A Friend in Need
3, Episode 1
Written by Angie Y.
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A Friend in Need is a three part episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Revisited, season 3. It is the first episode of the season. It establishes Alpha 5 as the Crown Prince of planet Edenoi.


From his evil palace, Lord Zedd observes the attack on the planet Edenoi by the evil Count Dregon. Meanwhile, the Rangers plan to teleport to the planet for their beloved Alpha 5, discovering that Alpha was "born" there, the planet's king is his father and the planet's queen is his mother. When they get there, they find themselves embroiled in the attack and in the presence of strange alien life forms and one very mysterious and powerful being. Meanwhile, Kimberly is sick with the flu.


On a distant and embattled planet called Edenoi, which resembles Irk in many ways, we find slaves hard at work in honeycomb-colored caves. Gas fills the air, each slave wears gas masks as they dig into the cave walls under watch of several white costumed Stormtrooper-wannabes. The masked digger, who is one of Lexian's guards, mentions to Lexian that another one of Dregon's Plague Sentries is on the horizon, wishing he could pull the horns off of him. The silver-armored Sentry rides a horse atop a hill nearby, laughing and filling us in on some backstory. He mentions the poisonous gasses they dig up is supposed to hasten the destruction of their planet, but somehow trees are absorbing the gasses. Lexian, a man resembling a Vortian but with Irkenlike eyes, tells Dex he'll get his chance one day, as they continue digging on the crimson tinted world of Edenoi.

Elsewhere, at the Command Center on the planet Earth, the robotic Ranger Alpha 5 sits on the ground, ai-yi-yi-ing a worried sigh and crying oil from his red visor eyes. Zordon asks what is troubling him so, wanting to help if only he'll explain what the problem is. Alpha climbs out of his depression and says that he was monitoring the Galactic Scanner when he picked up a distress signal from Edenoi, which Zordon notes is Alpha 5's home planet and the planet he has been raised to rule. It seems Alpha has many fond memories of his birth world, having been assembled there by their leader King Lexian and his queen, Thalassia. He was assembled there, as the Rangers later find out, because Lexian's queen was infertile and thus was incapable of providing an heir for her husband; rather than strip the title of queen away from her, the two decided to build a baby boy of their own and so they created Alpha and gave him life, raising him as their own son.

Prince Alpha attempted a scan but could find no trace of them, and he explains in tears that Edenoi is under heavy attack. Zordon mentions the planet is very far away and for now all they can do is continue to monitor and hope for more information. Crying, Alpha just knows deep in his circuits something is terribly wrong. He's right, as above the planet Edenoi, the Spiderface Spaceship floats around ominously. Inside, a small white floating robot announces the lord of evil, Count Dregon is on the bridge. The gold-faced baddie (not to be confused with Destro from G.I. Joe), asks him crew of henchmen what they have to report. Doubleface (who has two faces, you see) states the attack is proceeding as expected according to his plan. Gork, the slimy creature sniveling in the corner calls his Lord's plan brilliant, which Doubleface concurs, asking just what the plan is. Count Dregon turns away from the camera (so as to not arouse suspicion of his lips not matching the dialogue) and proclaims for them to destroy the planet Edenoi so "a certain prince" can never go back to ruling it.

Meanwhile at the Angel Grove Youth Center/Juice Bar, Aisha calls Kimberly on a phone up at the bar, asking her how she's feeling today. Kim, who sounds ''very'' congested, tells her Ranger pal she's feeling awful, speaking on her phone from her room in her pink nightgown on her bed. She pauses the conversation to remove the thermometer from her mouth, groaning out that she still has a temperature and hates having the flu. Aisha tells her to just rest and drink plenty of liquids, and will check with her later. Kim says to say hi to the guys for her. Aisha says she will do, wishing her to feel better and they say their good-byes. Kimberly is left in her room alone, coughing up phlegm and drinking a glass of orange juice. Aisha hands the phone back to Ernie, thanking him for letting her get away with using a phone she didn't have to pay for; the Juice Bar manager tells her it was no problem. She walks over to a table where Adam is seen sitting, doing some homework, while in the background Tommy is visibly mopping the floor with Rocky on the sparring mats. Aisha and Trini tell Adam that Kim still has a fever but she thinks she'll live. Tommy slams Rocky to the ground with the same exact maneuver as was just seen, and they call it quits and head over to the table, just as Billy enters the building and heads there as well. They pass in front of Tommy and Rocky, then suddenly appear following Billy into the Juice Bar, then appear behind Adam and Zack, having passed behind him just as he says hi to Billy, then they pass behind the gang again as Billy starts talking. The Ranger teens converge together at the table, where Billy mentions he just contacted Alpha to check the clarity on the new chip he installed in the Communicators, and he's not exactly sure but Alpha sounded different. Tommy asks how different. Billy thinks he sounded sad, saying he knows that seems strange since Alpha is a robot and all, but he definitely sounded down. Adam figures the bot is just lonely, and Curtis questions if robots get lonely. Kim exclaims over the phone that he's more than a robot to her. Adam agrees on that for the whole team, Tommy suggests they go visit him, the Ranger teens pile out the door together.

Back above Edenoi, the Spiderface ship is blasting bolts from its mouth at the planet surface in rapid succession, but a force field system is blocking it out. This attack is being inspected via his red-ray vision by Lord Zedd in the Moon Palace, snarling about "of all the rotten luck, why in the WORLD would that guy do my job?!". (Zedd's power, unbeknownst to him, is still being drained away.) Rita Repulsa walks in and tries getting her husband "Zeddie-boy"'s attention, telling him he's slipping as the Power Rangers are down there on Earth, not off out in space. Zedd agrees but says he couldn't care less about them right now, as Count Dregon has reared his ugly masked-head again, mentioning he and his Spiderface are blasting some planet to rubble out in the Andromeda Sector. Rita says that's good, Dregon is the evilest of evil and she likes Count Dregon, stating with a devilish smile. Lord Zedd ceases his spying for the moment and turns around from the balcony, shouting that he hates him, and hates Dregon more than he hates the Power Rangers. Rita follows her hubby to their throne room, asking him if he woke up on the wrong side of his Hyperbaric Chamber this morning. Zedd says no but exclaims as long as he can remember, Count Dregon has been trying to one-up him for eons, trying to be more evil, and dastardly than him. He points out they can't even conquer one measly little planet like Earth, Irk, or even Vort, grunting aloud in frustration and sitting on his throne. Rita pats his shoulder and then tells him to take a chill pill and listen to her, Finster has been working on a wonderfully nasty monster that'll blow Earth out of the sky, the Rangers won't be able to defeat this new monster. Zedd asks since when has any of Finster's monsters been able to walk and chew gum at the same time, Rita tells Zeddie-baby to trust her, this time there's no way out for the Power Rangers. Lord Zedd turns and sighs about this being deja vu, but can't help but ask himself why his power is being sapped from him.

