, BOY! I'm going to enjoy making you squeal like a pig! THE BLADE OF MY SATAFF IN YOUR HEART!" Back at the command center Zeran and Luke cracked their knuckles as Luke growled. "Alright Zeran think you can give the info to my father?" Luke asked with a smile.

Zeran smiled sheepishly. "Um...Luke about that..." Zeran stated chuckling to himself causing the young man to blink in confusion before the wizard continued. "Well it turns out your Fathers Surf Shop company headquarters is located here in Angel Grove." He said. Luke's eyes widened in shock. "Dad's here?!" Luke asked in shock. Zeran smiled a goofy smile before continuing. "Yes it turns out his HQ has re located here." He stated. Luke smiled. "Alright than you go tell dad I'll drop the news to mom and than I'll deal with my grandparents." Luke stated punching his hands together. "Very well I will teleport you home Luke, and may the power protect you." Zordon said with a smile. Luke nodded before being teleported out of there in a stream of orange energy.

The Beachside neighborhood of Angel grove was a mixture of residential houses and businesses. This district often saw a lot of activity considering it was in California. One [particular place of interest was a two story building. On the bottom level was a glass door which had a picture of a tanned teen on a surf board and his was surfing on a wave. To the right and left two large windows showed several surfboards from a number of companies ranging in various levels of price. A big sign above the shop showed a typical surfer smiling and flashing the thumbs up sign as he held his surfboard and it showed in the background he was on a beach near an ocean with waves. Big bold letters in front of the character read Surfer s Paradise . To the far left of the shop was a set of steel stairs with a gate at the bottom. It led up to a door. At the moment no one was around. Into this typical California scene, teleported a familiar bowtie wearing teacher and morphin wizard. Zeran looked around and smirked as he thought, This is the kind of California neighborhood the Beach boys would sing about. Zeran walked up to the shop and saw the sign showed it was open. The wizard opened the door to the sound of waves crashing against the shore and seagulls crying. The shop s inside showed a number of amateur, medium, and professional grade surfboards. It also had racks with surfboard wax and all sorts of things needed for the cleaning and proper care of a surf board. Zeran smirked and said, Looks like someone came up with the brilliant idea of taking surfing and surfboard card and making them a science. Zeran continued to look around the shop. At the back between the surf boards there was a door which had a sign that read, Private office Employees only . There was also a large counter with a cash register on it. Behind the counter were a brunette haired boy and a blonde-haired boy who looked like surfer types but let out cackles which showed these two weren t exactly the sharpest tools in the shed so to speak. The boys wore their Hawaiian shirts and khaki shorts along with flip flops. Zeran thought to himself, "So this is your new corporate HQ eh, I certain hope you remember me Shane." Zeran thought.

The wizard cleared his throat as he approached the counter. The two boys turned and continued to let out machine gun cackles before the blonde boy said, "Whoa, check it out, Bumhead, we got a customer." The brunette boys said, "Yeah Beamer, uh-huh-huh-huh-huh, this is gonna be cool." Zeran chuckled sheepishly and said, Um yes hello there. The one named Bumhead said, is there like something we can do for you, dude? The Blonde boy said, "Yeah, yeah, before he let out a cackle and said, What can we do for ya , dude?" Zeran chuckled and said, "Um, actually I m here to see someone, tell me is Shane Elis in?" Bumhead said, Whoa, then let out a cackle before he said, You like wanna see the boss?

Zeran explained, I do, let s just sa friend of his. Beamer said, Yeah, yeah hold on. The boy went to the door and opened it. A voice while somewhat deeper and older but still familiar to Zeran said, "Yo, Beamer-man what s up? hey boss, he then cackle d and said, There s like someone here to see you, he like says he knows you." Zeran heard the voice sign and said, "A lot of folks say that. What does he look like?" Beamer said, "he s like wearing a tan sport jacket, black pants and shoes, a button up shirt Beamer was cut off as the man said, And a bowtie along with a set of thick glasses and he has a mustache on his face." Bumhead walked back as he said, "Whoa, Mr. E. you must like be psychic or something, how d you know? The voice chuckled and said, Because, boys, it isn t psychics it s just that describes someone who I haven t seen in years. Let me though."

