2 Part Episode Part 1
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2 Part Episode Part 1 is an episode of Power Rangers: The Animated Series.



(rangers are shooting Red Ranger) (Red Ranger is wearing bullet-proof vest)

  • Red Ranger: (laughs) That was awesome! (takes off bullet-proof vest) Here, now someone else put on the bullet-proof vest! (alarm goes off making doorbell noise) Doorbell stations! Prepare to pretend we're not here, sign for a package, or receive pizza! Let's move, P.R.gers!
  • Yellow Ranger: "P.R.gers"? Wouldn't just "P.R.s" be shorter, & make more sense?
  • Red Ranger: Making sense is not part of my mission plan, ranger! I'm sticking with the "ger". (door opens to reveal White Ranger)
  • Rangers: (gasps)
  • Black Ranger: I can't believe I'm seeing this sight. Why if it isn't Ranger White!
  • Red Ranger: (to White Ranger) To what do we owe the pleasure, admiral?
  • White Ranger: I'm here to clean up your acts, Power Rangers. The Bureau of Elite Fighting Forces, or "BEEF", is not impressed with your—
  • Yellow Ranger: Uh, that's "BEFF".
  • White Ranger: Alright, the Bureau of Every Elite Fighting Force, is not—
  • Yellow Ranger: That's "BEEFF".
  • White Ranger: Yes, and what is your name, ranger?
  • Yellow Ranger: Yellow Ranger, sir!
  • White Ranger: Thank you, Mellow Stranger. You're fired.
  • Rangers: (gasps)
  • Red Ranger: Uh, good call, sir. That guy was always way too concerned with acronyms. Who else can we fire?
  • White Ranger: Well, you, of course.
  • Red Ranger: Me?! But then who's going to have the Red Gun?
  • White Ranger: I will! (takes gun from Red Ranger)
  • Red Ranger: Buh-buh-buh... Wuh-wuh-wuh... Suh-suh-suh...
  • White Ranger: You're allowed to stand there stammering for fifteen more minutes & then you will be escorted out by Riotroopers. (Riotroopers come in & arrests Red Ranger)
  • Red Ranger: You have no dignity?! At least let a Power Rangering Officer be escorted out by someone who isn't available in a discount three pack!
  • White Ranger: My first act as new head of the Power Rangers will be... to arrest Thrax!
  • All: (gasps)
  • Red Ranger: Oh, I'd love to see how you're going to pull that one off.
  • White Ranger: Well, it appears you all have invited him over to play televised video games. (Thrax is sitting in bean bag chair playing video games)
  • Thrax: What kind of power-up is "moist beam"?!
  • White Ranger: (to Thrax) You're under arrest, Thrax!
  • Thrax: I thought we called a time-out!
  • White Ranger: (to Blue Ranger) Throw him in the brig!
  • Blue Ranger: Uh, you mean Pink Ranger's office?


(Thrax is thrown into small room) (emaciated Pink Ranger comes in)

  • Pink Ranger: (to Thrax) Well, hello! Are you here to bring me the slightest morsel? (prison door shuts)


  • Black Ranger: Thrax in jail? I can't believe what I'm seeing! It almost got my pants a-weeing! (laughs)
  • White Ranger: (to Black Ranger) Oh right, I nearly forgot. You're definitely fired.

Outisde Headquarters

  • Yellow Ranger: (to Red & Black Rangers) Well, I guess this is it, huh guys?
  • Red Ranger: Forget that noise! Who needs the Power Rangers anyway? We'll start our own elite fighting force!

Pizza Restaurant

  • Black Ranger: (to Yellow Ranger) Drop two more orders of wings for table four!
  • Yellow Ranger: Coming up! (Red Ranger is reading newspaper)
  • Red Ranger: "Power Rangers save bus full of hostages". "Air drop relief supplies to refugees". "Build orphanage". What type of crap is that?
  • Pink Ranger's Brother: (to Red Ranger) Get back to work, pal.
  • Red Ranger: Stupid old man Pink Ranger's younger brother. Who needs him anyway? We'll start our own restaurant!

Outside Restaurant

  • Singer: Kitchen Rangers, a really bad idea. It closed down after three months!
  • Yellow Ranger: (to Red & Black Rangers) Well, what do we do now, guys?
  • Red Ranger: There's only one thing to do. In order to show the P.R.gers how much they need us, we're going to bust Thrax out of jail!


  • Pink Ranger: (to Thrax) ...& they never let me go on any missions.
  • Thrax: Ouch, man. I hear that. Ever thought about Thraxing it?
  • Pink Ranger: Hmm...

Outside Restaurant

  • Yellow Ranger: Break into the Ranger Central Playset? Impossible!
  • Black Ranger: Maybe for us, but not for... my evil twin brother, Green Fuse Beetleborg!
  • Yellow Ranger: Huh?
  • Red Ranger: Eh?
  • Black Ranger: The leader of the Trobblemakas!
  • Yellow Ranger: Uh...
  • Red Ranger: Still nothing.
  • Black Ranger: The sometimes-good-guys sometimes-bad-guys whose only loyalty is to the highest bidder?
  • Yellow Ranger: Oh!
  • Red Ranger: Yeah! And they can help us open a new restaurant!
  • Yellow Ranger: (groans)
  • Red Ranger: No-wer Rangers... be continued!
  • Singer: Buy all our playsets--

To be continued...

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