Meanwhile in the Command Center, the Rangers check on what troubles their beloved friend, Alpha 5. Billy's scans on the distress signal path definitely shows some interference in the planet's environment, confirming the little robot's fears. Tommy asks Zordon how far this planet is, he says Edenoi is located in the northernmost corner of the galaxy in the constellation Andromeda; it's supposedly far beyond their reach. Adam and Zack ask who inhabits it. Zordon calls them "Edenites", a highly intelligent and gentle race of people, as Alpha can tell them. The automaton explains the planet's leaders, King Lexian and Queen Thalassia, assembled him, raised him and gave him life, being parents to him. He further explains that he is the crown prince of the world and that the Rangers are his personal guards. Aisha puts an arm around the worried and crying robot and Trini tells him they're his family here too, asking Zordon what they can do to help. Zordon says there is very little they can do to assist Edenoi as because of the very great distance there is chance they will not have full use of their Morphin Powers. He says the risk is just far too great, Tommy reminds their mentor that taking risks never stopped them before. Rocky agrees they should go check it out.

Alpha cries tears of joy over their want to do this for him. Zordon has reservations about this venture, but it appears to be the only way to gain more information on the situation on Edenoi. He cautions them to only investigate. Alpha begs for them to find what has happened to King Lexian and Queen Thalassia. Zordon, again, brings up about the distance affecting their powers and to not become involved in their conflict. Billy asks if they'll be able to contact them through the Communicators if an attack on Earth arises, Zordon mentions that new chip Billy installed will allow that to be done. Adam notes they can just teleport back if needed, and Tommy's up for the trip on behalf of Prince Alpha. Zordon says friendship is a powerful gift, and commends them for their courage. Tommy has Alpha contact Kimberly to let her know what's going on; he's more than happy to, and before the five Ranger teens morph and depart, Alpha makes them promise to be careful. He couldn't forgive himself if anything happened to them, and Adam tells him not to worry.

Our heroes morph as per usual, and suddenly appear outside in the outskirts of Angel Grove, ready to embark on only their second intergalactic space trip. Alpha tells the Rangers that his memory banks will never fail to retrieve this day's events, which give him a warm fuzzy feeling in all of his circuits. Zordon tells Tommy to be prepared for anything upon arrival, and the coordinates Alpha is entering will land them near the worst disturbances on Edenoi. He wishes his human charges good luck, and Alpha initiates the teleportation sequence, thanking Zordon for letting them do this for him. The Power Rangers stand together and bravely teleport towards the sky, the five colored streaks of light slowly zoom off into the star-filled void of space.

On the moon, Lord Zedd inspects the Earth with his red-ray vision, groaning about not being able to find any trace of the Rangers. He tells his intrigued wife Rita that as strange as it seems, he can no longer detect the Power Rangers, except for Kimberly who has some sort of human ailment. Rita mocks the Pink Ranger by calling her a "poor little girl", Goldar shouts to his Lord that this is a perfect time for an attack, Rita mocking him by sarcastically calling it a great idea and asking why didn't she think of that. Zedd says they must conquer Earth before Dregon gets his eye on it, asking Rita if this monster of Finster's can really deliver. She tells "Zeddie-poo" of course, no one can put one over on them, as together they're unbeatable! Goldar mimics her triumphantly by shouting "unbeatable!" behind her a la Skull, causing Rita to turn and tell him she didn't mean to include "Goldieblocks" in that. Rita goes to check on Finster, shoving aside her formerly traitorous lackey and heading off to see her more loyal one. Zedd happily mentions to Goldar "Isn't she something?". Goldar says that yes, she's something alright, finishing his perturbed statement off with a growl.

Soon in Finster's Workshop, rows of various clay figures sit on the shelves, the same ones since the early days of MMPR. They've likely all gone hard and useless by now. Rita comes in and says she doesn't smell monsters cooking, asking what the deal is and where's her monster. Finster assures her that just a little longer and she'll have it. Rita, in a panic, screams for him to get on with it, put that puppy in the oven and get to cooking. The Rangers are out of sight and no one can stop them now. Finster shakes his doggy-head and tells her "Yes, Your Cruelty". Rita Repulsa walks off exclaiming that Earth will be theirs!

The Power Rangers teleport to Edenoi soon enough, landing on the surface of the planet in between a mountain range. Tommy warns them to be prepared for anything. Trini notes explosions in the distance which seem to be getting closer. The Spiderface Ship is blasting at the scenery still, the blastwaves taking the Rangers aback, Rocky remarking someone is using some heavy-duty firepower. Aisha wonders why since there's nothing out there but rocks, Billy points out the spaceship trying to disrupt the planet's surface. Tommy says they'd better take cover before they end up disrupted, and just then, the blasts strike all around them, preventing our heroes from doing much of anything. The explosions suddenly halt, giving them time enough to hide between a formation of rocks. White Ranger figures that should provide enough cover if the shelling starts again, but they've got to find who's doing it and why. Blue Ranger knows they're close, and speaking of close, some of the Edenites are discovered close on the horizon by Yellow Ranger. Four slaves dig in the sands in the distance, the one in white, Lexian's guard from earlier, thinks he sees movement where the Rangers are. Aisha alerts the others to the location of the Edenites, but she's unsure if it's them or not. King Lexian is seen digging, stopping to look around. Billy fills the Rangers in on some information he reviewed back at the Command Center, about how this area of the planet being honeycombed with pockets of gas just below the surface. This explains the gas masks, but Tommy and Aisha just don't understand why anyone would want to release the gasses.

Suddenly, four brown robed Edenites leap onto the scene in a manner the Power Rangers only do. Dex seems to be leading them, demanding to know what the intruders are doing here. White Ranger tells him they mean no harm and come in peace. One of the Edenites scoffs and calls this a likely story. Blue Ranger mentions they received a report their planet was in danger. Another Edenite says that's impossible as they sent no report to the likes of them. Dex says they seem to pose as friends, but their garments betray them; they were sent by Count Dregon to further enslave his people. The Rangers protest this, Red Ranger telling them that they're from Earth and don't even know who this Dregon guy is. Masked Rider leaps into the air and lands atop a rock, telling the Power Rangers that now they shall pay. The Rangers are stunned by this apparent hero's appearance. Tommy knows he definitely has the wrong idea about them. Dex does more hand gestures while saying there's no room on this planet for Count Dregon and his evil Plague Patrol, telling the Defenders of Edenoi to stand with him now. Yellow Ranger pleas for the possibility of talking this through, but Dex tells her to be silent, as words have no meaning on a planet under the cape of war. The three robed Edenites race towards our heroes, the Rangers are forced to give up trying to talk their way out of this, and fight to defend themselves against this misunderstanding. Masked Rider jumps into the fray as well, separating Red and White Rangers off into a battle elsewhere while his teammates remain behind to tackle the others.