Beamer and Bumhead stepped aside. Exiting the office was a man in a Hawaiian shirt, black slacks, socks, and shoes. His hair was a little greyer from the rich blonde it had been. But when Zeran looked on the face he couldn t help but pale. The face looked visibly worn, as if for all of his success the weight of carrying something all these years had taken its toll and the blue eyes once vibrant and rich now had a hard edge to them. Damn it, Zerak you bastard. How could you do this? Well I most certainly am going to have to fix this!" The older man s eyes on seeing Zeran lit up and life seemed to flow back into the man s face as he shook his head and chuckled. Zeran responded by chuckling himself. The two men approached and embraced as they chortled Finally they parted as Shane said, Zeran Smith, dude, it s been like forever since I saw you.

Zeran smiled and said, hello, Shane-boy, it s been too long. I d heard from the pavement that you were in Angel Grovs. The man chuckled and said, I am, hey come on back and let s catch up, I got cookies if you want any." Zeran said, "marvelous." Zeran followed the Elis male back. Zeran heard Shane said, "Okay Beamer, Bumhead, while I'm away I don t want you giving any discounts to your friends." He stated. "Aw, Mr. Elis," the two complained. "Ah, ah, ah no buts, dudes! Fair is fair." Shane gently chided.

"We hear ya Mr. Elis," The two said in resignation. Zeran chuckled. Shane was no dumb blonde. From what he'd seen Shane s string of surfboard shops had become a huge hit up and down the west coast, the east coast, and the gulf states. Zeran looked around the office and saw it was the usual bland stiff with a desk and various file cabinets, and lots of paperwork on his desk. What was even more noticeable was a doorway at the far end of the room. Zeran saw Shane enter as he said, "Sorry but I have to keep the help in line." Zeran said, "Shane, why in the world haven't you gotten yourself an office manager yet?" Shane shrugged and said, "Only just moved here a week ago and I m still in the process of getting a full staff for the shop. Come on let s head up stairs to my pad." Zeran let the older male Elis walk past him and pull a set of keys from a pocket. Shane put the keys in a lock and the door opened. Zeran followed the man up the stairs and into a small but nice looking living room of what a person would've thought was a one story house. Zeran asked, "You live above the the surf shop, why?"

Shane said, "Two reasons, one it s the best I can do for now until I find a place here in Angel Grove, secondly it allows me to be close to the ocean so I can think when I want to. "Shane waved Zeran over to a chair near a couch. A glass table in front of the chair and the couch had a plate of cookies on it that looked and smelled freshly baked. Zeran took a seat in the chair and said, "I see you still have your penchant for baking, boy?" Sat on the couch and put his feet up as he sighed and said, "Some things never change, dude." Zeran said, "Shane, you know I can be very up front when I want to be, and I m going to so now, I m afraid this isn t a pleasure visit. "Shane said, "No surprise with you, Zeran. You re always flying off fighting some kind of intergalactic evil. Which reminds me, would you, by chance, have anything to do with a group of multi-colored people who ve seen fighting all sorts of gnarly looking monsters here in Angel Grove?" Zeran chuckled and said, "You know me too well, boy, I am." Shane chuckled and said, "I should ve known. Zeran said, Shane, you should know off the bat that Francine and Luke are here."

The mans easy going look suddenly became visibly shaken. "F-Francine and Luke here?" Zeran nodded and said, "First off, boy, I have to talk to you about um the incident." Zeran saw a something he never thought he would ever see a tear roll out of one of Shane s eyes. "Do you really have to bring that up?" Shane said a bit acidly. "I do because I believe I have some information concerning it." Zeran said gently. Shane put his hands to his face as the man let out a sob. That told Zeran everything he needed to know it was obvious that the man missed his son. But then looking around he saw a number of pictures with Francine looking younger in them. And that told Zeran that Shane still loved Francine. 'Damn you Zerak!' The wizard thought not for the first time. "Every time I go to sleep Zeran, I keep having the same dream of Francine and me in bed together but then her face changes into that that that woman! The creature that caused me to lose the love of my life and my sons!"

