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Power Rangers: Alien Defence Force, abbreviated to A.D.F. is a Power Rangers series that takes place before and during Super Mario Rangers.


The Alien Defence Force serves as a precursor to S.P.D. and functions similarly, with the main difference being that it is set in the present day. The A.D.F.s purpose is to protect the Human race from alien invaders and criminals, while simultaneously keeping the knowledge of aliens hidden from the general public. The A.D.F. is set up in almost every country in the world and has a team of seven operatives in each city. Along with the seven Rangers the teams are assigned an Alpha-8 unit. The series follows unit PG-5321 as they attempt to protect the city of Pine Grove from alien threats. The primary antagonist is Marudas, an Ekurian warlord who wishes to conquer Earth and transform it into a gigantic fortress. The group capture the aliens by beating them, then putting them in suspended animation before storing them in a massive undeground facility underneath Antarctica.



Red Sebastian Weeks The leader of the A.D.F. in Pine Grove, Oregon. He is Australian, his family having moved to America when he was twelve.
Blue Arthur Brown He is the second in command and Sebastian's rival. The two don't often get along and have a habit of fighting with each other.
Green Luke Grandison The tech expert, he works alongside Alpha-8 to ensure that the group's equipment and vehicles are working properly.
Yellow Jamie Sharpton She is the weapons expert and head of security. She and Sebastian are the only ones able to activate the Planetary Defense Station, a large satellite weapon that has enough power to destroy a fleet of ships.
Pink Alison Sweeney The pilot, she is the only one of the group who is qualified to fly alien spacecraft without assistance.
Black Todd Jones An elite Ranger, he and the Silver Ranger often work together.
Silver Nicole Griffin An elite Ranger, she and the Black Ranger often work together.


  • Marudas: A reptilian Ekurian and cyborg who dreams of conquering the Earth so that he can turn into a fortress planet and launch a crusade against the universe.
  • Gorgon: Marudas' general, a winged reptile who enjoys battle and violence. He often fights alongside Marudas' minions.
  • Aztech: He serves as Marudas' mentor, as well as his head technician. He designs and helps construct the mechs their minions ride in.


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  • Alpha-8: He works alongside the rangers and helps maintain the quipment. He can also act as a co-pilot.
  • Super Mario Rangers: The two groups met during a crossover, where the Mario Rangers helped stop an alien smuggler and arms dealer known as Chet Rippo.

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