Back on the Moon Palace, Finster enters the Throne Room and informs Their Highnesses that the monster is completed. He thinks they'll be pleased with this magnificent creature, Lord Zedd asking if it's good enough to destroy Angel Grove. Finster assures him so, Rita tells Finny to move it and let them see some action now! Zedd asks Finster to bring the creature to him as he wants to rule the Earth by sundown, Finny shuffles off to do it right away. Lord Zedd turns to his wife and notes what a team they make, Rita agrees with "Zeddster", boasting that now the Power Rangers are doomed! The husband and wife of doom laugh evilly and hug, but Rita sneakily shoots a glare at Zedd as more power is being drained from him. Meanwhile on Edenoi, Black Ranger blocks all attacks thrown by one of the robed warriors. Adam tries to make him believe they're not the enemy, but the Edenite points out that all intruders are enemies of their people. The Yellow Rangers back away from another Edenite, who seems to be female. Aisha takes some punches and kicks but never throws any in return, trying to explain that they only came because Prince Alpha asked them to. She gets tossed aside, and the female Edenite pauses in recognition of Alpha's name and title. Blue Ranger has his hands full as well, but eventually gets the upperhand by grabbing his robed attacker's hands and telling him his planet's surface is being disrupted, and they came to the planet to investigate on behalf of the Royal Highness. The Edenite asks how he knows that, seemingly stunned in disbelief for some odd reason.

Masked Rider flips through the air continuously, the Air Jordan of Edenoi obviously, until he finally kicks White Ranger in the chestplate. Dex asks why they continue and not give up and go back to Dregon, knocking our heroes around, fighting both Rangers one at a time. Eventually, the two Rangers grab each of Rider's arm and ask what it'll take to convince him they're on his side. Up on Spiderface, Doubleface informs Dregon all is ready for the aerial assault at his command. Since they're using the exact same footage as a second ago, Doubley babbles on about how once they attack they'll blast royal guard Dex and his colorful playmates to oblivion. Dregon states that everything will fall into place, Gork asks if the food will get any better, Doubleface shouts for him to shut up and calls him a silly space mollusk. Count Dregon turns and orders him to commence shooting now, Spiderface coughs up some blasts towards the planet surface just like earlier. Dex isn't going to be held down, but before he can shake off Tommy, Jason and Rocky, the aerial blasts explode around the three. Dex regroups with his three Edenite Robe Warriors, noticing that the ship is firing on all of them, and how even Dregon isn't low enough to fire on his own soldiers. The Power Rangers regroup as well, Rocky assures him that's what they've been trying to tell him all along, they came to help but have been getting blasted at since the moment they landed. Dex must know if they're telling the truth, asking how they were able to find them. White Ranger says that they came because their friend, Alpha 5, believed the Edenites were in danger. Dex and his pals walk over and shake their hands, saying that any friend of Prince Alpha's is a friend of theirs, welcoming them to Edenoi.

In the cave, Dex's condition is checked by the three other Edenites, who look after the well being of their friend. He's fine, but must rest a moment, deactivating his protection suit and reverting to Dex, suddenly without his hood or gas mask on. The Rangers are shocked over the revelation of his appearance, Aisha asks who and what he is. The other Edenites think they can trust them, so Dex turns around and introduces himself, saying he is the guard to the king of Edenoi, Lexian. Dex tells them it is safe to breathe in there as they're far enough from the mine site and their air is similar to that of Earth and Irk. The three other Edenites remove their gas masks, revealing goatlike faces with Irkenlike eyes just like Dex. The guard notes that he has trusted the Rangers with his identity and will not betray the trust of theirs. They take a hint and begin taking off their helmets and introducing themselves. Tthe impossibility of Aisha's new hairstyle fitting into that Yellow Ranger helmet has never been more apparent.

Dex then introduces his three Edenite pals to them, Zarius (a female), Donais, and Farian. Zarius asks who they are and why they've come to Edenoi (despite having been told hundreds of times already, as a glare from Dex to her shows). Tommy says they're the Power Rangers, protectors of Earth and the prince of Edenoi, Alpha 5. Rocky and Jason mention they were sent by Zordon and the prince. Billy tells Dex they were told to assess the situation and report on their well-being on the prince's behalf.

Tommy asks him to tell what happened to their planet and what those crystals on their foreheads are for. Dex turns towards the jagged cave wall, aims his mind-crystal at it and explains they allow them to communicate telepathically as well as project images. He projects some stock footage of his people, telling the Rangers that Count Dregon has enslaved their race, and is forcing them to mine the caves, which releases toxic gas that will ultimately destroy their planet, but the trees are somehow absorbing these gasses and creating the equivalent to oxygen, much like the trees of Earth and Irk. Adam asks how they could let this happen, and Dex explains that Edenoi is a planet of great peace, having not the need of armies for many centuries, though if pushed they can fight with everything they have which includes physical prowess and weaponry. Two leaders of a planet called Irk became aware of this and in the Edenites' vulnerability waged an attack, to which they weren't prepared as they were a race of scholars and artisans, again only using force if necessary. The price paid for that was their freedom, and while many have escaped Edenoi, many more are still in hiding on the planet. Dex turns off his glowing head-projector and turns to the Rangers, stating that this is what has become of their planet.

The backstory continues, as Billy asks Dex how Alpha became the heir to the Zeo Crystal. The guard turns to the wall and projects more stock footage, telling the Rangers that Alpha was built into the line of succession on Edenoi as the first-built crown prince; the queen was infertile and was thus unable to produce an heir for the King, but rather than rid himself of her they both chose to build a child and Alpha was thus created. Until the time when Alpha is returned home to his rightful throne, the people on Edenoi bide their time, slaving in the mines. Until that day (that being either when Alpha becomes King or they dig up enough gas to destroy their own world), their rebel forces continue to fight bravely on and he remains an outlaw trying to bring a sense of hope to the people of Edenoi on Alpha's behalf in the meantime.