"Sons?" Zeran asked Sons this is the first time I ever heard about there being more than one. Shane sighed to calm himself before he spoke. "No surprise, from what I understand Francine sent him elsewhere, though she never said where since we aren't exactly talking." Zeran's face darkened as he thought, 'This is much more serious than I thought. I have to get Shane and Francine back together, this is a top priority.' Zeran muttered a spell under his breath and produced a glowing orb which showed a picture of an Asian woman with black hair tied back dressed in business attire. Zeran asked, "Is this the woman who you had that meeting with at that Seattle caf all those years ago?" Shane's face darkened, "Thats the woman!" Zeran said, "Let me show you some more pictures of her, boy."

The next pictures showed the Asian woman wearing what looked like crown or something on her head, leather bracers, and boots along with a leather dress that went down to her calves. She was wielding a nasty looking long sword and laughed wickedly as she destroyed the troops that were trying to attack her. Shane's face furrowed, "What the hell?" the man said genuinely baffled. Zeran said, "Is that her also?" Shane nodded and said, "But she looks so different, so so Evil?" Zeran said finishing the thought. Shane nodded and said, "Yes, thats the word." Zeran showed another picture this time what looked like the woman grew into a hideous giant humanoid scorpion type creature. Shane's face paled as he cringed in his seat. "Ugh," the man said, "That looks like her but who or what is she?"

Zeran banished the image and said, "It s just as I suspected. Shane, before I came here I saw images in the viewing globe of all those years ago. You need to know, Shane you have been the victim of rape!" He said causing Shane's face to go white. "Wha-wha-whaaat!?" he yelped in shock and near disbelief. "I was raped but how and who or what is that woman?" Zeran said, "Her name is Scorpina, she comes from a race of shape shifting humanoid Scorpions know as the Archnars. They're a race of mercenaries for hire. And they excrete a poison that can be quite deadly to humans and other races. She must've taken a concentrated amount of her poison and slipped into your drink, not enough to kill you butenough to incapacitate you."

Shane sat in stunned shock. Zeran took that as his cue to continue. "Scorpina was one of the worst of the worst. A warrior and assassin who has been responsible for the deaths of countless thousands of innocent people. She joined Rita Repulsa when she was terrorizing the galaxy 10,000 years ago. At the end of the war before" Zeran winced, "My brother turned, Zordon and I managed to imprison Scorpina here on Earth in a cave with magical wards designed to keep her trapped. Based on analysis of the glass that you drank from we found trace amounts of the poison Scorpina exuded."

Zeran produced the glass and said, "Its times like this I'm glad you re something of a pack rat." Shane asked, "Wait, how did you-" then realized what he was saying then said, "Right, right I forgot, wizard." Shane then thought for a moment then asked, "But wait, I'm confused why go after me, what have I ever done?" Zeran explained, "It's not what you did, Shane boy, it's what Francine did." Shane's eyes widened, "Wait you mean this has to do with Francine and the Groovy Rangers? But, who would want to hurt Francine?" Zeran said, "Think about it, boy, who do you know of who masterminded Zedd and Groarke s little scheme to destroy Woodstock, 60 s culture, and prepare the Earth for invasion?"

Shane slumped on his sofa and said, "Aw dude, you don't mean that Zerak would really stoop to that?" Zeran said, "I'm afraid he would boy. My brother freed Scorpina long enough for her to destroy yours and Francine's marriage. Believe me when my own teacher Zordon-sensei and I found out it hurt him too." Zeran saw Shane fall on to his couch and as he sighed, "Oh man, I admit I don't remember much after I had a sip of water. All I do remember is Francine knocking me off the couch, throwing kicks and punches at me, and even throwing things at me while she screamed at me. All before she threw me out of the house and said we're through. And the worst thing about is Zerak succeeded."

