ASD Megazord
ASD Robo
Number of Zords 2
Zords Manta Zord

Bull Zord

Height 50 m
Weight 4500 t
Speed 12,250 km/h
Power 5,000,000
Series Power Rangers GSA
First Appearance Ally 30-The Light in us All
Last Appearance Space 29-When We Were Young
Number of Episode Appearances 3 (GSA)

1 (GSA.O-Archive footage)

The ASD Megazord is the main Extra Ranger Megazord from Power Rangers GSA. It holds the 3 ASD Rangers. This was a problem as the ASD Rangers needed the Starner's help and Ava already sent the GSA Megazord to Japan to help the core team. This was solved with the Gemini Robo.


Manta Zord

Manta Zord
Number: 6
Pilot: ASD Red
Summoner: Bridge Carson
Pilots: Agnus "Ageolis" Starner, Charlie Starner, Bridge Carson
Length 30 m
Weight 1300 t
Speed Mach 12
Power 2,000,000
Season GSA

The Manta Zord was Bridge's Zord. It forms the Megazord's upper half.

Appearances: Ally 30, 32, 34

Bull Zord

Bull Zord
Number: 7
Summoner: Eliza Quzell
Pilots: Eustus MacAlister (left)

Eliza Quzell (right)

Length 37 m
Weight 3200 t
Speed 580
Power 3,000,000
Season GSA

The Bull Zord was shared by Eliza and Eustus in separate cockpits. It formed the megazord's legs and feet.

Appearances: Ally 30, 32, 34


  • This is the first team to have separate cockpits (in megazord Mode) for the rangers since RPM
    • excluding Megaforce, all the cockpits were US exclusive, and the adapted teams had team cockpits anyway
  • First time back to back seasons have 2 piece extra ranger Megazords since Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder
  • This is the first time a whole team makes up a two-piece robo since the Thunder Rangers

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