Meanwhile in the Command Center on Earth, Alpha gets a collect call from Kimberly on the Viewing Globe, which makes it a sort of videophone. She asks if he's heard from the guys yet, Alpha tells her no but she should just concentrate on getting better. Kim coughs and asks to be kept posted on the situation, Alpha promises to contact her the moment he hears something. She puts her Communicator back on her nightstand and grabs a stuffed animal and returns to laying in bed, barely enjoying her day off.

Meanwhile on the Moon Palace, Lord Zedd paces around, mumbling mathematical terms to himself while trying to think up a plan. Rita is following behind him, and Goldar behind her, the mind-conga comes to a halt when Rita bumps into Zedd and knocks him forward, he shouts for them to stop riding his coattails, but stops when he turns and realizes it's his queen that he is screaming at. Rita turns around and dittos the aggression on Goldar. Zedd then asks where Finster is with his new monster; he doesn't have all century to wait. Goldar agrees with a nod and smirk, especially with Dregon moving in on him.

Back in the cave on Edenoi, Aisha mentions that Prince Alpha wants to know what become of their leader, King Lexian. Dex smiles and reminds her of what he JUST told them, that Lexian is Alpha's father, and he's in hiding orchestrating their people's escape, and is safe for the time being. Tommy walks over and pats Dex on the arm, for giving the good news Alpha's going to want to hear.

Meanwhile on Edenoi, that silver-horned horse-riding Plague Sentry from last episode orders his morons to annihilate the rebels and their multicolored friends in the cave. The Cogworts, three mutant toadlike creatures who seem to lack much usable footage, growl and snarl and stand doing nothing but blinking and shaking their arms about. In the cave, the Edenites seem to be able to sense the Cogworts, Zarius says they're vicious creatures sent by Count Dregon; this is something that Red and Purple didn't know about when they conquered the planet. The group of heroes rush to the cave entrance and take a good look out, Dex noting that the Plague Patrol has returned. Several silver armored men ride horses into the area (none resemble the Plague Sentry), who order the Cogworts to flush the rebels out of the cave. Aisha says it looks like the monsters are going to be leaving any time soon, Tommy states the obvious about this definitely not looking good, as the nine stand there awaiting the inevitable.

The Cogworts finally speak, urging the rebels to come out and face them, because they're hungry and haven't had lunch that day! The Plague Sentry rides down the hillside and tells the Cogworts to stop blabbing like morons and attack, also ordering the Plague Patrol to get a move on it. Dex informs the Power Rangers that he has the capabilities of handling the Cogworts but they'll have to take care of the Plague Patrol, which our heroes are more than happy to help them with. One of the Patrollers taunts the "rebel swine" to come out and fight, Adam thinks this is obviously the welcome wagon. The Patroller warns Dex and his friends to come out before they send the Cogworts in after them in an attempt to flush them out, leaving our heroes with no other choice but to fight. Dex gives a victory cry of "To The Power", which they all shout back in unison, before Tommy remorphs the team with a Back To Action. Dex rushes out and leads the troops to battle, telling the loathsome barbarians that if it's a fight they want than their wish is coming true. The Plague Patrol boasts they'll put an end to the Edenites' rebellion once and for all, which is something that the Irkens really should be doing, and even their multicolored friends can't help them. Dex does his arm gesturing thing like before, proclaiming that as new friends like these rally to their cause, Dregon and his band of evil shall be banned from Edenoi from all time, they've met their match at last. Back at the Command Center, Alpha urges his comrades to destroy them, the Power Rangers pose and Alpha announces that by the power of King Lexian, the rightful ruler of Edenoi, he shall now use his Power Morpher to go into battle. The transformation occurs, and Prince Alpha threatens the fearful Plague Patrol with the true might of the Alpha Ranger and the Power Rangers. The Patrol is touched by his speech but not really impressed, racing into action quickly. The three Edenite rebel friends of Alpha get shoved aside as Alpha leaps towards the Cogworts elsewhere in the vicinity.

The Power Rangers attack the Plague Patrol while Alpha tackles the Cogworts. One of the Patrollers, with a buzzsaw arm, seems to know White Ranger is an Earthling just before getting jump-kicked off his high-horse. He lands on his feet, gets called "even uglier up close" by Tommy, and vows to make the meddling intruder pay for saying that. Red Ranger spars with Carpet-head, tossing him on his back rather quickly. Alpha performs his special Axe Kick maneuver, which consists of a simple charged-up axe kick and heel drop. The lumpy frog monster is thrown across the ground into another of his fellow brethren, killing the both of them with an explosion. Dex calls this a two-for-one despite the fact the other doesn't fall over. Blue, Black & Yellow Rangers gang up on a fuzzy-arm-blade Patroller, kicking him one at a time, and somehow he manages to take the hits and keep on yapping about their need to kick harder than that, calling them "a bunch of moops". White Ranger and buzzsaw-hand hop around while fighting. Tommy tries tricking him into thinking his shoe is untied. Buzzsaw flatly states that his shoes don't even have laces, so Tommy's out of luck. Alpha leaps into the air and strikes a Cogwort coming his way which destroys him, and upon landing, he's so busy with that one that another comes up behind and grabs his arm. Stretched out like a wishbone, this allows the third Cogwort to jump-kick Alpha in the chest. He falls backwards, taking the Cogworts with him as they remain firmly latched on his arms. He picks one off and chucks it at the Cogwort who attacked him, really getting a two-for-one that time as that one falls over. Carpet-head is sick of these games, poking his poker-arm at Rocky but is unable to hit the slippery human. Yellow and Blue Rangers play with fuzzy-arm, Billy remarking that he needs a breath mint as the Rangers battle on and on in the rust-colored atmosphere of the planet Edenoi.