Zeran's face darkened, "Only temporarily." Shane looked at the wizard and said, "Huh?" Zeran said, "This is the kind of injustice thats right up my alley, boy. I'm not about to just sit around and let Zerak get away with running the lives of you and Francine." Shane asked, "How? Francine won't talk to me and I hardly ever see, Luke." Zeran said, "Luke is having a few words with Francine, and I'm having some words with you, boy. and believe me when I say this is an injustice I intend to correct!" Zeran got up and said, "You just get out your best clothing Shane-boy." Zeran touched his glasses with both hands and they changed into sunglasses as he said, "The love docta is about to operate!" Shane said, "If you think you can get Francine and me back together that'd be awesome but there s still the little matter of Delilah and Gene." Zeran changed his glasses back to their normal form and said, "Luke is going to be handling that." Shane said, How?"

Zeran chuckled and said, "Your son takes a lot after his mother including a stubborn dogged persistence. Just be ready with those nice clothes Shane-boy." Shane began to tremble and the look in the older mans eyes was one of desperate hope. "I know you've kept every promise you made to me over the years, Zeran. If you think you can me and Francine back together I'd appreciate. I want to say some things to her. And even after all this time I'd do anything for that girl and my son." Zeran said, "Just perk up, boy, I ll handle this."

Meanwhile deep in the depths of space on the planet of Vengar, their were craters everywhere and some putties were marching the citizens away. The putties that Rita controlled we're nothing compared to these putties they we're stronger faster and more deadly than any other putties. As the planet got zoomed out on a strange looking skeleton like man with a staff having a giant Z on it let out a laugh. "That's right you pitiful creatures BOW before LORD ZEDD EMPEROR OF ALL I SEE!" He laughed. At which point Lieutennat Rokar of Zedd's elite guard the Black Blades entered. He saluted smartly and said, "Hail Lord Zedd, Emporer of all he sees."

Zedd smirked turning around before seeing his soldiers eyes and blinked. "Report. Something is troubling you." Zedd stated wit a small growl. "One of your shadow network has brought some very disturbing news concerning the campaign there of which Rita Repulsa is heading up." Lieutenant Rokar explained. "Report. What has been going on?" Zedd asked with a semi growl under his breath one thing he didn't like was bad newz. "The short of it is Rita Repulsa has been running into some...difficulty with the conquest of Earth as part of Lord Zerak's overall plan for the eradication of free will. Apparently shes been having trouble with six multicolored individuals who have been harassing her forces. And from what we've been able to uncover these six are um...teenagers."

Zedd twitched for a moment before growling. "Tell there a Wizard with these Teenagers?" He asked in anger. The lieutenant thought for a moment then said, "There were reports of a man wearing blue battle armor with gold trim carrying a staff that had a fiery red gem on it who fought alongside these teenagers, milord." Rokar explained.

"Zeran...I should've freakin known!" Zedd growled in anger tightening his fists. "Keep me updated on that situation." He stated with a snarl. "Of course Milord..." He said bowing taking off as Zedd snarled in anger tightening his fists as he started glowing red with anger. "So that annoying wizard shows his face interfering in the force of evil's business AGAIN?!" Zedd snarled before smirking. "But its time I gave an old friend a message." Zedd said holding out his staff opening up some kind of portal.

Back down on earth with the Elis household Francine was huming as she was cooking something up to eat as she knew Luke would be hungry when he got home. Suddenly, she began hearing some sparks as she blinked turning the stove to low before entering the living room. Suddenly the sparking got bigger before a light flashed as Francine covered her eyes with her arm. "Ugh what in the world.." She asked herself blocking off the light.

