1, Episode 34
Written by Runwaygirl20
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A Golden Homecoming is a fanfiction episode of Power Rangers Geo Force. It features the return of original Pink Thunderstorm Ranger Nicole Holden.


The Trina's tell the Powers Rangers time's running out, and while Susie goes to get the person to take the Gold Powers, the Rangers use the Geo Crystal to keep the powers for time being. Susie finds the person, who is hooded and wearing black sunglasses, to keep his/her identity secret.

The Machine Empire sees what's going on and attack Susie and the other person. The duo rushes to the Power Chamber, while being attacked, by Cogs.

Goldonna and Vida finally regain their memories and they try to find Vita, Vito, and Morticia.

The Person and Susie get teleported in time and the person is revealed to be Nicole Holden, the original Pink Thunderstorm Power Ranger, whom Jasmine replaced in The Power Transfer, exciting all the rangers. Nicole introduces himself to Claire and Hunter, having never met them in the time when she was a Ranger, and they prepare to transfer the Gold Power to Nicole. Until Silo attacks so the Rangers Morph and fight.

Nicole gets the Gold Powers and Morphs into the Gold Geo Power Ranger. Nicole arrives and helps the Geo Rangers, with Susie saying it's good to have Nicole back on the team, like the Old times.

Susie gets Nicole to distract Silo, so the Geo Rangers can from the Geo Cannon, but Silo is unfazed. Klank & Orbus appear and make Silo grow. The Rangers attempt to summon the Geo Zords, but Drew teleports them back and says Silo is more-or-less indestructible, and if the Geo Megazord is sent, it will be destroyed.

Meanwhile, Brittany and Brianna Chandler chase Goldonna and Vida to get their motorcycle back, but the car they are using runs out of gas.

The Trinas give the Geo Rangers the Super Geo Gems which allow them to summon the Super Geo Zords. Mondo sends more robots to fight the Rangers, who use their new Zords to fight back. The Rangers manage to beat the army, and stop Mondo, yet again.

Vida and Goldonna manage to get Brittany and Brianna out of their way, and the two of them suffer damage for the car.

Back at the Youth Center, Susie and Nicole train. Nicole says leaving Riverside and the rangers was not easy, but she knew the Rangers would be in good hands with Susie as the leader. Nicole then says she doesn't want Susie to think that he's gonna try to take the leader position back, and is okay with being the sixth ranger. Susie says all the Rangers are a team and no one is more important than another. Nicole and Susie then continue to train and the two hugged.


  • This marks the first appearance of Nicole Holden.
  • Goldonna and Vida quit being servants to the Chandler twins and return to Vita and Morticia.
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