We find Pink Ranger in the same position we left her in during the end of her previous scene, crouched down, sneezing and trying to assure herself she can beat this monster. Repellator is still repulsed that Kimberly sneezed on him, racing over and grabbing her head between his two clawed hands, apparently attempting another molecule scramble but the Ranger struggles and resists. Meanwhile in the Command Center, Delta laments over Kim being so sick she's losing the fight with Repellator, Zordon reminds the female droid that they must get a message to the other Power Rangers. He suggests he try using alternative frequencies, Delta hops to and presses some grungy buttons on the consoles. The wavelengths still come up with nothing but dead space, causing Delta to whine some more. Zordon tells her to have faith in Kimberly's abilities, as she's very resourceful. Delta hopes he's right, continuing the attempt to contact the rest of the Ranger crew and her darling Alpha. Back at the lake, Pink Ranger is still locked in a hold by Repellator, and thanks to being faced to him, she sneezes like crazy in his face. Repellator finally shoves her off to prevent that from happening again, and prepares to attack her from a safe distance, when suddenly the monster starts to sneeze too. The ground shakes with a loud rumble each time Repellator sneezes, Kimberly sniffles and tells him "Gesuntite", figuring that maybe he caught her flu (probably thanks to the snot flying through her helmet vent-holes or the molecule scrambling). Repellator thinks this is ridiculous as he's impervious to her silly human sicknesses, but goes into another thunderous sneezing fit, proving her point. Kim laughs at his misfortune of catching the flu bug, saying that's how it starts with the sneezing and the tickling in the back of the throat. Repellator stumbles off saying that kay, he has her point, firing green blasts at the ground as he continues ha-choo-ing, teleport back to the moon while Pink Ranger tells him to remember to starve a fever and feed a cold. She sneezes yet again, and wipes her hand on her spandex to Delta's disgust.

Pink Ranger's last sneeze revisited, her Communicator goes off and she says she'd better report in, asking Delta if she reads her (despite the fact it seems she called her). Delta is so happy to hear from her. Zordon asks where Repellator went and she tells him he came down with something and took off but thinks he'll be back soon. Zordon says he's sure she's correct and to stand by to be ready for the monster's return. Kimberly agrees and sticks around the empty lakeside for a spell. One more Ranger contact attempt, this time using Zordon's suggestion of rerouting it through the Intergalactic Phase Shifter, which Delta notes will cut through the interference. It works, their signal goes out loud and clear to Edenoi, where White Ranger is landing on his sorry butt after being kicked down. He receives the Communication, the Black Rangers standing to his side to listen in as Zordon tells Tommy that Angel Grove is under attack and asking how long until they think they can return to Earth. Tommy says things are pretty hairy there and he doesn't think they can leave just yet. Zack asks Zordon what the emergency is, Zordon remarks that a particularly loathsome monster of Zedd's has attacked; Kimberly battled it but is still ill and needs their help. The other three Rangers regroup with their two teammates, getting filled in on the situation briefly by Tommy who says they've got to wrap this thing up. The three Plague Patrollers, huddle around egging our heroes on by saying it's time to end this coffee break. Tommy says they're the ones about to take a break, permanently. The fuzzy-bladearm Patroller is suddenly by himself, getting kicked by Blue Ranger in the front, then a double jumpkick by the Yellow Rangers from the back, sending him falling swiftly.

Meanwhile on the Moon Palace, Repellator returns and asks his masters if they have anything he can take for his sore throat. Shocked and then furious, Lord Zedd demands to know what he's doing back, the monster says he caught Pink Ranger's flu bug, sneezing and rocking the palace with the nasal eruption. Facepalming, Zedd asks his wife if she calls this a monster; Rita screams for Finster to get his termite-ridden carcass in there. Finny waddles in at the beck and call of his empress. Zedd orders him to find a cure for that sick, sneezing monster of his and get him back down to Earth to fight Kimberly. Repellator sneezes again, Rita groans in disgust and Finster sees the problem. Back on Edenoi, Carpet-head thinks he's got Rocky and Jason now, but the Red Rangers manage to kick him down. White Ranger plays with Buzzsaw-arm, eventually asking him if he likes to travel. The goon says "yeah, all the time, why?" and gets knocked over, as Tommy puns for him to have a nice trip and he'll see him next fall. Buzzsaw-arm laughs and says "oh, good one!". The three Plague Patrol warriors end up eating dust and waving their arms at our heroes in dismay over getting beat so easily.

Later, Finster is giving Repellator a checkup in his Workshop. An oversized tongue depressor is used on his oversized tongue, and a large flashlight checks out all three of Repellator's eyes. He gives a cough for Finster, who waves his arms and asks if he ever brushes, Repellator whines to him that monsters aren't supposed to, but he did brush his teeth an hour ago. Finster gives him the diagnosis, that he's caught a nasty Earth virus and he's supposed to stay in bed for 7 to 10 nights and drink plenty of fluids. Repellator says he can't at the moment; Rita and Zedd are already mad at him and he has to go kill the Power Rangers, asking for a pill he can take. Finster says he supposes he has something that may make him feel a bit better but he'll never get well if he doesn't stay in bed, Repellator promises to do so once this job is over, with Zedd overhearing and at least agreeing to this.

Over on Edenoi, Alpha calls on his Power Sawblades to activate, whipping out his sawblade weapons from behind his back. It seems to fire a beam as he swings them around, causing sparks to explode in each of the three Cogworts surrounding him. They collapse and implode in a flash, leaving Alpha Ranger victorious The Plague Patrol hop on their horses and ride off, leaving Buzzsaw-hand behind in their frantic rush to escape the Rangers. He vows to get revenge on Alpha another day when he's without the help of his troublesome friends, running after his fleeing partners while nursing a back injury our heroes inflicted on him. Alpha remains in his morphed state until they return to Earth.

Lord Zedd watches the Earth from the Moon Palace balcony through his red ray-vision, scoping out and enjoying the sheer terror & desperation that Repellator is causing. Rita cackles evilly as Zedd calls this better than Big Time Space Wrestling, a monster's on Earth and there's not a Ranger in sight. Rita says this is perfect and it's time to make the monster grow. Zedd says that it's a good idea and summons forth one of his ever-popular Growing Grenades with [[Dark Power]], pitching it down to Angel Grove, where it's caught in the clutches of Repellator. He slams it to the ground, the explosion causes him to grow huge in an instant, boasting there's even more of him to fear. Over in the Command Center, the alarm goes off, alerting Delta and Kimberly (who stands holding her Pink Ranger helmet nearby) to trouble on the Viewing Globe. Just as the still-sneezing Kim predicted, Repellator is back after having made a quick recovery and gotten much larger. Kim is ready to take him on but Zordon fears the monster may have grown too strong for her to fight on alone. She still feels she has to try to slow him down, asking Delta to contact the others and have them meet her there as soon as possible, before sneezing out Back To Action. The girls drive away, leaving Bulk and Skull behind to face the giant green menace. They pose with their arms behind their backs, like they're going to Morph, but instead they realize they stand no chance and run away screaming. Repellator figures he's not ready to face the real Power Rangers, and strangely enough, Pink Ranger is nowhere to be seen yet.