Suddenly, the light died down and Francine lowered her arm suddenly she saw a familiar figure. "Long time no see ELIS! Remember me?!" Zedd asked in a snarl. "Well, Well, Well. If it isn't pizza face himself hows the new body treating you?" She asked with as smirk as Zedd growled. "Fine no thanks to that old fool who caused this!" Zedd snapped. "You're lucky Zeran isn't here or he would probably hand you another ass kicking." Francine said with a smirk. "Pfft whatever, so I hear another Elis has joined the fight." Zedd said before Francine's eyes darkened. " listen very carefully if you want to keep that body you stay the hell away from my boy or else I will not hesitate to grab my morpher and hunt you down like the dog you are!" She snarled causing Zedd to chuckle. "Temper, Temper Francine." Zedd taunted with a chuckle before coughing to more or less get serious.

"Now You've got two options red ranger. These new breed of Rangers can throw in the towl and hand the earth over to Rita." Zedd started as the young women rose an eyebrow. "Or?" She asked as Zedd smirked. "Or Else they will have to deal with me! Your choice." He said causing Francine to tap a finger to her chin before speaking. "In the words of a certian wizard that caused you trouble Zedd Bite my Shiny Metal Ass." She said with a grin as Zedd growled in anger. "Your and your son's funeral Elis!" Zedd shouted before ending the transmission.

"Bring it on Pizza face. I beat you before my son and his friends can beat you." She said to herself before suddenly an orange energy beam teleported in. 'Speak of the Devil.' She muttered to herself with a chuckle. "Mom?" Luke called out up in the stairs. Francine slowly made her way down the stairs blinking in confusion. "Luke? You're home early? Is something wrong?" Francine asked in confusion."Something like that Mom, sit down. what you know about grandma, grandpa and the divorce is about to be turned upside down." Luke said with a small chuckle.

Francine grimaced and said in a cold and angry tone, "Lukje, I've explained it to you. your father hurt me, and I did what I had to. I'm not going to spend the rest of my life with an adulterous Creep!" Luke rolled his eyes. "Really mom? let me ask you something did you even think why someone who had to be loyal to you all these years would do this. Secondly did you even give a chance to explain?" Luke asked raising an eyebrow.

Francine snapped, "Because Luke he's a hypocritical lying piece of trailer park CRAP, and I saw enough to show me EXACTLY what was going on! Now there will be no more talk about your father, understood!?" Francine said in a dangerous tone that brooked no argument. "ENOUGH!" Luke snapped showing his mothers side of his anger before continuing. "Mom use that brain I know You have for a moment! Think why would not only dad cheat on you but grandma and grandpa change just mere days after you and the groovy rangers defeated Zerak, Zedd and that bird THING! Think for a moment mother!" Luke snapped.

Francine said, "Honey...I know this hard for you but sometimes well...people change and bad things happen." A sad look crossed her face just like they happened to me. "Honey whatever would make you think that it could be anything other than changes in them." Luke sighed. "Mother I love you dearly but you've become way to cynical for your own good. Think for a moment mom. Grandma and Grandpa wanted nothing to do with me and dad cheated on you mer days after the humiliation you delivered Zerak. Now he has returned and all of a sudden Dad moves to Angel Grove and Grandma and Grandpa want me in their lives again?" Luke stated.

Francine was about to say something but then her Power Ranger self chose that moment to reestablish itself. Francine put the pieces together. Francine's fists clinched fists as she began to shake her eyes shining with a barely contained sadness and fire. "Get out of here," she whispered. Luke smiled seeing what he saw in his moms eyes. "Let me know when I can come back in." He said with a smile exiting the house for a moment. Francine felt the tears of all those years well up in her as she slammed her hands on a counter and. She screamed out loud, "DAMN IT, DAMN IT, DAMN IT HE USED ME LIKE A PYUPPET! THAT ZERAK PLAYED ON MY EMOTIONS AND TOPOK AWAY EVERYTHING THAT EVER MATTER TO ME!" Francine then proceed to start throwing things around the kitchen as she let strings of cuss words. Outside the the house one of the neighbors an elderly couple listen. "hoo-whee," the male said. "francine seems to be in more of a state than ever." Once Luke's mother was panting in anger and everything in between, Luke poked his head in. "Is the coast clear?" He asked with a sweat drop.

Francine slammed her hands against the counter for the umpteeth time and said, "Damn it, I was so caught up in my own grief that it never occured to me that monster was using this whiole tiime." Francine fell to the floor as she began to cry anew. "And the worst thing of that I'll never be able to see Shane again...or make things right, all because I blew my stack over something that wasn't what it seemed." "Um mom I think Zeran will be able to fix this but for now I need your help. I'm going to need to battle grandma and grandpa to bring them back but knowing Zerak hes given them something to improve pretty much everything with their physical being. I'm going to need some training from you." Luke explained. Francine got to her feet and the look she gave her son was one that scared even him. It was the look of cold, deadlty intent. Francine Ellis was on a mission. "I'll help Luke, but understand this, I'm going to go all out, no mercy." "You act like I would expect something less. Lets do this." Luke said with a grin.

Time went on and their training ramped up big time almost, Dragon Ball Z style. The two panted on separate sides before they heard a very familiar voice. "FRANCINE MARIE ELLIS WHAT THE BLAZES IS THE MATTER WITH YOU!?" Zeran roared in the tone Francine recognized as his impending lecture/look of doom tone. The wizard stormed in and glared at her before he said, "I WANTED YOU TO TRAIN LUKE, NOT KILL HIM! ARE YOU BLOODY TRYING TO COMMIT REGICIDE ON YOUR OWN FLESH AND BLOOD!?" "Sorry Zeran" Luke said with a laugh both Elis family members chuckled. "Alright that's about all I can teach you to deal with grandma and grandpa Luke." Francine said with a chuckle as Luke punched his fists together. "No worries mom all I can say is bring them on." Luke said with a small smirk. Zeran took long, slow, deep breaths to calm down. Once Zeran was calm he said, "Just don't do it again, Francin., By all that's holy you are SUCH an overachiever it's scary!"

"Sorry" Luke said punching his fists together. "Lets do this. Teleport us to my grandparents home Zeran." Luke said with a serious look in his eyes. It was time to end this little situation with his grandparents cause right now it was getting out of hand. "SNADRA HEEVAY TELEPORTUS!" Zeran shouted as the two of them teleported out of there. On the outskirts of his grandparents home Luke held his hand out. "Stay back ." Luke said walking forward before suddenly blades shot down around Luke before blade began spinning in the air. "God freakin damn it..." Luke muttered to himself. Zeran recognized the Barrier O' blades spell. It was a nasty one reserved for those of the dark arts. "Zerak, you sneaky so and so, you've sunk to a new level of villiany!"

"Well no need to bother saving this than. ITS MORPHIN TIME! ANKYLOSAURS!" Luke shouted upon taking out his morpher before morphing into the Orange Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. "HEEERES JOHNNY!" Luke heard as his grandparents came bursting out with a giant sword and ax with some dark magical energy coming though it. Luke got in fighting stance and his eyes got serious before he spoke. "Alright grandparents last chance either break out of the spell willingly or I'm giving you both an ass kicking ELIS STYLE!" Luke growled.

"Only one getting an ass kicking here BOY is YOU!" His grandfather shouted. Him and Luke's grandmother charged in as Luke sighed charging right at them as well. Well he gave them one chance and it wasn't getting though to them.


Luke's sword and his grandfather's ax clashed a few times only for Luke to backflip and charge right back in clashing swords with his grandmother and growled. 'Zerak you son of a bitch your going to pay for this...' Luke snarled to himself.


"HIYA!" Luke shouted before slashing his grandfather's ax in the air before jumping up and sliced it before destroying it causing his grandfather to let out a huge nooo cry before falling backwards as Luke landed turning towards his grandmother. "You're next." He said with a grin.


"HA! HIYA! HIYA!" Luke shouted slicing down three times on the sword as the two clashed seeing his grandmothers eyes flash green with evil was both hurting him and pissing him off in more ways than one.