Back on Edenoi, the Rangers stand helmetless, saying good-bye to the Edenite Rebels. Alpha thanks them for courageous fighting on behalf of his planet; Rocky is glad they could really help. Tommy says they have to cut this visit short. Adam noting there's trouble at home, Dex understands they have their planet to protect, and this planet's prince. Billy wishes him good luck and to keep them informed of his welfare, Aisha pats Alpha's shoulder and says Alpha's worried about things up here, especially concerning Lexian. Dex tells his new friends to go as their planet is waiting, shouting one last "To The Power!" as he shakes Tommy's hand. They bid farewell, Rocky yells out "Let's Hit It!" as the Power Rangers grab their belt buckles and teleport off of Edenoi. Dex smiles as he watches the streaks of multicolored light leave his world.

As the Rangers teleport home, they're within range of Zedd's monster, Red Ranger mentions that it's time to make the call for the Zords.

Up on the Moon, Zedd curses in frustration that the Power Rangers have returned, Rita groans that she knew it was too good to be true, and Zedd affirms his wife's statement. Down on Earth, the six Rangers (Pink Ranger seems to have rejoined them from her unseen 'stalling of the monster') call on their individual Thunderzords, which quickly come together into the Thunder Megazord & White Tigerzord Warrior Mode! Repellator stomps at the mountainside as he was doing earlier, when both of his clawed arms are grabbed by the two Megazords. Thunder Megazord Power Punch is initiated, striking the monster in the gut, knocking him back as he asks if that was the best they could do. Both Megazords are now standing together, allowing Repellator to attempt to use his disrupters on them, firing off streams of explosive green sparks into both of the Rangers' mechas. Repellator prances around, thinking himself invincible, laughing when the Thunder Megazord & White Tigerzord pull out their "toy swords". The monster takes each hit with his arms, blocking the full brunt of the attack and returning the damage to the Megazords in full fury. Eventually, Thunder Megazord topples backwards, leaving the Tigerzord to fend off the creature alone. Repellator thinks this an easy victory, with one down and one to go, but he winds up taken down himself by White Ranger's swift Saber-play. The Thunder Megazord picks itself up and joins with the Tigerzord Warrior Mode to do a Double Punch attack on Repellator. This is followed by some Tigerzord power-blasts, which Tommy laughs at the monster taking a licking but keeps on ticking. Thundersaber is charged, and with one quick swoop, Repellator is sliced into a green explosive heap. His body discharges a huge amount of smoke in the fallout (probably spreading his flu bug throughout the city), engulfing the Thunder Megazord & White Tigerzord as they pose victoriously in the end of only the second American-footage Megazord battle ever. It is assumed that Repullator indeed gets his recovery… in the Shadow World.

Back at the Command Center, Zordon welcomes the Ranger teens back, pleased they were able to help the Edenites and still help save Angel Grove from destruction. Alpha 5 is glad to learn King Lexian and Queen Thalassia are safe on Edenoi, calling his parents wise and noble leaders. Adam asks Zordon what he thinks will happen to the Edenites. Big Z calls them a strong-willed people and is sure they'll succeed. Aisha states that Count Dregon was nothing short of a nightmare, despite not having seen or dealt with him at all. Billy is just sorry they didn't have more time to get to know the Edenites, Dex especially, Zordon says there is much they can learn from them and perhaps there will be another chance. The Ranger teens shake their heads and Kimberly is nowhere to be seen so we must assume she hopped back into her pink bed at home to finish recovering from her virus.

Back on Edenoi, Queen Thalassia (Alpha's mother), stares out one of the windows of the Palace; she awaits the return of her first-built son.


  • This episode marks the first mention of the Mythical Zeo Crystal, a powerful object belonging to the Edenite Royal Family.
  • This episode marks the last time Lord Zedd conjures up a grenade and tosses it down to Earth to make his monsters grow, as he is losing his powers to do so. Starting in "Ninja Quest" and onward, he and Rita would raise their staves in the sky, emitting an electrical storm of Dark Power to grow their monsters.


  • Dex: Look, Lexian. Another Dregon's Plauge's Sentry. I like to pull his horns off!
  • Plague Sentry: The fools. The poison gas they dig up only hasten them for the destruction of their planet.
  • King Lexian: You'll get your chance someday, Dex.
  • Plague Sentry: Dregon will be pleased.

  • Zordon: Alpha, what is troubling you so? How can I be any help if you not tell me what the problem is?
  • Alpha: Zordon, I'm afraid no one can help!
  • Zordon: There's only one way to find out. Please tell me, Alpha. What has happened?
  • Alpha: Oh, I suppose you're right. You see I was monitoring the galactic scanner when I pick up the distress signal from the planet Edenoi.
  • Zordon: Your home planet? No wonder it disturbs you, Alpha.

  • Alpha: There's more. I was assembled on Edenoi by their leader, Lexian, because his queen—my mother—could not produce a male heir naturally due to her infertility. But my scan pick up no trace of them and the planet appears under heavy attack.
  • Delta: Edoni is very far away. For now, all we can do is continue to monitor and hope for more information.
  • Alpha: Oh, Zordon, Delta, I just not deep in my circuits that something's terribly wrong.

  • Adam: Hey, what's up?
  • Billy: Hey, uh, I just contacted Alpha. He sounded upset, sobbing almost.

  • Tommy: Hey, let's go pay him a visit.

  • Tommy: How far is this planet, Zordon?
  • Zordon: Edenoi is located in the northern most corner of the galaxy. I'm afraid it's far beyond our reach.

  • Alpha: The planet's leader, King Lexian, assembled me himself and gave me life. He was like a father to me.

  • Aisha: What can we do for help?
  • Zordon: I'm afraid there's little you could do to assist, Rangers. At such a great distance there's a good chance that you will not have all your powers. The risk of such a journey is too great.
  • Tommy: Taking risks never stopped us before, Zordon.
  • Rocky: That's right. I think we should go check it out.
  • Alpha: Oh, ai yi yi. Will you really do that for me, Rangers?
  • Zordon: I have reservations about this venture. But it appears to be the only way to learn more about situation on Edenoi. Remember, Rangers. You're only going to investigate.
  • Alpha: Please try to find out what has happened to my parents.

  • Billy: Zordon, will you be able contact us when an attack arises.
  • Zordon: Yes. The new chip you have installed will make that possible. Good work.

  • Tommy: Alpha, can you contact Kimberly for us? Let her know what's going on.
  • Alpha: You can count on it, Tommy.
  • Zordon: Very well. Prepare to morph.
  • Alpha: Rangers, promise me to be careful. I never forgive myself if anything happened to you.
  • Adam: Don't worry, Alpha.