"THIS ENDS NOW!" Luke shouted jumping in the air before slicing the sword in half as his grandmother let out a nooo cry before falling down next to his grandfather as the barrier disappeared. Luke quickly demorphed before suddenly a group of putties showed up as he sighed. "Can't catch a break can I? almighty than! COME ON!" Luke shouted racing forward at the putties.


Luke quickly delivered a few punch and kick combo's on one of the putties sending him flying into a near by tree before flipping over the puttie that tried a sneak attack on him and slammed him into the other puttie causing them to disappear as he got in fighting stance with a smirk.


"Come at me bro" Luke taunted with a smirk plastered on his face before the putties charged in at him. Luke quickly flipped over one of them round house kicking one of the putties in the head sending it flying into one of the trees. One puttie tried to take Luke from behind only for the young Elis to flip backwards taking one of the putties with him knocking him off him. "Ready to go for a spin?" Luke asked before the young man began spinning him around in a circle.

Soon the Putties disappeared before Luke heard his communicator go off as he brought it up to his lips. "Luke here!" Luke said before hearing Jason's voice. "Luke where are you man that Solar bastard just grew ten fold we could really use your help." Jason said as Luke nodded. "On my way Jason, Zeran!" Luke said as Zeran nodded. "I'll explain everything to them GO!" Zeran shouted as Luke nodded. "You got it! ITS MORPHIN TIME!" Luke shouted pulling out his Morpher. "ANKYLOSAURS!" Luke shouted before morphing into the Orange Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and took off to the city.

Once near the battle Luke spotted the monster they had fought earlier now giant sized so to speak. "Zerak just dosen't know when to call it quits. ANKYLOSAURS DINOZORD POWER!" Luke shouted towards the sky. Meanwhile the Rangers were struling with the solar monster they faced earilier in the day before suddenly a club like tail nailed the creature in the gut sending it flying. "Sorry I'm late guys." Jason heard. It was Luke as Jason chuckled. "No worries man everything squared away with your grandparents?" He asked as Luke nodded. "Yeah now lets can this freak. Ankylosaurs convert to Warrior Mode!" Luke shouted pulling out his power crystal before placing it in its spot.

"Warrior Mode has been initiated." The voice said before the Aknylosaurs began transforming into its Warrior mode before the head closed. "Warrior Mode Activated!" The machine said as Luke grinned. "We got to be careful Luke. Every sort of Energy attack we've thrown at him has just made his stronger." Jason said as the creature jumped around. "yeah you can't touch me rangers!" He shouted as Luke smirked. "We will see about that freak." Luke said before bringing up his communicator. "Zordon do you copy its Luke!" Luke said into the Communicator.

"I read you Luke what do you need." Zordon's voice boomed. "Send the reserve Solar Power into the Ankylosarus's power sword. I have an idea." Luke stated as Zordon nodded. "Right away. Alpha re wire the Solar Power to Luke's Megazord." He said as Alpha nodded. "AIYIYIYI! Right Zordon!" Alpha said as Luke turned to the creature. "Ankylo Power Sword!" Luke shouted as a sword dropped down from the sky before Luke picked it up as the sword started glowing brightly. "What are you going to do with that? I just absorb Energy you fool!" It shouted causing Luke to smirk.

"Hear than HAVE IT!" Luke shouted before launching the wave of Solar Energy slicing though the monster and sliced streight though him. "WHAT NO FAIR!" It shouted before falling to the ground blowing up in a huge explosion. "BOOYEAH BABY!" Luke shouted as the rangers laughed with him. Up in space Rita was losing it while Zerak was looking down on earth. "OH I'VE GOT SUCH A HEADACHE!" She shouted as Zerak chuckled looking down on earth. "Don't worry Rita...that headache will disappear soon enough." He laughed evil as the view panned out to a car that was heading towards Angel Grove with a young man with black hair sleaked back and his mother who looked to him though a mirror with a smile as if glad to see him happy not knowing the Evil Plan that Zerak had set into motion that had been many years in the making just in case of an emergency in case something threatened his plan.

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