  • White Power Ranger: Alright, guys. This is the big one.
  • Red Power Ranger: Right.
  • White Power Ranger: Zordon, we're ready.

  • Zordon: Tommy, be prepared anything upon your arrival.
  • White Power Ranger: Okay.
  • Zordon: The selected coordinates will land you near the worst disturb sense on Edenoi. Stand by to teleport. Alpha, enter the coordinates.
  • Alpha: Right. Entering coordinates now. Initiating teleport sequence.
  • Zordon: Good luck, Rangers.
  • White Power Ranger: Alright, guys. Here goes.
  • Power Rangers: Power Rangers!
  • Alpha: Oh, thank you, Zordon. Thank you!
  • Lord Zedd: Blast! Where are they?
  • Rita: What? Where's those rangers? What are they up to?

  • (At Edoni)
  • Black Power Ranger: You gotta believe me. We're not the enemy.
  • Ferrian: Are you going intruding our world? All intruders are enemies of enites.
  • Yellow Power Ranger: You don't understand. Let me explain. Why we come here. Wait. Hold on a second. We only came because Prince Alpha ask us too.
  • Zaruis: Alpha? Did you say Alpha?
  • Blue Power Ranger: We have to talk! Your planet's surface being disturbed.
  • Donais: But, but, how? How did you know that?
  • Masked Rider: Prepare to be crush like all those who dared cross the Masked Rider.
  • White Power Ranger: This is getting us nowhere. You've gotta listen to us.
  • Masked Rider: Nothing you can say will save you. Sealed your own fate by coming here. Now, you shall pay the ultimate price for your actions.
  • Red Power Ranger: You gotta believe us. We're here to help.
  • Masked Rider: I believe no one.
  • White Power Ranger: Listen we should be fighting together.
  • Red Power Ranger: Yeah. Hold up will ya.
  • White Power Ranger: Yeah.
  • Masked Rider: Never! You can tell Count Dregon you have failed.
  • Count Dregon: Doubleface, who is these multi creatures who battle Masked Rider?

  • Masked Rider: What do you continue? Give up and go back to Dregon.
  • Red Power Ranger: Come on, Hot Shot. Hold still will ya.
  • White Power Ranger: Wait a second. What do we have to do to convince you.

  • White Power Ranger: They firing again.
  • Red Power Ranger: Their not at us this time.
  • Masked Rider: Wait a minute. Dregon's ship firing at all of us. Even Dregon is alone have to fight on his own soldiers.
  • Red Power Ranger: That's what we been trying to tell you. All along.
  • Yellow Power Ranger: Yeah.
  • White Power Ranger: Yeah.
  • Red Power Ranger: We came here to help. But, we're been getting blasted since the minute we got here.
  • Masked Rider: Hold it. We must know their telling the truth. How are you able find us here?
  • White Power Ranger: We came because Alpha 5 believe you were in danger. We're the Power Rangers.
  • Masked Rider: Friends of Alpha. Friends of ours. Welcome to Edenoi.

  • Masked Rider: Friends, we must see sentry. This way. Quickly.
  • Yellow Power Ranger: Whoa! You don't have to tell me twice. Come on.
  • Masked Rider: Come on. Get in to the cave. Hurry. This way. Once more we all safe. To fight you another day, Count Dregon.
  • (Masked Rider, Zarius, Ferrian, Donais and Power Rangers got in to the cave)

  • Donais: Inside everybody quickly. The bomb bomer from Dregon's beta base getting worse.
  • Masked Rider: We'll be safe in here. Right time.
  • Cyclopter: Count Dregon, we lost them. We need to send in the Plague Patrol.
  • Masked Rider: We could stay here only short while. Dregon's Plague Patrol now know's where we are.
  • Ferrian: Sire!
  • Zarius: Are you injured?
  • Ferrian: Are you alright, Prince Dex?
  • Masked Rider: I will be fine my friends. I need to rest by the moment.
  • (Masked Rider transform back into Dex)
  • Red Power Ranger: Whoa!
  • Blue Power Ranger: He's humanoid.
  • Yellow Power Ranger: Who are you? What's your name?
  • Donais: I feel it. Maybe we could trust them, sire.
  • Dex: My name's is Dex. Prince of Edeoni. I am also called the Masked Rider. A power stold upon me to battle evil and justice. It is safe to breathe in here. We're far away end up in the mines side at our air similar to the Earth. I have trusted it you with my identity. I shall not betray the trust of yours.
  • Tommy: I'm Tommy.
  • Adam: Adam.
  • Billy: I'm Billy.
  • Rocky: Rocky.
  • Aisha: Aisha.
  • Dex: These are my friends, Zarius, Donais and Ferrian.
  • Ferrian: Who are you? Why have you come to Edenoi?
  • Tommy: We're the Power Rangers. We protect the planet, Earth.
  • Rocky: We were sent by Zordon and Alpha 5.
  • Billy: We were told us the situation report back on well being.
  • Tommy: Tell us Dex, what happened to your planet and what are those crystals on your foreheads?
  • Dex: I'll show you. Mind crystals. They give us the ability to communicate are thoughts as well as images. Count Dregon has enslave our people force them to mine soire. This releases noxious gasses that will ultimately destroy our planet.
  • Adam: But, how you could just let his happen?
  • Dex: You see Edeoni was the planet of great peace. We had not been we need for weapons or armies for many centuries. Count Dregon was aware of this and in our ability rages attack. We were not prepared as were the race of scollars and artisans. Price payed was our freedom. Some have escaped Edeoni. But many more are still in hide. This is what it become of our planet.
  • Billy: Dex, how did you become the Masked Rider?
  • Dex: The Masked Rider powers have exited on Edenoi from many centuries. Hand it down to King to King. Kept always ready but never need it. Until reasonly the powers were been stored upon by my grandfather, King Lexian. When I became cleared we were losing the fight against Count Dregon and his evil minions. Dregon's must never get his hands on the Masked Rider powers for within he will be invincible. The entire galaxy will be risk. Until, Lexian can be return to his rightful throne. The people I know Edenoi by their time slaving in the gas mines. dependent on Masked Rider to stay of Dregon's attempts to destroy our planet. (Sighs) Until that day our rebel forces continue to fight bravely on. I remained an outlaw under the guise of the Masked Rider trying to bring some sense of hope to our people.

  • Alpha: Ah, Kimberley is you how are you feeling?
  • Kimberly: Alpha, have you heard from the guys yet?
  • Alpha: Not yet.

  • Kimberly: Will you keep me posted.
  • Alpha: Of course I will. I'll let you know soon as I hear from them.

  • Lord Zedd: Will you two stop follow me around. Where is Finster with new monster?
  • Goldar: Yeah. Not when Dregon moving in on you.

  • Aisha: Our friend, Alpha, wants to know what's become Lexian your leader.
  • Dex: I am one of Lexian's guards. He's in hiding and in orchestration our people's escape. He's safe for time being.

  • Plague Sentry: Plague Patrol flash the rebels out.
  • Dex: I have the capabilities of handling the Cogwarts. But there's still the matter of the Plague Patrol.
  • Billy: Well, this definitely something we could help you with.
  • Tommy: Yeah. We'll take care of the Plague Patrol.
  • Plauge Sentry #1: We know what you're in there, rebel scum. Come out and fight!
  • Adam: I think the welcome wagon's here.
  • Plague Sentry #1: Hear me, Dex. You and your multi color friends cannot stay in that cave forever. Come on out, before we send the Cogwarts in after you!
  • Aisha: It's now or never.
  • Dex: To the power.
  • All: To the power.
  • Tommy: Let's do it. Back to action.
  • Dex: You've had your wish, Lord Some Barbariens. If it's a fight you want it is a fight you should have.
  • Plague Sentry #2: We shall now. Put an end to you and the rebellion, Prince Dex. Your friends, whomever they are, cannot save you.
  • Dex: As new friends, like these rally to our cause. The day draws near when you and your evil master, Count Dregon, shall be banished from Edenoi for all time! You have finally met your match, Plague Patrol. Comrades, let us destroy them.
  • Plague Sentry #3: Hey, what's going on?
  • Alpha 5: In the name of King Lexian, rightful ruler of Edenoi. It's Morphin Time!
  • (Alpha 5 morphs into the MMPR Gold Ranger)
  • Alpha 5: Now, villains, you should know the power of Edenoi and the Power Rangers.
  • White Power Ranger: We're right behind you, Alpha.
  • Plague Sentry #1: A very touching performance, Prince Alpha. But we're not impressed. Get them, Plague Patrol!
  • Red Power Ranger: You sure you can handle the Cogwarts?
  • Alpha 5: I got this.
  • Red Power Ranger: Dex! Get your friends inside. We'll take care of the chumps.

  • Delta: I certainly hope their alright.
  • Zordon: I'm sure there's no cost to concern, Delta. You must have faith in their abilities.
  • Delta: Oh, I'm sure you're right.

  • Lord Zedd: Now, go!

  • Delta: It's heading straight for Angel Grove.
  • Zordon: Contact the Power Rangers on Edeoni once, Alpha. We need them to return to Earth.
  • Delta: I'll try, Zordon.

  • Delta: Something's wrong, Zordon. I lost contact with the rangers on Edenoi! Oh, this is terrible. Rangers, come in. Tommy, do you read me?

  • Zordon: Then we have no choice, Alpha. Contact Kimberly at once.
  • Delta: Right, Zordon. But Kimberly is still sick. I hope she's up to this? Come in, Kimberly.
  • Kimberly: Delta, what's the news.

  • Delta: There's a monster in Angel Grove, Kimberly. I know you're not well, but we need you. Are you up to it?
  • Kimberly: I think so.

  • Pink Power Ranger: I better report in. Alpha, do you read me?
  • Delta: Kimberly, I'm so happy to hear from you.
  • Zordon: Are you alright, Kimberly? Where is Repellator?
  • Pink Power Ranger: He came down in something and took off. But I have a feeling he's gonna be back soon, Zordon.

  • Lord Zedd: Finster, find a cure for this sneeze monster of yours and get him back to Earth to fight Kimberly.

  • Plague Sentry #2: I've got you now.
  • (Red Power Ranger kicks Plague Sentry #2)
  • White Power Ranger: Whoa. You like to travel?
  • Plague Sentry #1: Yeah.
  • White Power Ranger: Have a nice trip. See you next fall.
  • Plague Sentry: Oh, good one!

  • Kimberly: Delta, can you contact the others and ask them meet me there as soon they can?
  • Delta: You got it, Kimberly.

  • (At Edenoi)
  • Dex: I can thank you enough for our courageous fight and causing Edenoi.
  • Rocky: Glad we can help really.
  • Tommy: Yeah, look. I'm sorry, but uh we got to cut this visit short.
  • Adam: Trouble at home.
  • Dex: You have your planet to protect as do I.
  • Billy: Good luck, Dex and keep us some form to your welfare.
  • Aisha: Yeah. Alpha's really worried about things up here. Specially Lexian.
  • (Alpha's visor glistens at this.)
  • Dex: Go my friends your planet is waiting. To the power.
  • Tommy: To the power. See you later, man. Bye.
  • Billy: Take care.
  • Aisha: Bye.
  • Rocky: Bye you guys. Let's hit it!
  • (Power Rangers teleport away)
  • Dex: Till' next time, Power Rangers.

  • Rita: What, what?

  • White Power Ranger: Let's do it! Repellator, you're history.

  • Repellator: Oh, how cute. You're both got toy swords.
  • White Power Ranger: Alright, that does it, Repellator.

  • Lord Zedd: No! No! If Count Dregon finds out about this.

  • Zordon: Welcome back, Rangers. I'm pleased that you able to help the Edenoites and still save Angel Grove from destruction.
  • Alpha: And I am pleased to learn that King Lexian and Queen Thalassia are safe on Edenoi. My parents are wise and noble leaders.
  • Tommy: Yeah. Hey, Dex is pretty amazing, too. You should see when he became the Masked Rider.
  • Zordon: From what you say it is evident.
  • Adam: Zordon, what do you think's gonna happen people of Edenoi? You think Dex and Lexian will get them away from the planet?
  • Zordon: They are a people of strong will. I believe they will succeed.
  • Aisha: Man, that Count Dregon was nothing short of a nightmare.
  • Alpha: One day I will bathe in his blood for what he's done.
  • Billy: I'm just sad that we didn't have more time to get to know the Edenoites.
  • Zordon: There is much we could learn from them. Perhaps there will be another chance.

  • King Lexian: The time has come, Dex.
  • Dex: But, my lord, I can't just leave you.
  • King Lexian: You must. It is too late for our planet now. Our spirit will move on to guide you to destiny.
  • Dex: My destiny?
  • King Lexian: Planet Earth is Count Dregon's next target. Will be up to you to protect it from destruction. Now, go. Before it's too late.

(Alpha suddenly jumps with a start.)

  • Aisha: Alpha, what's wrong?
  • Alpha: (beginning to cry) It is too late! Edenoi is dying!
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